1. badlydrawnbear says

    Tell that to the guys running … they have been waiting so long that they refuse to predict anymore.

    The ridiculous part is that Outsports has collected literally hundreds of stories of gay athletes coming out stories and do not have a single negative coming out story, NOT ONE!

    So when you poll fans, coaches, other athletes, even the general public NO ONE (except a small portion of the general public) seems to think that a gay athlete wold be a problem yet athletes, in the big money sports, stay in the closet.

    So there is something else in play here, maybe agents, maybe the idea of sponsorships (which is silly when you stop to think about the companies that would come running after such an individual), maybe something else but whatever it is despite the end of DADT, the rise of Marriage Equality, and the massive popularity of shows like Glee, Modern Family, and the Neil Patrick Harris show (aka How I Met Your Mother) athletes are still hiding.

  2. KP says

    badlydrawnbear, its funny you should mention Outsports. I was just on their site and they basically said that they have been hearing the whole “a gay player will be coming out soon” since 2000. They noted its been five years since John Ameci came out and so far no one else has. It is amazing considering all the positive coming out stories of high school and college athletes that have appeared on the site. You would think someone in one of the five professional leagues would have done it by now.