Polish Court Ruling Allows Nationalist Group to Register Graphic Anti-Gay Icon as Official Symbol

Out gay Polish MP Robert Biedron has urged the Ministry of Justice to intervene after a court ruling allowed a far-right nationalist group to register a graphic depicting gay sex with a bar through it as one of its official symbols, AFP reports:

PolandIn a little-noticed decision at the end of October, a court allowed the small National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) party to register two symbols. One was the Celtic cross, used by far-right movements internationally, while the other was a stylized illustration of gay sex with a bar through it.

The NOP trumpeted the court ruling on its website earlier this week, saying it capped a two-year legal battle. Grzegorz Schetyna, a senior player in Poland's ruling centrist Civic Platform, accused the judge who made the ruling of failing in his duties.

"Such symbols are unacceptable," he told the station Radio Zet

Biedron is the first openly gay member to be elected to parliament. He was recently seated along with Anna Grodzka, Poland's first transgender MP.


  1. Den says

    Regardless of the red line though it – they are still spending their time walking around holding images of graphic gay sex. Methinks these ‘macho’ thugs are getting more than just political pleasure out of this homoerotic display

  2. troy says

    that’s the strange irony of homophobes. they spend more time thinking about sweaty mansex than gay people do.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    Yeah, if I saw someone with a sign like that, it’d pretty much be like a word balloon above their head screaming “I can’t stop thinking about gay sex, ever.”

    That this group wants it registered as their official symbol (for cryin’ out loud) is like a group of Freudian psychologists waving around a sign with a line through a cigar.

  4. redball says

    What? No lovely racist faggots decrying the barbaric homophobia of the “dark continent” of Europe?

  5. Chunks says

    The price you pay for freedom of speech. Not that there is much of that in Europe unless you’re a Muslim. I would imagine the EU will shut this down – if it’s still around to do so.

  6. Leroy Laflamme says

    How do we know that’s not two heterosexuals engaged in anal sex? From what I hear, it’s currently all the rage with them. I can understand why, of course. But, seriously, who in their right mind would take seriously a political party idiotic enough to pick a logo as sophomoric as that?

  7. DearComrade says

    An intolerant bigoted person might say the Polish need the sign to remind them how to do it.
    While We are on the subject of intolerance, I may as well let a few classic ones rip:
    “I knew a guy that was 1/2 polish 1/2 Italian. He wanted to beat someone up, but forgot who”.
    “Did you hear about the polish guy that was told he had sugar in his urine? He went home and pissed on his Cornflakes”.
    “Did you hear about the Polish gold medal winner. He had it bronzed”.
    – Rodney Dangerfield

  8. says

    In case you can’t see it, the bottom stick figure has a stick penis, so it’s obviously about male male sex, which is the scariest thing in the world. This logo is all over E Europe and has been used by Scott Lively & Co for the past decade.

  9. Jeff K. says

    Why do they always assume we do it doggy style? I never liked that position myself.

    As an aside: I had to inform one of my female friends that two men can, in fact, do the deed face to face. She thought it was mechanically impossible.

  10. redball says

    Jeff K.: So true. In a recent episode of ‘Happy Endings’, one of the girls (Penny, I think) told the gay character that she liked to kiss while doing the deed. Then she made some comment like, “Oh, you wouldn’t know anything about that.” To which he agreed!!! #FAIL. It’s called, THROW YOUR LEGS IN THE AIR OR OVER MY SHOULDERS.

    Pretty surprising gaffe for a show that is so good at being ribald and off-color.

  11. jason says

    It’s a stylized image of anal sex, not gay sex. Anal sex is practiced by both straight couples and gay couples. It isn’t the unique domain of any one gender combination.

    Of course, these right-wing activists are referring to anal sex between men but you’d think that they’d be just as concerned about anal sex between men and women if they were to be consistent. You can never find consistency in right-wing morons.

  12. Robert in NYC says

    Straight porn is full of anal sex and I know several straight who want to have sex that way with their partners, so it proves it’s not just gays.

  13. Andalusian Dog says

    @Leroy: My thoughts exactly. This seems like a misplaced symbol of homophobia, more anti-anal sex than it is anti-gay. Something tells me that these neo-nazis are not “missionary only” types.

    @chunks: I was with you on freedom of speech, but then you veered off into whackadoo land with your anti-Islam stuff. Please don’t do this to good arguments, you sound like a crazy tea party person, or, more appropriately, a nationalist, xenosceptic European who throws the Muslim red herring out there to ravenous natives rather than accepting responsibility for the failings of her/his own governments’ policies.

    (PS what part of European policy toward Muslims qualifies as special treatment vis-a-vis the freedom of speech: the “hate speech” laws in Britain that don’t allow “radical” imams to say anything too incendiary? the ban on the veil in France? the anti-immigration policies in Denmark? Get a grip.)

  14. Tommy's says

    Living in Europe – every time I see neonazi’s which are here synonymous with skinheads – then I go on gayromeo and see guys advertising as skinheads I think WTF? Do gay men have a natural desire to sexualize hatred? If that’s the case boys- grab a white robe and a cardinals hat and have at it.

    But seriously – if all gays dressed as skinheads maybe we can disempower the look. Just like goproud does so much good for the gay rights movement. Not.

    Polish skinheads (identical to neonazis) have been ruining that country as well as Serbia and Hungary for years. All religious countries with a strong belief in freedom – for like minded bigots and no one else.

    I was in Poland in 1998 and after and have had heated arguments on the “freedom” movement as it is restricted to Catholics only. And Serbian Muslims? Same thing. Religions are equally evil and are a gateway drug to neonaziism.

  15. says

    You’ll have to ignore “Chunks” – he’s just one more angry little white gay boy whose parents are ashamed of him who needs to hate on brown people in order to win Daddy’s tolerance.

    it’s pathetic.

  16. Leroy Laflamme says

    @KEVINVT. Okay, so the bottom has a penis. Who’s to say the standing figure isn’t a female with a strap-on? Heterosexuals do this sort of thing, you know. My point is is, anal sex is not necessarily gay sex. And I still thik it’s a stupid logo for a political party.

  17. says

    Obviously straight people have anal sex–I’m sure many of the homophobes beg their women to open up the rear door. But these morons either don’t want to admit it or moronically consider it ok if it’s man- woman.

    The point of the graphic, however we personally interpret it, is clearly anti-gay-male-sex, as KevinVT correctly points out, and it’s become the universal anti- gay symbol in Eastern Europe. (We saw it in person all over the place–no ambiguity about the target.) So, as silly as the symbol may be to anyone with a brain, the homophobic hatred and violence behind the graphic is real.

  18. says

    OK, for those who refuse to believe it’s about gay male anal sex and think the Polish neo-Nazis are mad at women with strap-ons, the text also clears this up:

    zakaz pedałowania — ban fagging

    What they want to forbid is NOT lesbians and NOT anal sex. It is fags doing their thing. This word pedał refers ONLY to men. Can we stop the fantasy now please?

  19. Ishaq says

    I’m intrigued by the tolerance it took for them to print out so many of these despicable images and the patience necessary to sweat over each image as they’re placed on long baited sticks.

    Makes me reevaluate my wang theory.

  20. jaime jones says

    I notice that all the sign holders are young men. Trying so hard to show how not gay they are! And failing.

    Their meetings must be a hot bed of sweaty crotches and furtive looks.

  21. says

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