1. says

    Jeez, what a bunch of assholes. An out gay comedian gets his own TV show and the gay community COMPLAINS? Sheesh — who got your turbans into a twist?

    Mr. Eichner’s show is already very funny, and I’m sure it’ll improve. Remember how Jimmy Fallon sucked for, oh, like the first TWO YEARS of his show? It was literally painful to watch him try to stutter out jokes during his monologue. Now, after a long adjustment period, he just *stinks*. Well, Mr. Eichner is starting off good — I highly recommend this show — and this could turn classic before long.

  2. redball says

    lmaooo i love how the black girl in the last segment kept saying “sho nuff…oh no he didn’t” w/ attitude.

    eicher’s pretty funny…love his little side comments…things like ‘call a girl for once in your life’ and something only he could get away with as a gay comedian: ‘you’re such a homo’

  3. uffda says

    The opening Taylor Swit comment shut down all immediate interest in this sleeze. A homo going down the road to extinction well-travelled
    by Andrew Dice Clay is nothing to be proud of, or entertained by. Another reason to be ashamed of our Shoots-Itself-In-the-Foot notion of “community”.

  4. Thomas says

    My sister and I watched the episode Fuse put on On Demand a few weeks ago, we thought it was hilarious. Billy had us laughing hysterically from start to finnish.

  5. Marshal says

    I disagree with the assertion that just because someone is LGBTQ that we should lap it up instantly and just stay quiet, even if their work is mediocre.

  6. Drew says

    Anita was right: the Black Eyed Peas are scarier than the KKK and she would definitely know! I found this kind of funny, but not because of Billy necessarily.

  7. Gay Bullies Suck says

    I can’t believe the cognitive dissonance of the gay community celebrating one of their own BULLYING strangers on the street and mocking them for their opinions, lack of knowledge, clothes, accents, or anything else. Despicable, insulting, and patently unfunny. Any ‘comedian’ who feels they have to YELL ALL THE TIME is more accurately defined as a ‘buffoon.’