1. sparks says

    Agree 100%. Nothing pisses me off more than Christians trying to turn a secular, non-religious, non-denominational holiday into another occasion to shout praises to their “lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

    Two federally-recognized jesus holidays are plenty.

  2. say what says

    judeo xtian god is weak

    He needs prayers to give him strength. Prayers are god vitamins and if he doesn’t hear hsi name shouted enough he will shrivel up and blow away

    But hey that is way better than in his younger days when he needed animal blood sacrificed to him to make him strong. He was super weak back then.

  3. says

    Yes, lets also thank god for all of the people he doesn’t save from famine, natural disasters, disease, etc. God is to busy taking care of the rich and bigoted part of America. Atheists are the arrogant ones? Really?

  4. says

    Bryce, God couldn’t cure people of diseases and end famine because He’s too busy making groups of gay men in little farm camps develop a taste for pussy. Apparently.

    God would like, totes, be all ready to help the world with actual issues but His hands are currently tied up making gay men straight and helping rich white women keep their hard-earned money.

    or something…..

  5. Caliban says

    Yes, what we really need is a Commander In Chief who drops to his knees every 5 minutes in an ostentatious display of religious faith like little Timmy Tebow praying to his deity for the outcome of a GAME. Screw the Darfur orphans, God, we need a touchdown!

    But leave it to Faux News to dumpster dive for ANY excuse to criticize Obama or any other Democrat. What else do you expect from the propaganda arm of the GOP?

  6. anon says

    The Obama-is-Un-American meme has been going on for years. Anyone remember the flag pin controversy?

  7. me says

    I am so tired of you self righteous christians that think that the world revolves for you and your beliefs only! Reality check!! You do not have to be a christian to be an American! Since when Thanksgiving became a religious holiday!!!!!!!!!!!! If I remember correctly Thanksgiving came from a feast with the Native Americans who were Pagans and some religious fanatics who were taught to farm so they would not die! In return for this favor the Native Americans were killed and had their land stolen from the by godly self righteous christians! It is not the job of I president to decide what religion is right for anyone! Hello Separation of Church and state you Bible thumping pushy assholes!!!!!!!!