1. Bobby says

    Oh God! That just rips the heart out of me! Where is this kid? Is ANYBODY doing anything to reach out to him? This just kills me.

  2. Christopher says

    Sweetie. . . those kids don’t hate you {they don’t even know you!} They pick just to pick, and unfortunately you ended at the bottom of the totem pole. It’s like chickens in a yard—each pecks at the next until there is one that gets all the pecks. But. . .YOU aren’t a chicken. Let the others be fowl(s)—you remain human and stay above the flock.

  3. Tone says

    Oh my. That was heart-rending. He’s captures so many of our shared experiences growing up in an intolerant world. Props to this young man for his passion and eloquence. May he go far in this world.

  4. disgusted american says

    This video had me in tears…..soo powerful……Im 51 now – but I remember Junior High in 1975 – IT SUCKED ……So glad he’s getting lots of Positive feedback (tho of course assholes too)

  5. Continuum says

    Mowry’s video is heart wrenching and powerful.

    The Towleroad headline of “not enjoying” is flippant and callous. It should be changed to really reflect the reality of this video.

  6. Caliban says

    Dear god. That tore my heart out because I *was* that kid and I don’t know how I survived it. Luck, maybe, and that I wouldn’t give my tormenters the satisfaction of seeing me break.

    Has someone contacted this boy’s school or his family? Because those are brave words he holds up at the end but Jamey Rodemeyer made an “It Gets Better” video not long before he killed himself. Those words aren’t a guarantee of anything and this boy needs help.

  7. Trace says

    Have to agree with Continuum…. the headline is flippant and so not what this video and post deserve..

  8. Sane. Soul. says

    Dear Jonah,
    Something makes me think that you’re going to be OK.
    Something else makes me think your brave video will make the world a far better place than it has been.
    I can tell you’re a good boy.
    Sane Soul

  9. Michael Deselms says

    Oh dear God. Is there anyone reaching out to this child? My dear sweet Jonah. Trust me. They do not hate you. They hate themselves and your just the fallout victim. As a Christian, that happens to be gay,let me tell you that God makes no mistakes. You are so wonderful and precious.
    Yes you do hve a million reasons to go on. someone waits to love you in the future…life is going to be wonderful in the future…do not miss out on all the good things. Always in my prayers……you have a friend.

  10. shane says

    he could have an incredible future in the music/video/ad agency business. he’s creative with a message, and clearly highly talented. (so much so that i wasn’t even sure this was real.)

  11. says

    I think 4th Dec is World Jonah Day! The world should celebrate this! You’re one of the world’s bravest person i know!

  12. alex says

    This breaks my heart and makes my blood boil at the same time. No one should have to go through this, and I place blame on the effin political/public figures who hide behind religious smokescreen for their anti-gay sentiments. To watch them justify their hate is unfathomable to me – they are public bullies. And, perhaps the saddest part, is that I, as a gay man, don’t feel that our pro-equality voices are loud enough, strong enough, or listened to enough to drown out the hate . . . . especially entering election years. Yes, times are changing, but they need to change quicker to protect all the kids like Jonah. Just my two cents.

  13. Francis says

    Very, very sad. We’ve all been there. But even still, I can’t imagine the pain kids like Jonah feel.

    Where are the parents? Why does it take these kids to speak out in such a public way to be heard? That’s what confuses and angers me. These kids continue not being heard, being abused, feeling totally in despair. There needs to be some type of way these kids can communicate what is going on to them with confidence and support. Without that bullied children will continue suffering in silence.

    It’s great to see his video getting so many positive ratings but I hate the stupid boys on YT who think they’re funny by trolling or think it makes them manly to be homophobic. Those kids are the ones who are causing the problems in the real world.

  14. Tabsea says

    SOMEBODY SAVE THAT KID!!!!! Go shake his parents to take him out of that school……. Heartbreaking is to light a word for this……..

  15. Henry Holland says

    And my parents wonder why I think this world we humans have built for ourselves sucks goat balls so often.

    It blows me away now, but I largely escaped bullying because I genuinely love sports and loud guitar bands. I used stereotypes to my advantage if someone called me a fag: “Oh yeah? Who’s the closer for the Twins? Who coached the Rams before Chuck Know?” etc. They wouldn’t know and all of a sudden the focus was on them.

    KevinVT, thanks for the link to the follow up.

  16. Larry says

    I was bullied throughout my school years. Somehow I got through it. I am a 61 year old gay man, married to a wonderful man and life is great! Hang in there!

  17. says

    Dear Uffda:

    Change the headline to what? Jonah Mowry Is Having An Excellent Time In Middle School? I fail to see how stating a fact with which Jonah Mowry would plainly agree — that Jonah Mowry is having a less than brilliant experience in the vicious pressure cooker of the American educational system — is insensitive.

    Tell you what: I think snarkiness, faux-irony, and misplaced sarcasm is so endemic on the web that its become difficult to tell when somebodys cracking wise. Im certainly not. I *was* Jonah Mowry in the 90s, minus the YouTube account. His plights the last thing in the world Id joke about.

    – BKT

  18. Brian in Texas says

    I love the end of the video. Every kid going through hard times in school should watch this. Suicide is NEVER an option. Stick around and rise above, because it DOES get better!

    Will be rooting for you Jonah!

  19. Kyle says

    Brandon – Why so defensive? I appreciate that you posted the video, as I’m sure others do. The headline understates the power of the Jonah’s message. I, for one, am not suggesting you had ill intent. I encourage you to be open to feedback from your readers, though, when your work comes across differently than you intended.

  20. Barbara says

    Heartbreaking! So brave of Jonah to record this video.
    Very glad that this was posted so that I and others could view it. People of every age, young teens, adults, are capable of being cruel & judgmental. It makes me ill. Funny how often we don’t see it in ourselves. Because we’re adults??

  21. Will says

    Posting supposed news from mid-August really isn’t helpful. Creating a crisis when it’s over.

  22. John says

    All I can think to say is what a brave lad. I’m 21 and I have only recently started to come to terms with who I am after having my fair share of bullying while at school. Seeing Jonah’s video really shows how important it is for us all to look out for each other so that we may do all we can to give people the love and support that they desperately need. No one should be made to feel like this ever. The world is a big place, and being a kid can make us feel stuck. I hope he is alright and realises that things will get so much better for him as time goes on.
    Its heartwarming to see all the love and support for him!
    Jonah, I wish you all the best for the future and I really hope that someday your highs will counter your lows in life.
    I know he made the video a while ago but I hope that the love that is streaming in for him now will get him through any rough patches he might face in future.

  23. chuck says

    Jonah Mowry’s story hit me directly in the stomach! I went through the same things as he is experiencing. I never came out in school but everyone knew I was gay. A lot of bullying…the more bullying, the less support from my supposed friends. To this day, my high school ‘friends’ wonder why I reject high school reunions so fiercely.
    I decided to try to ignore the bullying…I studied twice as hard…when I graduated valedictorian, I made a point to look at the ‘losers’ who had made my childhood hell. They are the same losers today.

  24. Josh says

    If we want to win the fight in Minnesota and North Carolina …we need to use this video! Voting against gay rights have consequences! and this is a great video we can use to make people understand of the struggles that LGBT people endure every single day! This is the answer to all of those hateful videos we saw during Prop 8 in California! We need to think about the kids we are hurting! we need to make sure that our next generation of LGBT kids have a better time than we did growing up! Awesome video!

  25. Patrick Wellington III says

    Oh please, now some of you are attacking poor BKT for a perfectly toned headline. Just take it down a notch, with the hyperventilating, heart-clutching drama. That’s not helping anyone.

  26. says

    watching this clip reminds me of my own middle school experience, kids at that age can be so horrible to one another and I don’t understand it, never have.

    And Jonah you are right you do have a MILLION reasons for being here, and keep in mind that eight grade only lasts a year, it may feel like an eternity but it does get better, just stay strong!

  27. Tom says

    Brandon, I have to disagree with you. I have been sharing this video for the last two days and posting about it and when i saw your headline above it, I was immediately on the defensive and insulted by it. It sounds like a headline i would expect if fox news carried the story. Obviously if this many people have focused in on that, something is not right about it.

  28. Frank Susa says

    He has been supported in school and is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. His Twitter feed reports that he has been contacted by many out gay celebs including Rosie O’Donnell, Perez Hilton, Nick Jonas and others.

  29. Spencer says

    I have to agree with what everyone above said about the HEADLINE. Sure, it is a minor point, but regardless of how it was intended it clearly is coming off to many people as

    snarky &

    as if this child’s suffering is minor and HIS fault somehow. I had seen the video elsewhere already, and this headline surprised me on a pro-gay blog. I’m not sure why Brandon was so defensive to the feedback.

  30. Harry says

    I watched this video last night and it crushed me. I just looked on his YT page and someone is actually saying that his video was nothing but a hoax. I don’t know what to say.

  31. Wbnyc says

    Brandon- love your writing but I agree with most of the posters here. Why don’t you suck it up as a lesson learned, be the bigger person (you do have the bully pulpit after all) and re post? C’mon, your post was flippant. It’s ok. We’re all glad you’re here!

  32. MT says

    Dear Jonah,

    Please know that there are many people watching this — men, women, gay, straight, or something not quite either — who came home from school on too many days and cried because they felt sad, lonely, or hopeless. You are not alone.

    As you say in your powerful video, there are indeed a million reasons for you to have hope, to stick it out, to dream your dreams, and to imagine all the wonderful possibilities and adventures your life will hold. Please believe me when I tell you that what seems important or cruel or incomprehensible at 14 won’t be so when you’re 17, or 21, or 30, or 45. Things do change. And, yes, get better. Your priorities, reactions, and most importantly what interests you will vary and develop, unfolding in ways that you’ll marvel at.

    And please seek out safe, trustworthy, and kind friends, family, and resources. You are a sensitive, bright, and promising boy who already has figured out how to reach out to others in the world who may have gone through something like what you are experiencing, or — I hope you know — other young people who may now be facing the same things. You give them comfort and you give them hope.

    Please realize that you have many friends whom you have not yet met, and that is just one of your million reasons to experience this amazing journey of life. Go day by day, my friend. Keep us posted. We are cheering for you.

    I know.

    — MT

  33. TJ says

    WILL above wrote: Posting supposed news from mid-August really isn’t helpful. Creating a crisis when it’s over.

    So, the crisis may be over for Jonah, but what about the rest of the kids out there suffering as he did? Does this video have no power, no importance, because Jonah may be feeling better now? How many Johahs are out there suffering in silence, with no video outlet to share their pain and cry for help? With no friends, and no family to which they feel they can turn?

    “Supposed” news? Really? Would you rather have found out that he killed himself? Does a kid have to die before the pain itself, a pain that is currently being felt by so many others, becomes noteworthy?

  34. says

    You have all said it all .

    Yet I remind myself that I belong to a species that ties people to a stake and burns them alive.
    Our species has still not expunged its malicious violence.

  35. Matt says

    From the very beginning of your video, I could see the pain in your eyes, even when you “smiled” your happy smile. Forty years ago I was you, Jonah. Please don’t cut anymore. I won’t make platitudes and say “It gets better”, even though it eventually does, because that won’t help you now. There will be a lot of ups, AND downs between now and then. The only way I got through it myself was a very small number of friends I made a promise to, one not to hurt myself. Please make that promise to someone! If I could, I would hold you tight and hug you until it all went away. But I can’t, none of us here can. But know this, you are stronger than any of your bullies. You can be more than they will ever be!

  36. cheryl romero says

    i would like to tell this poor child that the world can be very cruel at times but there are alot of good people out there to give you hope. It will get easier i was called alot of names in scool also but in the end i have 3 boys of my own who love me unconditionally. All you got to believe is that the good lord put you here for a purpose and he loves us all the same go to a councelor at school aparent or your local church they can help you get through the hurt that these other children have put you through . I think you are very couragous to stand up for yourself you are stronger than you believe . If you want a facebook friend please add me and i will listen anytime . may god bless you child andremember there are people who care you are not alone . cheryl romero okc, ok

  37. says

    This was the most powerful video om bullying I have ever seen,yet he’s only one kid from one school in America… and how many times a day throughout America is this happening. Back in the early 50s, I quit high school when I was 16 because I had “those” tendencies. I was not bullied, however I had the fear of being called queer(that is what they called them back then} It was considered taboo just to know someone who was queer,let alone be gay at home, in school or the workplace. There was no place to go to talk with on the subject anywhere.

    I am a month away from 75, and I can tell you we have made progress, always at a snails pace. I moved to San Francisco in the early 1960s to be myself. I discovered that many beatniks,hippies,flower children and war protesters were also gay. By the 1970s, I was involved in the early gay rights movement and the first gay softball league in the country. I knew Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone as friends. Like I said we were moving in the right direction at a very slow pace. There seemed to be roll models popping up on TV and entertainment and in politics.

    I moved back to Chicago in the late 1980s.The city that I left because it was not gay friendly. It seemed like there was progress made since the 60s. By the 1990s, I witnessed an openly gay Alderman(and qualified) get elected. The media helped by showing thousands at our Pride Parade, gays where elected to Congress and by the turn of the century the City helped co-host the Gay Games,there was an ongoing series at the Chicago History Museum showcasing the contributions gays made to Chicago and elsewhere.The Chicago Cubs was one of the first MLB teams that had an annual OUT Day at the ballpark,and the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association was the biggest sports league in the Mid-West. However the best change that I witnessed was when I was given a ticket to the Walter Payton Prep High School’s student stage play, and in the PLAYBILL, several of the student actors listed in their “Bio’s” that they belonged to the Gay/ Straight Alliance. I later contacted them, and was invited to speak to them on a Coming Out Day Assembly and to their group on several occasions. IT’S GREAT TO KNOW THAT KIDS NO LONGER HAVE TO QUIT SCHOOL TO BE THEMSELVES, AND ADULTS NO LONGER HAVE TO MOVE OUT OF THEIR HOMETOWNS,TOO! UNFORTUNATELY NOT ALL CHICAGO SCHOOLS HAVE G/S ALLIANCE CHAPTERS… AND THE SAME FOR JR. AND HIGH SCHOOLS THROUGHOUT AMERICA. IT’S A START, BUT WE HAVE ALONG WAY TO GO TO INSURE KIDS CAN GO TO SCHOOL WITHOUT THE FEAR OF BEING BULLIED. WE MUST SHOW KIDS LIKE JONAH THAT THERE IS HOPE “OUT THERE”,AND IT MUST TAKE PLACE NOW, NOT LATER. ONE GAY KID BULLIED, IS ONE GAY KID BULLIED TOO MUCH! THANKS JONAH FOR YOUR COURAGE… IT DOES GET BETTER!

  38. Dback says

    Checked out his follow-up on YouTube–he seems considerably more chipper now (4 months later), and apparently has a best gal pal who supports him. However, several hateful and obnoxious posters are now claiming that this means he “lied” in his previous video, and assaulting him with invective, insults, etc. So he’s still got a long road ahead of him.

    The original video bruised my heart–I’ve definitely been there, felt that. And now, substitute teaching in middle schools, I regularly see what little trolls 8th graders can be to each other. (For me, that’s the rock-bottom year developmentally.) Wish I was teaching at Jonah’s school, so my classroom could be a safe haven for him.

    Godspeed, kiddo–you’ve got more love and support out there than you can imagine. Hope you know that now.

  39. Christian Scott Thomas says

    Anyone who watches this and does not have this affect them and she a tear(s), is not compassionate.
    I totally sympathize with Jonah for my childhood into adult years was horrendous. Abusive father, bullied in school, and hardly went in the later stages due to it all. At first I thought what are his parents doing, but then thought better to wonder, cause if his dad was like mine, forget it. I tried committing suicide in my teens, but I made a promise to God, my Mom that I wouldnt again, and here i am into my 40’s. I only gained strength from it all and during, therafter, and can only hope Jonah keeps gettign stronger and hangs tough and seeks a counselor…I only wish he were my son and/or I can do something for him….

  40. Anthony says

    I wish I could help and will if you can think of anything an old man in Bristol, England could do for you. I was lucky. My school actively stamped out bullying and I was only bullied for a week or two. When I told my headmaster he stopped it overnight.

    Isn’t there anyone in your school who could do that for you?

  41. Hollywood, CA says

    Hey Buddy, you’re not alone. Please don’t cut yourself anymore, and know that you are LOVED and your light is needed here on Earth. You have to be smarter and faster than the bullies. You also need to know how to physically protect yourself. Go online and find a martial arts training facility near you, and enroll. You will find that by gaining the ability physically defend yourself will not only build up your confidence, but it will get you 1 step closer to freedom from these bullies. Trust me, 1 good ass whoopin’ from someone picking on you will make them keep clear and send a message. Contact me if you need help.

  42. Hollywood, CA says

    “His Twitter feed reports that he has been contacted by many out gay celebs including Rosie O’Donnell, Perez Hilton, Nick Jonas and others.”



  43. TJ says

    LEE: Because he may be feeling better now, he “lied” in the first video? I watched the second one. He thanks the people who supported him, and calls out the haters who made negative comments on the video. The haters on the second video don’t like him now because he’s too “gay” and sassy. Apparently, he should have stayed depressed and oppressed instead of appearing out and proud.

    Poor kid. I want his parents to take away computer access. He’s been low before, and now has hundreds of cyber bullies trying to push him back down.

  44. JW says

    TJ: I don’t think people are accusing him of lying because he is happy. I think many people are just feeling misled by the original video. I myself was very touched by the original video and wanted to reach out to him. After seeing the update video I feel as if the first video was either a hoax or at least an exaggeration of the truth that takes advantage of the many people who do care deeply about this issue. I wouldn’t fault him for being happy, that’s what we are all hoping for after all. What I would fault him for is saying that he is bullied every day and feels all alone and there are a LOT of people who HATE him, and then come back a few months later and say my whole school loves me. There is no way that an entire middle school just up and became perfect in a matter of months. To me that trivializes the whole issue which for most everybody else is a long and difficult process and not something you just make a youtube video and then overnight you are happy and sassy. If things werent really that bad for him to begin with, then it is offensive to those truly going through this to have attention to their needs usurped, if he was telling the truth, then perhaps the second video was in bad taste as it paints an unrealistic portrait of the experience of someone going through bullying.

  45. says


    I just wanna let you know that I will support you. HUGZ. People tend to suck. You can’t let it get you down.

    I don’t know how you feel, but I have been there myself. I sympathize with you. I have done some really stupid things in my life too. Things I am not proud of, even things I am ashamed of.

    You know what. It does not make me a bad person. It just makes me like everyone else, Human.

    Also just to point something else out. 1 out of every 10 people you meet is gay, bi, or whatever. Everyone in school is just trying to fit in and not stand out, but that is boring and lame. Just be well and take care of yourself. School is not all of your life it just something that you have to deal with for a while.

    Hugz and lots of love. Be good to yourself.

  46. charles jones says

    I Corinthians 6:9; 10 (NET)

    6:9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers,passive homosexual partners, practicing homosexuals.

    Homosexuality is an illicit lust forbidden by God.