Hillary Clinton’s Landmark Speech to the UN on LGBT Rights: VIDEO


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  1. Alex says

    “Well in reality, gay people are born into and belong to every society in the world. They are all ages, all races, all faiths. They are doctors and teachers, farmers and bankers, soldiers and athletes. And whether we know it, or whether we acknowledge it, they are our family, our friends, and our neighbors. Being gay is not a western invention. It is a human reality.”


  2. Paul R says

    How she and her husband can speak at such length, seemingly with no teleprompters, is beyond me.

    But I know that many of the wicked right will tear her down for having “lesbian hair” in this speech.

    Amazing and applaudable. My friends at State say that she’s the best leader ever.

  3. Leo says

    Yes, yes, ENDA, marriage, etc. are still out there – this administration has arguably done more than any other but still needs to be pressed to move forward on those issues…but…you cannot ignore the importance of this speech. A HUGE f**king deal.

  4. says

    An important and nuanced speech from Clinton and the Obama administration, one that acknowledges the US’s shortcomings on LGBT rights (as it should). One favorite excerpt because it reflects the effect of equality in my little state: “But progress comes from changes in laws. In many places, including my own country, legal protections have preceded, not followed, broader recognition of rights. Laws have a teaching effect. Laws that discriminate validate other kinds of discrimination. Laws that require equal protections reinforce the moral imperative of equality. And practically speaking, it is often the case that laws must change before fears about change dissipate.”

  5. Martin C. says

    Beautifully messaged and another EXCEPTIONAL moment in our continued progress towards true equality for all. Bravo Hillary Clinton for giving the world a clear and logical education.

  6. Danny says

    wouldn’ya love to hear what the beautiful and brilliant Victoria Jackson would say to this speech? Or that talented, insightful clinician, Marcus Bachmann?

    Now everybody–in your wildest imagination–can you think of one single republican who could and would make that speech?

    Okay, I can think of ONE; Colin Powell. But he’s the ONLY one.

  7. says

    let’s not turn this into an “Hillary would have been better” nonsense hypothetical debate. Had she won she’d have most likely the exact same stances as President Obama – I’m not saying that i approve of that (because i don’t) but i do *understand* it.

    the fact is this: the words are perfect. intelligent, emotional, honest, succinct. it is a quotation for the ages as it perfectly and simply makes its point – a point of Truth.

    This was a very good day for President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  8. says

    I don’t particularly see this as a reason we should be pining for an impossible Hillary presidency, since she was speaking on behalf of the Obama administration, which takes nothing away from how important it is that a highly respected Secretary of State delivered the Obama administration’s message. As others have said, it was a good day for both of them. They both deserve credit for standing up against global LGBT oppression.

    And what it points out is that we need an Obama administration in 2012 and not one of the Republican Neanderthals that is bashing the administration for the memo and Hillary’s speech about the value of LGBT human dignity. Their collaboration, which the right-wing hates, shows why a Democratic presidency matters.

  9. Daniel Moreau says

    amazing Hilary! I cannot imagine Bachman, Gingrich, Palin or any of the Republicans now standing for election, being able to put that many cohesive, intelligent and well-thought out words together in one go…can anyone?

  10. S. Taylor says

    Great speech, except for the fact that some of the most rabid anti-GLBT people ARE in fact Americans. Add to that a Democratic president who won’t even support same-sex marriage because of his religious beliefs, and why on Earth would any of the banana republics in Africa take any of this seriously?

    Epic. Fail.

  11. ajjanthony says

    She is truly brilliant. I recall back in the 1990’s when she gave her speech to republicans and democrats on health care reform, even the republicans stood up and applauded her because she was so well prepared and articulate in her speech. It’s a shame she never became President.

  12. Mark says

    S. TAYLOR,

    Obama’s religious beliefs aren’t stopping him from supporting marriage. It’s all politics. No president could have been elected supporting gay marriage in 2008.

    As was reported previously, Obama supported marriage equality while a politician in Illinois.

    The speech Clinton gave is the formal position of the Obama Administration. It serves multiple purposes. 1) Prop up Obama’s support in the U.S. gay community. 2) Boost Clinton’s 2016 election prospects. 3) Provide support to oppressed LGBT people.

    Politics is a cynical game of allegiances.

  13. Paul R says

    @S. Taylor: First, I’m really tired of People. Doing. This. And thinking it’s clever or dramatic. Write out what you think like any child could do.

    Second, look up banana republic—and not the retail chain—before using the term. Cripes. We’re supposed to consider it failure when the sectary of state delivers an impassioned message supporting our rights? Grow up.

  14. says

    It is about time someone took to the world stage to fight the battle of LGBT equal rights. It really makes me happy to see what the administration has done in the last few years. However, the work that other influential figures in our society is much greater. Until the community as a whole stands up, the hate, violence, and bullying will continue.

  15. says

    How she and her husband can speak at such length, seemingly with no teleprompters, is beyond me.

    But I know that many of the wicked right will tear her down for having “lesbian hair” in this speech.

    Amazing and applaudable. My friends at State say that she’s the best leader ever.

    Posted by: Paul R | Dec 6, 2011 5:29:50 PM

    Yaeh Paul because we all you know that it was a snark at Pres Obama. They all read from a Telepprompter asshat! You Hillary queens give me gas!

  16. says

    Hillary, as the First Lady of Arkansas, then as the 1st Lady of the United States, and now as the Secretary of State has always been a class act. I was hoping that she would become the first woman President, however I am thankful that President Obama, for giving her the opportunity to serve as the Secretary of State. (I liked the earlier post mentioning the possibility of joining the Supreme Court in the future). When you look at the 2012 Republican hopefuls, both men and women… she has more smarts then all of them put together. She has a record of speaking OUT for gay rights and all other human rights here in the USA and the world.

    Thank you Hillary for being the for us now and hopefully in the future, and the same goes for Former President Bill Clinton. It is sad the the Republicans are so unrepresentative of the poor,the middle class, people of color and our GLBT community. We must make sure that in 2012, that President Obama is reelected to insure the rights of all Americans and the world.

  17. Michael In Philadelphia says

    When I was 13 years old I attempted suicide. Since then there have been many moments when I am thankful that I survived. This was one of them. I so wish that I could call her right now. To tell her just how improbable her words word be spoken,accepted and applauded at the U.N. in 1972. And I am indescribably grateful that I lived to hear it.Thank you Hilary Clinton. You have used your power and influence to help me and my universal family . I am an agnostic, so there are no simply pre-programed way to thank you as deeply as I would like to.I just hope that somehow you will read this.I doubt it. So Hillary Clinton, if you read these words or not,if there is a heaven, you will be there. And I will be hugging you.With all my might.

  18. says

    Lucky you, Americans!
    In Russia, in the contrary, Putin’s fascist gang is preparing new law against LGBT people, in wich LGBT and pedophiles are treated as alike.
    In first reading St. Petersburg parliament adopted a draft law on administrative responsibility for promoting LGBT lifestyle, wich they extended to a pedophilia and other sick perversions. This law was initiated by Putin’s party dogs.

  19. jack says

    Thank you Hillary. You are one of the best and brightest that America has to offer. I voted for you in the Pa primary, which you won. I think you would have made an outstanding president. You and i both now support president Obama who is head and shoulders above the republican loonies.

  20. Rain de Lima says

    As a Trinidad-born US citizen, who has had to live through Bush 1, 2 and Mango-Head Jeb here in Florida, I am truly proud today to see and read this speech which is of the quality and intellectual calibre as Maya Angelou’s Inaugration poem. It impacts my senses like a long-awaited rainfall after the desert of inhumanity we’ve endured under those Republican administrations! I feel like a slave who’s just heard the Emancipation Proclamation for the first time. I’m drunk with the hope that I will live to hear that the LGBT community has won marriage equality before I die. Thank you, President Clinton 2016!

  21. Jenny Moore says

    I sit with tears running down my face listening to this. I am not LGBT. I am a mother of 4 grown daughters. I am an American. I am married to a man. I am a Roman Catholic. Her speech reflects true Christianity and message of Christian love. How can the homophobes claim to be such “good” Christians when they oppose equal rights for certain groups of God’s people? It is scary that they don’t see this. This restores my faith in politicians. some DO get it.

  22. AJ says

    Wow. Just WOW! So simple and to the point, yet incredibly eloquent and poetic. Bravo Hilary! Pause for a moment, ladies and gentlemen. The winds of change are blowing. NO ONE can convince me otherwise. There is a LONG road ahead, but no one can convince me of anything else at this point. It really DOES get better.

  23. emin says

    What a emotional commentators and the U.S nation… You love brilliant, emotional talkings. Ohh pragmatic politicians.

    Note: Gay or lesbian, I do not want to make a hate speech but those are ill. Today, they defend gay or lesbian rights but if tomorrow there will be a world that involves no young person, I am sure that they hate from gays or lesbians.

    This message will be edited by future messages. Please come with your arguments.

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