1. Sargon Bighorn says

    It’s amazing how similar those two bodies are in those tights. With the same hair do, some make up and a little glitter, they could be the Draggzee Twins. Just sayin…

  2. Brian Normoyle says

    In the perennial ocean of ill-conceived, uninspired or just plain bad holiday tribute videos, this gem is a life raft of pure silliness and unmitigated joy in the art of not taking one’s self too seriously. 4.5 minutes of pure fun — AND the real achievement wasn’t doing it all in one take. It was getting me to sit through that awful, overplayed song.

    All I want for Christmas is more creativity like this.

    Oh and @PixelWizard… “mediocrity?” Really?? The athleticism and technique demanded of them in this romp coupled with their showmanship and ability to do it in one take certainly doesn’t rise to the level of mediocrity. Have more fun and be less serious — it makes life a lot more fun sometimes.

  3. Robert says

    @Robert I absolutely loved that! I was grinning the entire time too.

    @Jack We can’t assume that just because he’s in a skin tight leotard, and is flexible enough to turn himself into a pretzel, that he is gay. >_>

  4. Angela Channing says

    It made me giggle. @Buster – I naturally zoom in on any dancing guy’s crotch (so sad on a Saturday night) and I thought I noticed *something* but was not sure since the resolution was not that great. But thank you for at least validating that I am not the only one who noticed *something*. LOL.

  5. Paul R says

    Just curious: how is it known they did it in one take?

    Obviously he’s gay. The woman becomes a man at the end. Not exactly subtle.

    Anyone with negative comments is a complete grinch, so I suspect we’ll be hearing other hateful things soon. I can even predict what they’ll be, and from whom!

    I must say that I’m pleased never to have heard this song. It kind of sticks in your head.

  6. vanndean says

    Well, it may have not been Broadway quality at the present time, but it was more appropriate than the Macy’s ad by MC and Beebboy. It was cute and showed a bit of talent in getting it together in very little time and with a lack of rehearsals. They have contributed more to the holiday spirit that I and some others have by sitting on our fat fluffy buttocks making snarky comments about the attempts of others to provide some joy for the season. Good job, kids.

  7. Barbara says

    Pixelwizard, lighten up! What might you have been doing if you hadn’t watched the video? I loved it! Thanks for posting this Brandon. Think I’ll watch it again.

  8. Den says

    I’m gobsmacked that there is still someone in the Western World (Paul) who hadn’t yet heard this song. Paul what have you been doing every Christmas ? Hibernating ?

  9. Kent says

    That was terrific!! I have watched it, grinning the entire time, twice so far and will repeatedly. How fun, creative, and enthusiastic. Just loved it, and him :)

  10. Paul R says

    I love music. My iTouch contains nearly 6,000 songs, and music has been my touchstone since I was young. But I avoid artists who I don’t like. So there’s the answer to a couple posts.

    It’s conceivable that I’ve heard this song in some setting, but my brain sort of has an on/off setting. I would have deleted this song had it been on either setting. I dislike tripe.

  11. Jonathon Edwards says

    I love this kinda thing. No point to it except to have fun and make other people smile.

    So I’ve watched in maybe 6 times. And what I noticed the last time is that this is not the amateur, thrown together at the last minutte, thing we’re being led to believe it is. Watch it again. The camera angles and techniques don’t look like some random dude with a video camera. I think the twitchiness is on purpose, too.

    I’m with the poster above who noted that this doesn’t look like some random dance studio. I don’t think this is as “homemade” as we think.

  12. Dback says

    As someone who is kind of lukewarm on Mariah Carey and burns out easily on Christmas music, I must say that that song was the PERFECT accompaniment to this fizzy, delightful dance. Probably the most fun I’ve seen involving a holiday dance number since the “Twelve Gays of Christmas” (look it up on YouTube) or the Mark Morris “Hard Nut.”

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