Swiss Politician Compares Letting Gay Couples Adopt to Legalizing Cocaine

Switzerlands's Council of States, the legal committee of the upper house, voted last week in favor of rules that would facilitate adoption by gay couples. A Swiss politician's objections to changing the law are now under fire, The Local reports:

DarbellayChristophe Darbellay, head of the center-right Christian Democrats (CVP) is deeply opposed to any change in the legislation governing adoption. He said he didn’t see why the law should be extended to include gay couples.

“I wouldn’t suddenly legalize cocaine just because half a million people consume it,” he said to Le Temps newspaper last Friday.

His comments have caused uproar. The Association for Rainbow Families said that it was “insulting” that Darbellay would “compare same-sex parents with cocaine addicts.”

“His homophobia shocks us,” co-president Chatty Ecoffey told the 20 Minuten newspaper.

Added Darbellay:  “I didn’t want to insult anyone. I simply wanted to say that just because something exists, does not mean that it has to be legalized."


  1. HadenoughBS says

    Added Darbellay: “I didn’t want to insult anyone. I simply wanted to say that just because something exists, does not mean that it has to be legalized.”

    Uh-huh, you didn’t want to insult anyone?! Are you a self-made idiot or just another Christofascist politician with no sense of common decency for your fellow man??? Think before you speak next time you say…anything…and you might stay out of trouble (but I seriously doubt you can hold your homophobic tongue and think rationally at the same time).

  2. Silas says

    Hadenoughbs the Religious Right was started in Swizlterland by an American missionary and spread the hate…though they weren’t against gay marriages…read the books by Frank Schaffer…very informative

  3. G.I. Joe says

    Actually I agree with him – just because something exists doesn’t mean it has be legalized. WHICH IS WHY, this argument (“but gay families already exist!) is complete rubbish and doesn’t hold water. That’s the wrong argument if we want to change people’s mind!

    @ THEOTERLEE: Au contraire, the Swiss are notoriously very, very conservative. The extreme right parties are very prominent, and women’s suffrage didn’t begin until 1971 – and until 1990 some cantons still didn’t allow women to vote…

  4. Roman Bolliger says

    I am of Swiss origin and horrified and ashamed that a Swiss politician calling himself Christian is trying to introduce dumbest Tea-Party-strategies into the “normality” of the political discourse in Switzerland. Look at the picture: Doesn’t he look like an unintelligent man of childish character brainwashed by an utterly rancid catholicism? Has he been victim of child-molesters among his Catholic teachers years ago? Does he therefore believe that all gays (even those normal ones he doesn’t even know: the self-assured and mature) are like ecclesiastic child-abusers (immature and intimidated closet-case-bigots looking for prey while praying to God)?
    This man is disgusting.

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