1. RexT says

    A Great & Refreshing Video! Quite a week, Hillary’s great speech and Obama’s recent actions are superb! – And Now – 2012 Bash The Gays Has Officially Kicked Into High Gear. Why or when did it become so damned important for people in this country to carryon about their personal deity choice? – it’s really gotten slimy, all the prayer talk all the time…

  2. Tom in long beach says

    That was funny. Anti gay conservative “Christians” are like the king of Spain so arrogantly sure God is on their side but are very likely to face a wind that will sink their Armada.

  3. Drew says

    “Ill say that I believe in God” – WHY do I always find this so funny? I mean, it’s no different than me saying I believe my car watches me while I sleep. Both are just insane if you have a [developed] brain. I just find the whole ‘believe in God’ thing creepy; it’s literally a mental issue, and not in a good way.

  4. MikeW says

    Is there a single bishop, archbishop, cardinal or equivalent of any of the larger denominations who will speak out publicly against politicians like this?

    No. Because the enemy of their enemies is their friend. The 0th commandment.

  5. Rick says

    I’m a christian, I believe homosexuality is condemned in the Bible, and I like Rick Perry (even if I never planned on voting for him anyway)… but I found this extremely humerous and laughed at it’s satirical wit and timing. This guy should be on SNL!! Good job!

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