Pennsylvania Township Bans “Public Accommodations” Discrimination; Bathroom Panic Ensues

Ladies-Room-1Last Thursday evening, the "municipal commission" in Susquehanna Township, PA, voted to ban employment, housing, and "public accommodations" discrimination against LGBTs. Media coverage of the vote was mostly sane and sober. But, as The Advocate reports, one local news channel got weird:

“The ordinance also makes it legal for men who think they’re women, and also men who think they are women, known as transgenders, to use the women’s/men’s restroom in the township,” reported WHP-TV, a CBS affiliate. The station’s reporting spent a great deal of time on public restroom use — including the possibility that some nontransgender men would don women’s clothes in order to use women’s restrooms for voyeuristic purposes.

… which, when you think about it, reflects the station's dim view not only of transfolk, but of hetersexual males, too. Apparently, they believe Susquehanna is home to some significant number of straight men who've been eagerly awaiting precisely this kind of municipal gaffe so they can listen to ladies pee. What a strange place.