1. Tim NC says

    T.I. says

    “If you use the “n” word like Don Imus and say something that’s completely derogatory and disrespectful, that’s understandable”

    First, Don Imus didn’t use the “n word”. He called a group of women college basketball players nappy headed hos.

    Now, tell me how Tracy Morgan saying he would KILL his child if he were gay is less offensive that Don Imus?

  2. JWL says

    Everyone struggles for relevance, that is the true job of a celebrity and that is what this moron is trying to do. People who already listen to his music are probably already down with the cultural based ignorant views on homosexuality so this whole thing doesnt matter much. The only thing it could do is reduce his marketability as a spokesperson…though I can’t think of anything that he’d be shilling that I’d be likely to buy anyway. The only real collateral damage from this is how some young people might look up to him and allow him to reinforce their own cultural ignorance.

  3. Cris says

    While I’m all in favor of wielding the largest hammer possible when people start spouting homophobic comments, I don’t COMPLETELY disagree with what this guy is saying. He’s just defending free speech. And in that regard he’s right.

    However, using as large a hammer as possible to figuratively beat the crap out of people that say homophobic (or racist) crap is ALSO free speech. I think he missed that part.

  4. K in VA says

    If you followed his logic, he supports the KKK saying whatever it wants to say about black people.

    I don’t think he actually means that. I think he’s trying to build a “free speech” smoke screen to obscure what sure as hell looks to me like homophobia.

  5. The Milkman says

    What this person fails to realize is that there are no legitimate “alternative or opposing viewpoints” to equal civil and human rights for gay and lesbian people. None whatsoever. All those who speak out as being “against homosexuality” are speaking from bigotry and prejudice that are so intertwined with their religious beliefs as to be almost indistinguishable. The fact that they don’t enjoy being criticized for their hateful rhetoric does not make such criticism inappropriate or unfair.

  6. Rick says

    Since he added his own group as an example of the same sort of over-sensitivity, I agree with him to an extent.

    It is a tricky issue because you don’t want to give the majority license to abuse a minority…..but by the same token, when it gets to the point where you cannot say anything “negative” about a group’s culture or an individual belonging to that group, you have gone too far as a society…..and that is actually counter-productive in a lot of ways because all that results is a lot of dishonesty of the sort that makes honest communication impossible between groups.

    It is better if a member of the minority group criticizes that culture themselves–as Bill Cosby has done, for example–but it should not be totally off-limits for a non-member to do so… should depend on the context and on whether the criticism is constructive or is just a form of hate…..

  7. says

    …….you mean like if people said that they just don’t think black people should be allowed to be Free and that whites shouldn’t have to serve them or seat them in restaurants if they dont’ want to?

    dear TI, you’re just making yourself look like an even bigger idiot.

  8. Rick says

    @Milkman You said: “there are no legitimate “alternative or opposing viewpoints” to equal civil and human rights for gay and lesbian people. None whatsoever”

    I agree with that, but people can find aspects of a group’s culture disagreeable, even if they concede that the members of that group should not be denied the basic rights of citizenship. For example, I hate rap music and find it extremely annoying when someone tries to impose it on others in a public or semi-public space……but that does not mean that I think African-Americans should be disallowed the right to vote.

    Likewise, someone can believe that firing someone from their job just because of their sexual orientation should be illegal… the same time that they find the effeminacy of so many gay men and their iconization of women (the “diva” phenomenon) repulsive and incomprehensible.

    The distinction is an important one.

  9. Francis says

    Ignoring Rick as usual, what Milkman said is 100% on point. Homophobia isn’t valid. There isn’t a valid argument against being for marriage equality. Being against our humanity. Being against our sexual orientation. It’s fundamentally wrong, and therefore, calling it for what it is, which is bigotry and discrimination, is the way to expose this train of thought for the negative thing it is. Not doing so is a disservice because it allows this hate to bubble under the surface unchecked.

    People like T.I., maybe not hateful, but are definitely ignorant on these issues as a whole. Criticism isn’t “shutting down” free speech. If you choose to say something that society deems unpalatable, there are consequences. Not all opinions are equal.

  10. The Milkman says


    That’s not what TI was talking about. He’s not talking about being irked by behavior. He’s talking about being “against” someone’s actual identity and existence.

    That’s the distinction that deserves to be highlighted.

    And let’s not be too hard on the sissies. They had the balls to fight back at Stonewall when the “straight acting” among us were still cowering in our closets.

  11. Jim says

    T.I. seems like a fairly articulate guy. Since he’s wasting everyone’s time telling us that it’s OK for people to speak out against gays and whatever they want, maybe he could use his voice and energy better and speak the truth about how the viciously anti-gay black community has done absolutely nothing to combat the spread of AIDS. Black people are notorious for hating gay people, helping to stop them from having equality, and resenting it when gays compare their struggle to blacks. Thousands of black men are on the “down low” because they are afraid to be themselves in their own community – they go out and screw some guy, without a condom (because condoms are not manly), then they come home and infect their girlfriends.

    Then, desperate black people come to the AIDS services established by gay men, like Gay Men’s Health Crisis in NYC, because there are no services in their own community because, again, black people have done nothing. Then, while they’re there, they harass the gay men who work there and who are clients there for being faggots.

    Black churches have done as much to spread ignorance and fear about gays as the most backward white churches. Black kids are thrown our of their homes by stupid, homophobic parents. Black rappers and reggae singers sing about killing gays. Blacks in Africa, including presidents of countries, make baing gay illegal and threaten them with death just for being who they are.

    Black people have done as much as anyone on earth to make the lives of gay people miserable, all because they are afraid of seeming like sissies. Within every straight black man there’s a closet pimp, who wants to be the big man and parade around his whores.

    Is this all OK with him? If it is, then he’s just another idiot with a mic.

  12. says

    rick complains all the time about “effeminate gay men” – yet he also continues to defend his “right” to be a coward and still live a semi-Closeted life.

    RICK, if you’re such a man why not post a link to your own blog/page where you show us all what a fine example of a “butch masculine gay man” you are?

    oh, wait. you can’t. you don’t have the BALLS to be Out.

  13. Dan Cobbb says

    What is it about people that they have no concept about what free speech is?!?!
    T.I. is free to spout any and all homophobia he wants… and according to the first Amendment the government cannot throw him in jail for it. Also, gay activists have the right to speak! They can make all the noise they want against T.I., call for boycotts, everything! The first Amendment does not prevent the free speech of individuals who wish to criticize others for the things they’ve said.
    THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT ONLY CONCERNS THE GOVERNMENT SHUTTING PEOPLE UP! ONLY GOVERNMENT ACTION AGAINST FREE SPEECH IS PROHIBITED BY THIS AMENDMENT. Christ, this is a basic concept in the law… and from what I can see, not many people on this site have a clue. A very sad statement for American democracy.

  14. Rin says


    “…at the same time that they find the effeminacy of so many gay men and their iconization of women (the “diva” phenomenon) repulsive and incomprehensible…”

    Does this mean that our super secret clandestine libidinous iconic relationship is now over, that I’m no longer the Gorgo to your Leonidas?

    I’m crushed.

    Is it because you think I’m only after your peach pie?

  15. Mick says

    So apparently the only option is for me to peacefully be gay and for anti-gay bigots to peacefully spew their hatred. I’m not allowed to peacefully express my disgust, or peacefully criticize someone’s backward views, or peacefully hold a person or a company to a higher standard.

    I would also like to know which corporations are “throwing their weight around to shut down” anti-gay bigots. Those are corporations that I will support.

  16. Scott says

    Also- Tracy Morgan- who’s real crime is that he IS NOT and NEVER WAS really funny- said he’d stab his gay child to death. That was it- no punch line. He said it was a joke- now T.I. says pple should be allowed to criticize- which this wasn’t a criticism. It was- god knows what- maybe ignorance desperately trying to be humor. I never thought Tracy was homophobic, just ignorant.
    But the media- in whatever form should’ve played the Tracy clip or quoted the “joke” -as TI referenced Tracy- and said ” Is thatwhtvyouean as criticism?” pple need to be called on their sh*t!

    I think there are some valid criticisms of our community, as there is with ANY type of community- gays, Asians, seniors, people who talk on their cellphones in a restroom- but racism and bigotry are NOT criticism.
    And I think while some of us are sensitive about different aspects of being gay- vey few of us are delicate flowers who can’t take a joke. As long as the person telling it can take one back- in pretty cool.

  17. JayKingOfGay says

    Dan Cobb has it.
    Freedom of speech means you can say XYZ. It also means I have the freedom to criticize you for it. It also means I have the freedom to broadcast that criticism wherever I can find a willing venue. It means I have the freedom to tell others of my criticism. I have the freedom to organize with those of us who are critical. I have the freedom to tell businesses that I will be taking my eyes/ears/wallet elsewhere.
    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism, it does not guarantee you airtime, a venue, or a medium to speak. It does mean that folks are free to celebrate or denigrate you for what you say.
    Freedom of speech is a two way street.

  18. TheIrony says

    I simply had to post at how hilarious it is that you’re not even getting the irony of how many of you have done to him et al exactly what you’ve accused him of doint to others! I see “those rappers,” “those people,” “that type” all over this thread! Stereotyping him because why? Did he mention it was a “rap thang?” No, he gave his thoughts on the subject at the risk of the gay community going ballistic which of course isn’t far from the truth! At least T.I was honest and not pretending he didn’t have an opinion like some. At least he hasn’t tried to dial it back and SWEAR he was misquted. I respect that over some of these celebs only on the gay support bandwagon because its good pr.

  19. says

    theirony….you “respect” someone sharing that they don’t understand the first amendment or the legitimate prejudices that the LGBT community face?

    and you literally believe that pro-Equality celebs are on a “pr bandwagon” and not genuine? really?

    specific examples with citation? can you name someone that you know is anti-gay who pretends not to be for “pr reasons”?

    specifics, please.

  20. says

    Here you f@ggots go again! You have the right to freedom of speech too. It’s not like most of you like Blacks Gay, or straight anyway. So if they (whites) don’t want to serve Blacks they don’t have to. And if you white gays don’t like us Blacks gays. You don’t have to keep it real queens. Lets face it. The mere fact that when a Black person says something it brings out the worst in your white ass. So we’re use to it. Carry on f@ggots!

  21. Jexer says

    Anti-gay rhetoric is an attempt to ‘shut us down’.

    We’re just treating you like you treat us.

    If you can’t handle that, then keep your festering bigoted mis-informed opinions to yourself.

  22. truthteller says

    I can’t believe some of you are actually defending this ignoramus.

    @ Rick. You write: “when it gets to the point where you cannot say anything “negative” about a group’s culture or an individual belonging to that group, you have gone too far as a society”
    and “but it should not be totally off-limits for a non-member to do so.”

    You either have internalized shame or a deep lack of comprehension skills. What this guys is doing is dehumanizing gay people. He is not talking an individual or a culture!

    T.I. says: “If you’re gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace.’”

    Human beings are not an it. They cannot be reduced to a thing, like he does. Can you be against Black people? can you be against Asian people or Latinos and called them it? Yes, and that makes you a racist.

    Being against gay people based on who they are makes you a bigot and a homophobe. It is irrational and you fail to understand the difference.

    What he is saying is akin to a racist saying I’m against black people because I don’t like the color of their skin but if they chose to be black they should be black in peace and I should be able to fight against their civil rights because the bible says it’s a sin. Genesis 9:20 (Ham)…Oh, wait. That was the rational for using scripture to justify slavery against black people.

    I am illustrating a point, for those of you who lack reading comprehension skills, and I’m using his race in particular because it is as innate to him as falling in love with a person of the same gender is to a GLBT person.

  23. says

    Anti-gay rhetoric is an attempt to ‘shut us down’.

    We’re just treating you like you treat us.

    If you can’t handle that, then keep your festering bigoted mis-informed opinions to yourself.

    Posted by: Jexer | Nov 30, 2011 2:08:54

    Jexer…who’s US????? The white gays??? GURL Please STFU!

  24. Dave says

    Nice to see the racists out and about. T.I. is a moron, but I don’t see what idiocy has to do with his race or the entire black community. It seems that some of you are just as or even more moronic than this rapper.

  25. says

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  26. Jeff says

    If I had a child who came home from school and he was black and a terrible rapper, I would kill him.

    Posted by: Maddog

    That was funny Maddog. Im black and I get it. It is a little different from Tracy’s joke in that it involves Black sterotypes. You know what I mean basketball playing, baby mamas having,etc. Yours joke deals mainly with perceived stereotypes and Tracy’s joke dealt with Tracy’s interpretation of the parental fear in having a gay or lesbian child. Im not Gay but telling the parents especially dads as I understand it can cause a lot of drama and anxiety. Now I do not feel the need to say the complimentary Im not trying to justify it thing because I do not think it needs to be justified. It was a joke and for Tracy’s audience( people who think he is funny) they get it as well. I do not think there is anyone who actually thinks he would stab his son if he told him he was gay so if you omit all of the overblown crap about it is not a joke to stab someone and stabbing your kids is never funny blah blah blah. In fact if I went to a Tracy Morgan show I would expect to here more Black jokes than anything else and I would not expect to leave insulted of course unless he singled me out like this one comic did a while back before Blacks recognized it was cool and stylish to wear sweet glasses like I had. You know what he called me a “thug nerd”, I thought it was funny.

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