1. walter says

    david and neil show what a family should be doing things together and a lot of love. much better example than a lot of straight families . i don’t know about the rest of you, but i think they really put a positive spin on marriage equality and gays raising children.

  2. gisele says

    sean and david Gay couples are not ruining anything :) there just trying to be happy,loveing parents and humans and just trying to “bve” without arrogant selfish remarks there loveing fathers!

  3. TT says

    I love this picture. Both for its depiction of a beautiful, happy, modern family and the fact that Conservati­ve heads spontaneou­sly explode merely at the sight of it…

    David looks hot!

  4. bandanajack says

    common denominator amongst us gay guys… who knew david had that perky little butt tucked away under all the clothes he usually wears. NPH for the win.

  5. Frank says

    Adorable picture of an adorable couple and their adorable family — with a little hint at the kind of relationship ol’ Captain Hook only wished he could have with the eternally epicene Peter Pan.

  6. mag says

    omg… how is this possible?? and whats when there wont be any men left??? you say thats ok? gay family??? thats the worst thing ever!! the kids wont grow up as normal people! they will try to find themselves their family model, gay, this is the end of the world…

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