Mitt Romney And The War On Christmas

RomneyReligiosityMitt Romney, the semi-kinda-front-runner in the Republican presidential primary race, on Friday answered an Iowan's question about the fabled War On Christmas. From The Hill:

"I know there are some people who would like to make this nation a secular nation, who want to take God out of everything that exists in this country. They try to say it's unconstitutional,” Romney said. "I trust in God, and I know you do, and I believe it's appropriate for us to recognize in the public square that we do indeed have a creator and that we trust in our creator, particularly at this time of year.”

(Romney didn't explain whether by "this time of year" he referred to "just before Christmas" or "in the weeks immediately preceding the Iowa caucuses.")

Isn't there something inescapably cynical about Romney using this kind of language to inflame the passions of fundies who believe Romney and all his co-Mormons are devil-deluded reprobates doomed to spend eternity in a lake of fire? Romney, perhaps realizing the absurdity of his position, quickly toned down his rhetoric, and proceeded to advocate for a more broad-minded religiosity:

…  “I believe that we should be able to have religious ornamentation and celebration in the public square. Whether that’s a manger or a menorah, or representatives of other faiths, it is important for us as a society to recognize that we look to God for many of our blessings.”

Romney, who has mostly steered clear of religious discussion on the campaign trail, added that he does not “want to impose” religion on those who don’t believe in God.

“But one of the things I love about this country is that whether you are believing or non-believing you typically have something more important to you in your life than just yourself,” he said. “I’m not looking for teachers to have prayer every day in the classroom, but I do think at special ceremonies — graduation, football games and the like — that calling on our creator is a good idea."

Aha. So: We should keep religion out of civic life. Except at pep rallies.


  1. Max says

    So… pulling an ad from an Islamic-themed reality show is a “racist” attack on Muslims, but the systematic dismantling of a national holiday is a “fabled War on Christmas”?

    Ask yourselves why people in shops now say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Why don’t we say “Happy Holidays” during Ramadan?

  2. AJSuffolk says

    What is so remarkable about this “Slick Con Job” is that Romney is actually a “Bishop” in the Mormon Church (a very high status if you ask a Mormon) and yet no one speaks of it and especially him……After all he wouldn’t want the “Fundies” to know how deeply entrenched he is within his own church!!

  3. anon says

    Yes, Max. I have been to so many Ramadan office parties I’ve added ten pounds. As soon as the decorations of one holiday are cleared out of stores up come the Ramadan decorations. Can’t recall if it’s Christmas or Easter or 4th of July, but it might as well be all three, because it’s nothing but Ramadan, Ramadan, Ramadan everywhere I go! Is it just me, or are others getting sick of those stinking Ramadan songs on the radio and in the stores 24/7, too? I can’t think of falling snow (or is it leaves, or blooming flowers, or baseball??) without having Ramadan seared into my brain as well. Jeez. Not everyone celebrates, ya know? Even lumberyards sell all the little doodads–I can’t get my home improvement on in peace! And the weathermen are in on the act, too, updating those poor brainwashed kids as to the whereabouts of the Ramadan fairy. They get so excited, but I hope he gets hit by a plane. It’s so creepy, the way they think everyone in this country is the same.

    Thank god I have you, Max. No one else seems to understand.

  4. robert in nyc says

    People like this running for office in western Europe, Canada, Australia and elsewhere wouldn’t be taken seriously, in fact they’d be ridiculed and ignored. Only in America does this happen.

  5. says

    Oh, Max. When will you ever learn that sucking up to the Christian Right won’t make your own life better? You keep sucking up to them and yet they still dont’ accept your gay ass.
    Look at you – still hiding under the anonymity of the internet.

    We get it. The internet is your burqa. The day you can put a face and name to your comments is the day you finally grow some testicles. 😀

  6. johnny says

    “The internet is your burqa”

    Best line I’ve read in weeks.

    I have no problem with anyone’s beliefs or lack of therein, but the thing I don’t get about atheists is any celebration of Christmas, a holiday founded on the belief in Christ and Mass.

    True atheists would ignore Christmas altogether, not buy gifts, not have a tree, not open presents, etc.

    Sorry, that really sounds boring to me. Maybe that’s why they celebrate it anyway.

  7. says

    Johnny, i even know religiously-observant Jews who “celebrate Christmas” because they find it fun. In reality, it’s “Christians” who should be avoiding the trees and presents – that’s just paganism.

    True Christians wouldn’t have a tree or give gifts. “True Christians” would honour Christ at another time of year rather than participate in the events surrounding December 25th, which are tied to the winter solstice and pagan ritual.


  8. Danny says

    Dear Robert in NYC: As a fellow New Yorker, I’d agree with you entirely except for one thing: only a segment of the right-wing fringe takes Mitt seriously. Think about how many nutjobs the tea party has to share. And all of these pathetic bozos in the republican party are playing to them and them only.

    Or maybe I’m so “ghettoized” from living in the East village that I have no idea what’s going on in the so-called real world; but I really don’t think even the majority of repubs are very much taken with this slate of candidates. Romney will get the nomination, of course, provideld he continues to burnish his “christian” credentials with the kind of garbage quoted above. But I’ll tell you this: if the majority of so-called christians bothered to google “mormon” and find out what they believe, the party wouldn’t touch him.

  9. johnny says

    No, Kiwi, the tree is totally tied up in religion since the 15th century. I think that’s long enough to say it’s soaked in christian juice by now. Supposedly the Donar Oak (a pagan tree celebrated with rituals) is where it all started, but St. Boniface cut that down as a symbol of breaking with the pagan past. All sorts of stories, but the gift thing was started as a way of symbolizing Christ’s gift of life to all. At least that’s what I remember from church as a lad.

    Wonder what it will all be about 200 years from now?

    Danny, did some extensive reading on the whole mormon thing and it’s downright fruitier than the worst fruitcake. To think an entire, wealthy and powerful religion is based on some golden plates handed to an otherwise known and convicted charlitan… just boggles the mind.

  10. johnny says

    PS: Romney doesn’t strike me as the type that really believes in anything but money. He’s probably always gone through the mormon freak show rituals as a way to mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

  11. says

    something being “soaked up in Christian juice” doesnt’ change the fact that honouring Christmas on December 25th and having a “Chirstmas Tree” is still an adopting of paganism.

    it is paganism. if you want to say that it’s paganism that’s been accepted as Christianity then fine, but don’t say it aint pagan. it is.

  12. Lance says

    “Christmas” or more appropriately, Celebration of the Winter Solstice doesn’t belong to Christians.

    Its main customs are derived from the Roman Saturnalia and Germanic festivals – all characterized by drinking, gift-giving, eating, etc…

    Christians at the time switched worship from
    pagan deities to the Abrahamic god in an attempt to appease and draw people in since this was one of the most popular festivities in Roman states.

  13. says

    It’s a pagan holiday already — with a great big phallus hat we now call a “Christmas tree” at its center. It was sucha popular Pagan holiday (created to ward off what we now call “Season Affect Disorder”) that those who believe the flesh-eating zombie known as “Jesus Christ” moved his alleged Brithday (which was sometime in August accordign to Calendars of the period) to December the better to coopt the Pagan Holiday.

    The True “Holiday Spirit” is to go out , get drunk and get laid.

    And I for one sincerely hope y’all manage to do so.

    For Max, I hope it’s a Mormon — for if you’ve seen “Latter days” (and I hope yall have) then you know just how SMOKIN’ HOT Mormon dudes can be.

    And for Jason, I hope whoever you’ve picked up on Craig’s List meets your oh-so-demanding standards of Butchness. Someone like — Raymond Burr.


  14. says

    I purchased a set of 40 1940s Xmas cards on Ebay. Only one of them mentioned Christmas. The rest went on and on about “Happy Holidays.” Why did Americans hate Christmas so much in the 1940s???

  15. Gregoire says

    If people are so angry about taking Christ out of Christmas, they can bring it up with Ulysses S Grant. Christmas was made a federal holiday under his presidency.

  16. say what says

    Happy HORUS’ birthday
    Happy MITHRA Birthday


    december 25 was the birthday of many a savior god prior to xtianity popping up on the scene

    Basically the catholic church couldn’t stop those pesky pagans from sending gifts and celebrating the holiday so they co-opted it and slapped their baby jeeebus on it

    So there was a war for the holiday started by the xtianistas

  17. says

    Well, the original American Patriots eschewed xmas as it was considered too English (^ Andrews, Peter (1975). Christmas in Colonial and Early America. USA: World Book Encyclopedia, Inc.. ISBN 7-166-2001-4.).

    But who really cares about real history when it doesn’t support demagoguery?.

  18. uffda says

    The Christmas tree isn’t phallic, read Johnny above and you’ve got it right. David E. is wrong and, as usual, theatened by Jason’s preferences just as Kiwi is by Rick’s. Ho, ho HO everyone. Merry Christmas.

  19. John says

    Though I don’t believe in a deity (a.k.a. God), I have no problem with those that do… as long as they don’t trample on my rights.
    Mitt needs to understand the difference between taking “God out of everything that exists in this country” and taking God out of government.

  20. DB says

    I do think it is important to always make a point to say ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of the lame ‘Happy Holidays’. However, the idea of a war on Christmas, presumably by secularists, does seem ridiculous. The real threat to Christmas is the commercialization of the holiday and the obsession with purchasing and advertising.

  21. says

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