NOM Says Theft of Obama Rally Crowd Photo is Justified Because ‘Traditional Marriage’ Has Been ‘Mugged’


Last week I made note of Jeremy Hooper's discovery that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was pumping up perception of its popularity by lifting photos from Obama rallies and using them as its own.

Rachel Maddow then covered it on her show.

BrownToday NOM's Brian Brown responds, defending its use of the photo.

It's no accident that Maddow and her allies in the gay activist community chose Tuesday to issue their breathless "expose" about NOM's photo "controversy"—on Tuesday the New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee voted overwhelmingly to repeal same-sex marriage! Neither Maddow nor her friends at the Human Rights Campaign can defend imposing same-sex marriage on New Hampshire with no vote of the people. So they issue "reports" and press releases criticizing NOM over a photo collage! They object to us using a photo of a crowd scene, which symbolizes the tens of thousands of New Hampshire voters who are part of our effort. They're upset that the photo was not taken at a NOM rally. Seriously?! NOM using a common use photo in the public domain is considered a great scandal, yet they can redefine marriage—the most important social institution of society against the wishes of New Hampshire voters—and nobody is supposed to object? It's as if the institution of marriage gets mugged, and they complain about speeding in the neighborhood when someone rushes it to the hospital!

Brown then goes on to ask for contributions to the fight to repeal marriage equality in New Hampshire. A liar with no shame.

Posted November 1, 2011 at 9:55am ETC by Andy Towle
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