‘American Horror Story’ House for Sale


The Hancock Park home used in American Horror Story can be yours for $4.5 million.

Writes AOL Real Estate: "The six-bedroom, five-bathroom property was designed by celebrated architect Alfred Rosenheim (designer of iconic Los Angeles monuments such as the Hellman Building, the Hamburger Department Store, and the Eugene W. Britt House) and has hit the market for $4.5 million…Details such as stained-glass windows, silver and gold leaf hand-painted ceilings, Tiffany stained glass windows, rich wood paneling and six stunning vintage fireplaces make it not-your-average L.A. mansion. So unique, in fact, that it's been declared a Los Angeles Cultural Monument."


  1. stich says

    I wonder how they will continue to shoot there?

    Will they have to renegotiate with the new owners or will there be a clause in the sales contract or ?

    I know, I wonder about strange things LOL

  2. highney says

    @Stitch, I believe they only use the house for some exterior shots, much like they used to for “Six Feet Under”, which makes it less of a hassle for the residents. Some sources state that they used the house for the pilot and have replicated the interiors on a sound stage. If you check out the article on Huffingtonpost, you can see how some of the rooms don’t match up at all, the kitchen in particular. Link here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/01/alfred-rosenheims-self-designed-former-mansion_n_814347.html#s230382

  3. Adam says

    It also would not surprise me if they went with a completely different house next season in a different location. I actually think it would be great if they did tell a different American Horror Story next year, maybe in New Orleans. I guess we will see next week.

  4. stevenelliot says

    LA is filled with such beautiful old homes as this. When I moved here, I was actually amazed at how much cool old architecture there is in this town. There is an area around USC where there are these amazing, huge, old victorian mansions. Westlake park (now called macarthur park) was once the most fashionable address in a very young, circa 1900 LA. Its is now very distressed. One can just drive and drive in this city in all directions and find buildings that were created when Los Angeles was considered a garden of eden and the city of the future. The architecture has an almost “confident” quality about it. even if much of it is derelect or rundown. I believe that LA is very underappreciated compared with other major cities in regards to its architectural history.

  5. JCW says

    Actually, with the exception of the kitchen and the basement, all the interiors for the pilot episode were filmed in the actual house. It was only after the pilot got a pick-up that they went to the expense of recreating the interiors on a soundstage.

    And yeah, you bet your sweet ass I want it! Though truth to tell I’d have to have the door to the basement bricked up….

  6. Lazlo says

    @Adam Thats a great idea that they tell a different American Horror Story each season. I didn’t even think of that, I just assumed it would be the same house. I really like your idea of New Orleans also!

  7. Gianpiero says

    Now there’s a name you don’t hear much, the Hamburger Department Store. Maybe because they were bought out by the May Company–in 1923. The building is still there at 8th and Broadway (in Downtown Los Angeles), but the Hamburger name would mean nothing to, well, almost everybody.

  8. Zlick says

    Le sigh. My 10-year gig throwing Halloween parties at a rad old Victorian near Pasadena ends next year. Picking up again after that at this house would be quite a coup. Oh, but a quick check of my pockets puts me about 4.4 million dollars short. Damn!

  9. Craig says

    They can’t bulldoze it. It’s declared a LA historic monument. Didn’t you read the story? In fact, I believe the whole neighborhood is a historic preservation zone meaning nothing radical can be changed.

  10. James says

    @CRAIG Don’t you watch the show? What JEFFREY DUNIVANT said was part of the story of one of the shows. A man wanted to buy the house and bulldoze it and build condos.

  11. says

    Got to say that American Horror Story is without doubt the heaviest, darkest , uncomfortable & truly scariest television show I have ever had the pleasure to watch. The quality of writing, story line and performances is making this a top notch program /// Rack up another one for the Nip / tuck and Glee producers ! It’s brilliant and Very fresh..

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