North Carolina Gun Range Promises to ‘Convert Pansies’


Pro Shots, a North Carolina shooting range, has put up this billboard outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and it has the attention of Equality North Carolina. On the group's Facebook page followers are condemning it as "veiled homophobic hate speech."

Negative comments have already begun turning up on the shooting range's Facebook page as well.

Writes Kathy Clark:

"The Pansies Converted Daily billboard is quite possibly the most offensive advertisement I've ever seen. Congratulations. According to, the slang meaning of the word pansy is a) a male homosexual, b) a weak, effeminate, and often cowardly man." Either way, it is derogatory and designed to intimidate a certain population. Your billboard is an example of institutionalized bullying which incites violence towards homosexuals. Or do you actually have pots of pansies that people shoot, thus converting them to rubble? Please clarify your meaning. If I am incorrect in my assumption, I will promptly apologize and come to your range to destroy flower pots."