1. Rin says

    Women who jumped in to save his life…???? WOMEN actually helped a gay man????

    This must be some form of trickery because Jason has assured everyone that women are behind all of the homophobia in the world.

  2. HoHo says

    Will Jason comment on this story? Will he say the women jumped in because they were envious of the eroticism in being beaten and burnt by a mob of male thugs?

  3. Chas says

    Poor guy. So handsome, too. I just want to tell guys like this in small towns to move. Get out of there and go live somewhere you can be open and happy and safe(r).

    I could use a handsome Texan boyfriend…just sayin’.

  4. RBearSAT says

    Chas thanks for turning discussion of a key issue into a Craig’s List solicitation. Gee, I wonder if you really have a comment or thought on the matter other than hooking up.

    Regardless, it’s great to see Burnett hopefully recovering his life. Now we wait to see how the Grand Jury rules in this matter.

    Burnett’s had a good attitude about this considering the trauma inflicted. I know there’s more ahead as this moves through the courts. Hopefully there’s a good support network for him where he lives.

  5. rafi says

    @RIN and HOHO,

    I was actually expecting Rick to comment about how this happened because the guy isn’t masculine enough. Then Tank to say he believes this was all staged, followed by RatBastard blaming this on Obama or something.

    Together, the four of them can combine their powers for missing the point of every Towleroad post into some kind of grand Justice League of online idiocy.

    Anyway. Glad Burke seems to be doing better, and very glad they have these guys in custody. I bet anything if this hadn’t become a national story, the local officials wouldn’t have pursued it with any zeal.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    When attractive people (i.e., Burke) are attacked by relatively unattractive ones (i.e., the police photos of his alleged attackers) the attractive often win. Of such small victories is social progress made. (It is an unfortunate fact of human values that “pretty” gets more support than its opposite. I wish it weren’t so.)

  7. Francis says

    I’m happy to see Mr. Burnett recovering, but we as a community must continue to reach out to him and his friends and make sure they realize we are all there in support for him since there is a good chance he doesn’t have such a support system in conservative Texas. Also the pressure needs to remain on this hate crime as it works it’s way through the court system so the attackers are charged appropriately, and not let off the hook.

  8. Rin says

    I know right? I was thinking: wow, he’s actually hot.

    Is that wrong? Shouldn’t I have been thinking: Jeez, that’s horrible what happened to him and I’m so glad he recovered???

    I mean, I do think that. He’s just…really hot.

  9. Rin says



    you’re really like the Tinman of Towleroad.


    Woops! That was NOT a gay reference…I will throw on top of that that you are also the Chewbacca or the Clark Kent or some other wise, heart-filled character…

  10. Steven says

    Ugh. I can’t image a bunch of straight men gawking over a “HOT” woman who survived a brutal attack – it’s in the poorest of taste. Yet you slobs can’t help but step right up to objectify a victim of attempted murder.

    Oh internet…

  11. Rin says


    you are so very right–well, not about the straight men part (yes, they would) but about the wrongness of it.

    *hangs head*

    but he is looking much better and healthier and I’m very happy to see that.

  12. Appearances says

    He does make a nice tv appearance.

    The straights probably went after him because he was getting too much attention from the ladies.

    Gives good talking head.

  13. HoHo says

    “I can’t image a bunch of straight men gawking over a “HOT” woman who survived a brutal attack”

    I can only assume you don’t really know any straight man. Yes, they would gawk. And they would state their “admiration” (to put it tastefully) for the woman more loudly than any of the guys did to Mr. Burnett here. Towleroad gays sound like slightly horny grannies compared to real straight men.

  14. RBearSAT says

    @Steven thanks for putting things in perspective. @HoHo actually they might make the comments but not in an online comment board. Well, some might and those would be one’s that lack maturity. Hint, hint.

    Regarding Burnett’s interview, what I have found insightful from him is the desire to let the justice system work its course and see what happens. Sometimes in small communities that’s the best course of action. You don’t come down on the local judge or sheriff or … in a small community with advice from the outside and expect them to just accept it. Small towns have a sense of local pride and would prefer to work within. While it’s not apparent I think the local authorities are keeping Burnett abreast of the proceedings and they are working towards a hate crime status elevation.

    We’ll all be watching how this progresses, especially here in TX where we’ve had a challenge getting some cases elevated to hate crime status.

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