UC Davis Pepper Spray Officer Also a Homophobe


One of the officers involved in the UC Davis pepper spray incident, Lt. John Pike, has a record:

But an alleged anti-gay slur by Pike also figured in a racial and sexual discrimination lawsuit a former police officer filed against the department, which ended in a $240,000 settlement in 2008. Officer Calvin Chang's 2003 discrimination complaint against the university's police chief and the UC Board of Regents alleged he was systematically marginalized as the result of anti-gay and racist attitudes on the force, and he specifically claimed Pike described him using a profane anti-gay epithet.

Katehi identified Pike as one of the officers involved in the pepper-spray incident in an interview with the campus television station Sunday, and university communications staff confirmed his role Tuesday.

(via americablog)


  1. Francis says

    Not a surprise, really. I think it’s obvious we’re dealing with bottom of the barrel type individuals in the UC Davis case. And, the stereotypes of policemen country wide continue going into the toilet.

  2. Brains says

    As everybody in its vicinity knows: Davis is nothing but an over-rated “cow town”, with a very good veterinary school of medicine (I would say one of the best in the country!); but close to Winters (the land of bigotry and the KKK) which allows for the seepage of undesirables and Neanderthals!

    So since they recruit their non-academic staff from Winters and the surrounding farm community. What do you expect!

  3. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    No innocents here…just “street theater” on both sides.

    Look at the photo, more press and photographers present than “protestors”. As to who broke what laws, left the Courts do their job. But “civil disobedience” should have a price…and consequences.

  4. uu says

    these guys aren’t real police officers. they’re jokes looking for something to do on the jobs. take note: the NYPD is laughing at you.

  5. ron g says

    Yes civil disobedience does have consequences. Like how stonewall riots now gives us many more rights than our brother and sister from that era had. YEA for consequences.

  6. Danny says

    Ted B, if social change were left in the hands of people like you we’d still have white landowners making all the decisions in this country.

    Or perhaps you’re one of those people who believes that “majority rules;” in which case YOUR rights as a gay man are subject to a vote?

    In either event you seem not to have much regard for the Bill of Rights or even to know how or why it came into existence.

  7. SFShawn says

    Just once it would be cool if one of the protestors took this guy down and sprayed him in the eyes and mouth and watched him suffer. It’s just a matter of time.
    Happy Thanksgiving to those on the planet actually helping their fellow man and not torturing or killing their fellow humans.

  8. Paul B. says

    As someone who lives in the vicinity of Davis…and knows a few CHP’s, & local law inforcement types…let’s just say, and I say this from a “place of love”…dumb as a box of
    testerone overloaded rocks.
    End of story!

  9. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    I’m not defending the cops…I’m just saying that if you commit an act, you should take the consequences. If your rights were violated go to the courts. If the courts rule against you pay the penalty.

  10. RyanInSacto says

    @BRAINS: Why are you bashing Winters, which is a nice little arts colony? I’m almost certain you meant to bash Woodland instead. They are both near Davis and both near each other but they are nothing alike.

    Also, Davis is a cowtown? Ha! It’s a yuppie paradise where the bicycles and SUV-sized baby strollers outnumber pickup trucks 100 to 1. The only cows are on campus!

  11. RyanInSacto says

    @TED B.: “Press and photographers?” Those are *students* with cell phones taking videos. There is only one actual camera in the whole shot. In a way, you’re right… with easy access to video cams and youtube, we are kind of all “press and photographers” now. But that’s not what you meant, of course.

    Second, I think you are “defending the cops.” And I think you believe that students holding sit-ins on a campus quad deserve chemical burns. Arresting them would not have been enough for you, I guess.

  12. You See Davis says

    So we now learn that John Pike is not only a mad pepper sprayer, but also a racist and a harasser of gays. Fire him now!

  13. Redebbm says

    This guy is suspended right? he needs a mind evaluation, some of his old cog wheels in his head are not working properly. This incident should had never happened. The police aren’t suppose to react in this way.

  14. Bob R says

    So, this Pike creep already cost the university $240,000 plus for previous misconduct and he still has a job? Now he will cost them hundreds of thousands if not millions more. Yes, by all means go to court and sue for multi-millions. Americans only understand two things, violence and money. The university promulgated the violence and now should pay the consequences in large denomination greenback dollars.

    Civil disobedience and the right to redress grievances are Constitutional guarantees, not privileges. The people have the right to assemble without restriction to time or place. Those who seek to usurp those guarantees are nothing more than petty tyrants or despots and they will eventually pay the consequences in blood, treasure or both. Regardless of money and employed mercenaries, the plutocrats will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. History is a clear and undeniable testament to that.

  15. says

    When will we start holding officers accountable for their brutality and excessive use of force? Evicting protesters is Unconstitutional and endangers the basic rights of EVERY last American. Is this the country we were raised in, were men and women are beaten, gassed, pepper-sprayed and arrested for their disapproval of the government? We have to be careful to protect our Constitutional Rights! Raise awareness and do your part with these free posters I designed for the movement on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/11/propaganda-for-occupy-movement.html

  16. says

    The officer told them he was going to spray them. They refused to move. They told him to go ahead and spray. As he sprayed, any of them could have gotten out of the way. They wanted to be sprayed. They should be expelled if they really are students.

  17. RWG says

    @ Ted: You’re a skidmark of putrid crud. How dare you call yourself an American. Your type would fit in fine with the Syrian or Iranian government. Why don’t you go there and leave the exercise of civil liberties to those who appreciate them?

  18. DTBF says

    Ted, what ridiculous reasoning you have there. Observe your reasoning:

    “The officer told them he was going to shoot and kill them. They refused to move. They told him to go ahead and shoot. As he shot, any of them could have gotten out of the way. They wanted to be killed. They should be expelled if they really are students.”

    Never mind that your last sentence makes no sense. You seem to have no understanding of the concept of reasonable force. The police officer is only permitted to use reasonable force in the circumstances. Anything more is illegal. Otherwise we’d have cops breaking limbs for minor infractions.

    The fact remains that there was nothing in the students’ conduct that warranted such excessive use of force, whether or not this officer warned the students about it or not.

  19. FunMe says

    Why do homophobes have a “defect” that either makes them UNDESIRABLE to women (if they are not closed gay) or they simply have other UGLY defects that they are trying to compensate.

    Does NOT surprise me that the UC Davis pepper spray cop is a freaking homophobe. He’s UGLY all over!

  20. FunMe says

    TED B. go read the US Constitution and then you will have some respect about your stupid “opinions”. Otherwise, get the heck out of here. We are all using the PAGE DOWN key every time we see you post something here.

  21. FunMe says

    TED | NOV 23, 2011 9:51:13 PM … go suck yourself. Leave it to the adults here to comment. If you come back, we will just IGNORE you, you miserable TROLL. Oh, and thanks for the laughs! We are laughing AT you for your stupid comments.

  22. Tim says

    Well it’s official: As a resident of Davis, CA I no longer feel safe leaving my house, at all. Too bad though, it’s a really nice place…

  23. chasmader says

    I’m a UC alum and I can say with certaintude that the folks on the UC Police force are the ones who can’t make the cut of a real City Police force or as a rural Deputy County Sheriff. This fat homophobe, Pike, illustrates my point.

  24. the_kcar says

    Leadership from a Lieutenant, right? Disparage the growing LGBT population, stroll through a crowd with pepper spray as casual as watering lillies.

    As a man of stout rank [stout man of rank?], he displays such qualities as to be commended, per his rank and his office, doesn’t he?

    Furthermore, others are taking up his lead – like the mention by Megyn Kelly of pepper spray being, “A food product, essentially”, followed in today’s news by the Los Angeles area Wal-Mart shopper, who deemed it fun to spice up this Holiday season, right?

    Oh, my. Did I miss something?

  25. ophu says

    I’m sorry, but I flat ran out of outrage after I read the Mugabe story and now I’m just numb. But yeah, no surprise. A certified ass who’s also homophobic. ūüėź

  26. says

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