1. jason says

    Towleroad is like a Democratic Party website. Can we have a little less bias, please? You’re losing credibility.

  2. Cecil says

    Jason, if your an LGBT person voting for Republicans do us a favor and get off the float- traitors like that don’t get to be a part of the parade. “Men” and “women” who do such a thing are second-handers who are profiting off the accomplishments of the gay equal rights movement and the very political party that has made next to ALL of those accomplishments possible.

  3. shane says

    The website is named for a person. And if you’re not Mr Towle, it’s not you. Participate, but don’t ask for things you can’t have…just because you’re used to getting things your way. Not here. Understood?
    Now if only all Republicans understood that.

  4. Sean in Dallas says

    The credibility would be lost if there WERE less bias. Andy and his guest bloggers have maintained a consistent point of view as long as I’ve been reading Towleroad–at least 6 years.

    As far as I can see, his readership has only grown…I fail to see how that’s a sign of loss of credibility.

  5. Qutt says

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh, stop editorializing everything to death, Brandon. Your opinions aren’t even compelling, novel, or interesting. Just stop, please.

  6. Tim says

    Strange that Huntsman isn’t invited to participate in a debate even though he is polling better than Rick Santorum. New Marist Polls out today have Huntsman at 3% and Santorum at 2%. However, Santorum’s outrageous comments make for better TV, so I guess that’s why he’s allowed to be on stage.

  7. zeddy says

    Sorry gay republicans, go play with Anne Coulter.

    BTW is that the defacto haircut for East Coast politicians? Everyone wants to have a Kennedy doo?

  8. gomez says

    im a dirty lib but your sneering condescension of huntsman sucks rotten eggs, brandon

    he’s the most reasonable and respectable of all the them

  9. searunner says

    If Romney manages to win the GOP nomination, expect Obama’s campaign to release ads very similar to what Huntsman’s campaign has already created. It’s almost like Huntsman is part of the Obama re-election team.

  10. Michael says

    Its always great to see someone with such a lack of facts or true intelligence. Lets get some things straight about Jon Huntsman. Jon has been invited to every political debate, although he has declined two. The first debate he skipped because the state decided it might change the date of its primary which he disagreed with. The second he is skipping because unlike the other candidates (Ron Paul excluded) he will not kiss Donald Trumps ring. I live in CT and here we have a lot of Jon Huntsman supporters because we see that hes the only member of the Republican party that makes sense to the people of Connecticut and the Connecticut GOP. Look up Huntsman’s criticism if you can find it, you’ll notice all it says is that hes soft on social issues and trusts science above all. Huntsman is the most intelligent man running for president and until the day I die he will have my support.

  11. jay says

    The best thing the GOP could do for there cause is nominate Huntsman. He is the only candidate they’ve fielded that is not a complete nut job and the only one that would have a chance of beating Obama in the general election.