Jon Huntsman Takes Up Romney’s Wager

Sorry for posting so much presidential politicking today. It's been that kind of weekend.

And here's more. AFTER THE JUMP, watch hopeless presidential candidate Jon Huntsman take up Mitt Romney's wager from last night's debate -- the one in which Romney offered Rick Perry $10,000 if he could prove Romney had ever advocated a national health insurance mandate. (The offer has been widely reviled as insensitive, seeing as it's been such a long time since most Americans had $10,000 to spend on anything, and seeing as Mitt's spent his whole life in the lap of luxury. Note the above pic, in which young Mitt literally has money falling out of his suit.) Perry demured, but Hunstman can't afford to. He wasn't even invited to the debate, due to low polling numbers. This is his way of crawling into the post-debate headlines.