Brandon McInerney to Be Sentenced Today for Killing of Gay Classmate

Brandon McInerney is scheduled for sentencing today in the death of his gay classmate Lawrence King:

McinerneyA Southern California teenager faces 21 years in state prison when he's sentenced Monday for killing a gay student during a computer lab class three years ago.

In a deal reached with Ventura County prosecutors last month, 17-year-old Brandon McInerney agreed to avoid a retrial and plead guilty to second-degree murder, as well as one count each of voluntary manslaughter and use of a firearm.

The L.A. Times reports that tensions still simmer at the E.O. Green elementary school where King was killed and some parents still wonder if their children are safe there:

Leaders of the Hueneme Elementary School District, which operates E.O. Green and 10 other schools, say they have no plans to make policy changes as a result of the shooting. Supt. Jerry Dannenberg said there is no need because E.O. Green administrators acted appropriately before and after the shooting on Feb. 12, 2008.

An investigation carried out by the district's insurance carrier determined that no laws were broken nor policies ignored, Dannenberg said. He also defended a memorandum distributed to the school's staff a few weeks before the shooting advising them that King was within his rights. Students "don't have to like it, but they need to give him his space."

Dannenberg said the school board determined that, legally, no changes were necessary. In a lawsuit brought by the Kings, the district admitted no wrongdoing but did settle with the family for more than $250,000.


  1. says

    He deserves nothing less than life in prison unless they have lethal injection. Not to worry. I’m sure he’ll be taken care of in prison.

  2. Continuum says

    Just not sure what the appropriate sentence should be. Kid was 14. Raised by crazy, low-life parents. Did a horrible crime. His future doesn’t look great whether he gets 2 years or a 100 years. I’m glad I don’t have to decide.

  3. says

    I sincerely hope that in-depth psychological evaluations, progress reports and re-education are a part of his long-term incarceration.

    King’s death will be in vain if greater society doesn’t learn something not only from this case, but from the specific factors that made McInerney into the monster he became as a young man.

    When we learn what makes monsters we can work toward a society that prevents atrocities like this.

  4. says

    The 21 years sentence for murder, is a farce, a travesty, it sends the message, “if your victim is Gay you’ll probably get off with a lighter sentence.” This despicable human’s life will only become worse in prison, where he will learn the prison culture becoming a more educated criminal. Maybe he’ll be gang raped, stabbed or killed, we can only hope, before he’s released in 21 years.

  5. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    I cannot believe some of the attitudes on this site concerning a child who killed another child. It’s diseased. Brandon McInerney deserves punishment for murdering Lawrence King, but he should never have been tried as an adult. And for the prosecution and most Americans to hold him solely responsible for King’s death is stupid in the extreme. He was a kid. His parents and the teachers at that school bear just as much blame for this as he does, but their responsibility is being tossed aside.

    Plus, for anyone to even suggest that rape in prison is an acceptable part of the punishment is just plain vile.

  6. snowisfun says

    Lawrence King was anti-social. Among the deeds that Lawrence King did which Towleroad bloggers perhaps don’t know or don’t care was Lawrence King would ask other boys for sex in the bathroom Larry Craig style & Lawrence King also on 1 occasion masturbated in front of others. Lawrence King repeatedly proposed after he said no.

    OK, I admit I’m against gay/lesbian activities but once no is said, to repeatedly propose after you’ve been told no is harassment. Asking others for sex in the bathroom as Lawrence King did is harassment & the 1 time incident of Lawrence King masturbating in front of others ‘touching himself’ is indecency. Yes, getting shot in the head is excessive, but I agree that it’s manslaughter & 7 jurors who voted for manslaughter considered Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct when the complaints were made.

    When students complained about Lawrence King going into the bathroom lockerroom to solicit sex, the lesbian VP Joy Epstein refused to expel Lawrence King from school & Lawrence King harassed the boy who would shoot & kill him. Lawrence King (cobra) was anti-social & any1 who sees nothing wrong with Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct has something wrong with them. If Lawrence King had been expelled when the complaints were made, his killing may have been avoided. While I know that gay/lesbian activities by willing adults in the U.S. is legal, it’s a crime to sexually harass others & it’s worse for the schools to have allowed it. I oppose starting fights but if a gay is going to be anti-social such as commit assault&battery or harass others Larry Craig style as Lawrence King did, then there’s no need to tolerate the abuse. To suggest that people put up with Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct is evil.