1. Chaddy says

    I’ve heard it too. You’re right Brandon. Sounds more Mid-90s-Madonna-ballad-ish. Her voice sounds very Evita era too. Should point out that rumor has it this is just the demo version of the song, and not the finished version though. We’ll see.

  2. Chaddy says

    Oh and, by the way, the video here is fan-made, not an official promo. The footage is of clips from the film and trailer and shots of Madonna and cast at the premiere.

  3. mike128 says

    Leaked or a publicity stunt, does it really matter? I’m not sure why people get down on media figures/celebrities who may be wanting to generate buzz… it’s their f-ing job!

    As for the song, Madonna continues to amaze. I know expectations are low, but I hope the film turns out to be good. I want Madonna to find something she can age into, so she can continue to entertain us once she’s beyond being able to dance so hard, etc.

  4. says

    ever notice how the guys who can’t stop bitching about how much they can’t stand Madonna always Came Out a good decade later in life (or longer….) than those of us who’ve enjoyed listening to her?

    dear madonna, your music has rocked my world since i was a wee lad in the 1980s. ray of light changed my life. thanks for helping inspire and empower me to Come Out when I was a teen.

  5. V-8 says

    I was born in 1973, turned 38 a couple weeks ago (for the ones that need some help with math)… and while I have enjoyed the early efforts of Britney and Gaga, I have to say that Madonna is still my girl…

    this song is very lovely…. I am listening to it on repeat, while working, which is turning out to be the perfect Sunday song: pretty, light, and easy-going… can’t wait to hear the full quality version…

    so maybe this is a generational thing, as LITTLE KIWI says… if that is the case, I love the music of my generation… and I love the icon of my generation…

    Madonna truly liberated me, gave me the permission to be myself, which, like herself, is not perfect, but one that achieves for perfection amidst so many flaws….. we r all human, you and I and her, and that in and of itself, is a beautiful thing.

    there is too much hatred and sadness in this world already, so maybe we could all, at the dawn of 2012, turn in a newer, positive leaf, and celebrate the goodness around us and make a concerted effort to turn the negatives into constructive initiatives…

    love to u all!

  6. juan says

    beautiful song! her voice sounds amazing and full of emotion. i have high expectaions for this new album and these two new songs only make me more anxious to hear it. as always stunning work by an incomparable Artist. Te Amo Madonna!

  7. Tonic says

    It’s amazing the negative energy that some people spew. Life must be really sucky for them.

    Didn’t hear the song, but why let a popstar create that much black-hole-hate in your life? Then again, that energy probably pervades your life in general.

  8. Boring says

    Another disappointing song. It’s a shame – she used to be so good in the 80’s and 90’s. After she married Guy Ritchie, her music went to shyt and never got better again.

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