Marcus Bachmann Announces His Anti-Gay ‘First Spouse’ Agenda

Marcus_bachmannMarcus Bachmann told the NYT what his agenda would be should his wife be elected President:

“I’ve decided my cause is not going to be happy meals,” he said during a stop at the Family Table Restaurant here, apparently a dig at Mrs. Obama.

“We are going to be the message-givers,” said Mr. Bachmann, who runs a Christian counseling service that has been accused of trying to “heal” gays by persuading them to become heterosexual.

“We are going to get this message across,” he said. “Marriage is between one man and one woman. We are going to promote families.”

Marcus Bachmann Outlines ‘First Spouse’ Agenda [the caucus]


  1. RiccoRicco says

    Instead of slamming Michelle Obama, a sister in his alleged faith of Christianity, for promoting healthy eating . . . something, incidentally, the Bible also mentions . . . Marcus Bachman should consider taking her advice and laying off the happy meals.

  2. anon says

    Well, it looks like somebody’s already redecorating the White House. And what is it with that face? He really ought to have a proctologist have a look at those haemarrhoids…

  3. G. McGinnis says

    I just don’t get it. He is obviously a self loathing gay man who’s just upset that he is so ugly that he couldn’t get laid by any man so he married a fag hag in need of corrective lenses.

  4. coolbear says

    It’s interesting to consider that the day after the election, everyone in the media and in the political parties will suddenly be asking how they could have promoted this reality-TV-show style of politics for so long. And a couple years later, they will be gearing up for something even worse. Perhaps you will have to have actually been on “Dancing with the Stars” to run for national office. (They’re already suggesting that the real reason Mitt Romney doesn’t appeal to the Republican base is that he’s obviously happily married and isn’t a lunatic.)

  5. Matt26 says

    The pic… every time shows the entire attitude coming from the Bs. Why would he think such things, when everyone knows it will never happen. Go back to your closet (the first time I advice anyone to do so!) and stay there!

  6. Caliban says

    Are we SURE “Marcus Bachmann” isn’t just Barbara Bush with a stylish new ‘do? Because if you picture a string of pearls around Marcia B’s neck and you’ll start having flashbacks!

  7. Karl says

    OK boys you can laugh at the picture without calling him ugly and fat. That’s demeaning and counterproductive.

    Also calling a self-identified cis person trans is just as offensive as calling a trans person cis.

  8. Paul B. says

    OK, some of these comments may not be entirely PC…but that aside…we’re the funniest 3% they could ever hope for. Sometimes I wish they would put us all on an island…someplace warm…and get exactly what they want. We could laugh ourselves silly while they make war all over the globe. When they’re done, we’ll have the place to ourselves…again…and restore it to it’s natural beauty…of course.

  9. kit says

    OK, now that I am COMPLETELY sure that Michelle Bachmann will NEVER be POTUS, I can start to feel something other than horror. And the thing that I am feeling is not compassion, exactly — because Marcus and his “pray the gay away” clinic have harmed so many people. But I am starting to feel that maybe the thing to do is to reach out to this sad, sad man. The closet is a terrible place to be. If we embraced him with love, could he not possibly see the error of his ways? Don’t flame me, because I’m seriously asking — could we save him? Could we turn him from the darkness of self-loathing into the light of the love and joy of being true to himself? Instead of calling him fat and ugly, could we somehow get him the message that it is OK to be who you are? That there are people who would love him for who he is? That he doesn’t need to hide — and hate — to find a world that accepts him? Just wondering.

  10. woodroad34d says

    Geez! Now I know where Michelle Bachman got those crazy eyes…the first time she saw Miss Piggy naked her face just froze that way. Well, I guess it’s just karma those two are together–she’ll never have sex and neither will he.

  11. ian says

    @KIT. I agree with you to a point. What you are saying should be reserved for the many sad closeted gay people who live in terror of coming out, or of being outed, or of their own feelings. They deserve so much compassion because it’s not their fault. They’ve been brainwashed and conditioned since birth to hate themselves and fear the consequences of being true to themselves. The difference between those ppl and Marcus B is he is going out of his way to harm others. PPl like him think the more they hate on gay people the less likely they will be thought of as gay. They’re only fooling themselves. To work out their own sick psychology by inflicting lasting harm on vulnerable ppl deserves no compassion like you suggest.

  12. Bklynguy says

    @Kit: I have enough of a vengeful streak in me to get off on the nastier comments here, but I do appreciate your kindness and generosity of spirit. I just wish the lunatics who’ve taken over the Republican Party were half as decent as you.

  13. Matt says

    For all this talk of “promoting” families, all they really do is put down gays. Oh, well; pandering to the lowest denominator of the party is a sure sign of FAIL. These elections are bound to be a watershed for gay rights in America, and we can only go up from here, so we should thank His Royal Queenieness for doing all this work, showing people what people like him really care about, and they’re supposed to be all saviors of the US.

    Looks like they’re here to save the 1800s.

  14. scott says

    Geez- I wonder if Michele could stay in the caucuses and primaries if they showed this to all the gun totin’, Bible thumpers in the South- theyd be saying the same things we are- except a lot nastier.

  15. TM in LBC says

    Oy! I thought that was a really bad photo of Chaz Bono after having some highlights go bad. I was going to offer a commiserative “it happens to the best of us” comment until I saw the headline.

  16. Taylor says

    Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Michelle Bachmann is so far down on the list of potential candidates, she’s barely on the radar screen, and He’s talking about what his agenda will be as First Lady?

    Come on, Marcus, get serious!

  17. Darrell says

    So “Mr” Bachmann is actually trying to appeal to the American public by looking like a middle aged Chaz Bono…correct??

    I mean my late grandmother clapped her hands butcher than that and she was a very fine delicate woman!!!!

  18. says

    that’s not promoting families, that’s promoting bigotry.

    what he’s promoting actually drives families apart. he doesn’t see this, however, because his form of bigotry is the only thing that got Michelle married.

  19. Keithy says

    He evokes so many emotions in me – disgust, amusement, horror, pity, hate, incredulity… but ultimately irritation. You very well may be a lady, but you will never be First Lady. Go back into your fetid hole and bother us no more.

  20. Gigi says

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here but Ladybird is not doing herself any favours. As we all know, any man who spends so much time and energy trying to “preserve marriage” and turn gay men into straight ones is, well, suspect to say the least. Why aren’t more people talking about this? It’s fun to laugh at the Bachmann’s, and the certainly give us enough material, but they are very dangerous people.

  21. Serendib says

    I’m certain there’s been some sort of editorial mistake here – surely that is a picture of IMELDA Marcus – I haven’t seen her in simply ages dahlinks. Anyhow, she is looking awfully bloated isn’t she. Do you think she would actually be able to see her fabulous shoes if she happened to glance down?

  22. Caliban says

    Pity? Nope, not feeling it.

    What is very clear is that it’s religion that is a CHOICE, not sexuality. Sure, people are raised in religions (as I was) but they change them all the time or drop them altogether, and if religion isn’t a choice that makes all those missionaries and door-to-door proselytizers very hard to explain. In a world full of various religions and sects isn’t the whole point to convince people to CHOOSE yours as the “right” one over many other options, including none of the above?

    It’s a deliberate act to ignore the evidence of your own eyes and centuries of scientific and social progress and believe instead in a book written by people with an average life-span of about 40 years in part because they didn’t know any better than to get their drinking water from the same place they took a dump. (Blunt, but true.) In fact it’s supreme arrogance to believe that you and your religion has THE answer to the origins and meaning of life and everyone who disagrees with you isn’t just wrong but will suffer eternal torment for THEIR hubris!

    Michele Bachmann has the odd, inward-looking gaze of a person who isn’t seeing reality as the rest of us perceive it but some twisted mental construct of her own design. The rest of her biological family of origin is apparently nowhere near as extreme in their beliefs so at some point she made a decision to embrace her current political and social agenda. The same goes for her husband, for reasons only he knows, and just as my sympathy for someone who physically attacks a gay person outside a bar is limited, I have little pity to spare for someone who does something similar on a far wider, comprehensive, and more insidiously damaging scale.

  23. head of the barkley house says

    Marcus Bachmann has quite a bit of nerve to:

    (1) criticize Michelle Obama’s healthy eating campaign, or act as though it weren’t important, when he appears to not be making healthy eating choices himself (will I as a taxpayer ever pay for any of his health care?); and

    (2) actually explicitly state that one man-one woman marriage will be a big priority for him in the White House while his own marriage is very probably a sham relative to his sexual orientation.

    So Marcus is saying: Yay obesity! Yay denial! Yay deceit!

    The Bachmanns are as crazy and charmless as a couple of Scientologists.

  24. Mary says

    Is there actually any evidence that Marcus Bachmann IS gay? I understand why there is speculation based on his appearance. But isn’t there a range in male appearance/mannerisms from somewhat effeminate to super macho – and can’t gay men as well as straight men be anywhere on this spectrum? I’m asking the question in seriousness. Because I no longer know how much of what I used to assume about gayness is true and how much is a stereotype. We hear so many conflicting ideas from different ideological camps – it’s hard to know where the truth lies.

    At any rate, it seems over the top to assume that Mr. Bachmann’s marriage is a sham. True, the late 70’s (when he got married) was a time when fewer gay men were out, but at the same time there was not so much pressure on men to marry in that era. And don’t he and Michelle have, like, 5 kids? Why would he have stayed all those years if he’s really gay? Even in the Christian community there is plenty of divorce.

  25. Caliban says

    Mary, I agree with you about this, in principle at least. There IS a “walks like a duck, quacks like a duck” relationship between between certain vocal inflections, physical styles and homosexuality but it isn’t ALWAYS true. That’s a stereotype but probably the worst thing about it is the assumption that all gay men behave a certain way, that it’s the ONLY “flavor” we come in. Just as a brawny, traditionally “masculine” man isn’t always straight, not all expressive “effeminate” men are gay.

    However, both Marcus Bachmann and his wife seem to have a preoccupation with homosexuality and that’s another red flag. A big one. He’s allegedly a trained therapist and “Christian counselor” or not you have to have blinders on to ignore the studies about sexuality and their conclusions, and that’s what’s required to perpetuate the ex-gay myth. (Even the earliest and best-known “ex-gay” groups now admit they can’t change sexual orientation.) There’s usually a reason why someone is preoccupied with gays and it’s straight (no pun intended) out of Psychology 101- they’re demonizing their own urges in order to police them. That’s why SO many anti-gay politicians an religious figures get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, if you define “cookie jar” as another man’s pants.

    For me it’s not so much that Marcus Bachmann walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s that he insists on swimming around the pond quacking “Ohhh, those gosh-darn DUCKS are just so despicable!” Daffy, please.

  26. Jim says

    When I saw its picture, I gasped. I’ve never seen such a grotesque parody of an evil queen. At first I thought that the picture must be photoshopped. I looked and looked and looked. Nope, I thought, must be real.

    I guess it is a parody of an evil queen. I suddenly feel very sympathetic to Snow White.

  27. says

    to non-gay people who say “how can you tell that he’s gay?”

    first, two things.
    1. he’s not gay, he’s a Closeted Homosexual. There’s a difference.
    2. we can tell he’s gay because at some point we’ve all lived the same Lie

    it’s not his looks, his mannerisms, his speech, his inflections

    we can tell he’s a homosexual because he’s a homosexual. family can recognize family.

    it’s not because he’s a “Stereotypical” anything, because even gay males that don’t embody certain specific perceived “stereotypes” are visibly and identifiably Gay to savvy people or those of us with insight.

    we can tell he’s a homosexual because he’s a homosexual. it’s that blue streak of recognition.

    the fact that he falls into line by adopting the “i’m so not gay, look! i’m anti-gay!” disguise only exacerbates the point.

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