Mysterious Gigantic Structures Observed in China’s Desert


Gizmodo points out some inscrutable Google Earth discoveries in the Chinese desert:

It's located in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north of the Shule River, which crosses the Tibetan Plateau to the west into the Kumtag Desert. It covers an area approximately one mile long by more than 3,000 feet wide.

The tracks are perfectly executed, and they seem to be designed to be seen from orbit.

Nobody can quite say what they are except that a few have to do with targeting.


Some are in grid formations, some in radial. There's even a bright cyan blue airport.


The purpose of the structures is unknown, but some experts suggested that they might be optical test ranges for Chinese missiles, to simulate the street grids of cities. Tim Ripley, a defence expert from Jane's Defence Weekly, compared the structures to similar grids in Area 51, the secret United States military test base in Nevada. "The picture of the circle looks very like a missile test range, with target and instrumentation set out to record weapon effects. The Americans have lots of these in Nevada – Area 51!" he said.



  1. gregory brown says

    China moves ahead toward military domination–they’ll have some nifty aircraft carriers afloat soon after they perfect the new missile system designed to kill OUR carriers.
    Our long afternoon is lingering but going away…..

  2. johnny says

    There are some very odd things all around that airport site… what are those mysterious Chinese peeps up to?

  3. Abel says

    You think that’s something? Wait’ll you see what they’re doing on the farside of the moon.

    I just want to give the conspiracy theorists a little more meat to chew on.

    Target sites, space ports, giant antennas? Cool.

  4. Windy says

    @ Gregory Brown

    Tut-tut.. They have ONE aircraft carrier, and it is a re-purposed hull of an old Russian era aircraft carrier, that the Russians never completed nearly a decade ago… they, (china), just acquired the hull for a floating “casino”, then retrofitted it as an actual aircraft carrier..

    As for the anti-ship/anti-aircraft carrier missile system, do you honestly think the west have not developed anti-missile systems to combat this ? If you do, think again, even google can find the right answers for you….

  5. ElCid says

    Well, at least we know these stuff are not E.T.’s because just last week the White House told us there were not such things on planet earth… oh, but wait…they did not ask Beijing about their alien buddies! :)