1. mike128 says

    The more substantive comments on this post are already obvious, so Ill say something superficial: I think I wore that belt in 1992 with my Z Cavaricci’s (remember Hammer pants?). Where do you find a belt like that today?

  2. OMNOMNOM says

    They blocked comments on this video for a reason.

    Be sure to report to YouTube for hate speech.

  3. Butch says

    Not hard at all if you live out West, Mike 128. Just go to a place such as Shepler’s in Colorado.

  4. Kendall says

    These would actually be examples of the Founding Fathers’ war on religion, or perhaps the “activist” Supreme Court.

  5. C.J. says

    Does he sit and laugh at himself? I really hope that one day he tells everyone that we were being Punk’d

  6. James says

    What is it with these Christians always labeling themselves as victims? Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the U.S. there are shops/TV specials/posters/decorations in the streets etc. YEAH RIGHT! there is a war on Christmas! When I was in school Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzas etc. were celebrated equally and I’m not even religious!

  7. Matt26 says

    Is it true people cannot celebrate Christmas in US? I mean really? Only in the closet?
    For a man who doesn’t like gays, Rick surely thinks and talks about us a lot.

  8. Rick says

    “promoting a lifestyle many Americas of faith find so deeply objectionable.” Does Rick not understand that the Republicans are promoting a lifestyle many Americans of faith and intelligence find deeply objectionable?

  9. Patrick Wellington III says

    Yes, the dangerous closet case has crossed the line. Even George Bush never went this far.

  10. Fahd says

    He reminds me of Frank Burns from the Mash series or the Thad Castle character on Blue Mountain State. Repressed and arrogant. If my son were a boy scout, I wouldn’t want Perry around him.

    Ronald Reagan was not only a better actor, but also admitted to being one.

    Rick Perry, you’re no Ronald Reagan.

    My heart goes out to the enlightened minority in Texas.

  11. Fenrox says

    Why can’t kids pray or celebrate Christmas in school? Did I have an auditory hallucination when my sister was telling me about my 14 year old niece who is in the prayer club and a spirit booster who makes Christmas, and other holiday posters to put all over school?

  12. Robert in NYC says

    If anything, phony religious nutjobs like Perry choose to believe, therefore, it IS a lifestyle. Nobody comes into the world religious unlike ourselves who are born gay. What a dumbass, but then that’s what many in the GOP are. Dumber still are those right wing gays voting for them. If all of the parade of clows running on the GOP ticket declared that gays should NEVER have equality of any kind and the Supreme Court banned marriage equality, these same gay republicans would still vote for them.

  13. Rob says

    Of course, latch on to “hate the gays” – the last resort of foundering campaigns. I suppose it has managed to keep Santorum in the race and since there are enough tea partiers to go around, Perry will probably scrape through with 2%. Maybe someday he’ll realize that 98% don’t want this.

  14. Dave says

    Guess what Ricky, 25% of Americans AREN’T christian and aren’t going to convert to christianity because you think students should celebrate Christmas openly.

  15. jakeinlove says

    I also don’t have to watch this commercial to deduce, look the word up Rick, that you’re a right-wing goon.

  16. says

    They are still singing Christmas carols at the schools in my hometown in Michigan. They are putting up Christmas trees at the courthouse here in Tucson (they finally stopped putting up the rundown Nativity scene).

  17. Steve says

    Comments were actually allowed when it was uploaded. The got a few pages of negative ones and disabled them

  18. Jeff Kurtti says

    Go to YouTube and report the video as “Promotes hatred or violence against a protected group.”

    YouTube defines “Hate speech is content that promotes or encourages hatred or violence towards a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status and sexual orientation/gender identity.”

    I added the comment that the video “Attacks sexual orientation (a natural occurence) based on religious views (a learned behavior).

  19. Mike says

    Contrast this with Hillary’s speech yesterday. I have a number of left-leaning criticisms of the administration, but on LGBT the difference is crystal clear. I frankly have no idea why some commentators from the ‘Lincoln Lounge’ even bother.

  20. paul says

    Where in America are children prevented from freely being christian ? Is he utterly insane ? what a load of nonsense. The last time Christians where persecuted was in the Coloseum of rome when they were feed to the lions – pretty much after that they have had it relatively easy compared with ….ooh ethnic minorities, the disabled, women, poor people, the blind, unemployed people, or anyone who isnt a rich old white guy from Texas basically.

  21. shane says

    OMG you’re right DAVID EHRENSTEIN, from Wikiperdia: “When Rick Perry became Governor of Texas in January 2001, he tapped Connor…”
    That, plus the Z. Cavaricci belt (totally hilarious, MIKE128!! because I love using Z Cavaricci and Merry Go Round as punchlines for fashion faux pas) and you’ve cinched and clinched it. He’s a closet homo.

  22. Jester says

    Perry’s presidential campaign is obviously done at this point, but if he ever tries to run for anything again, we will play this footage over and over again. The American people overwhelmingly support equal rights now when it comes to gays and lesbians in the armed forces, and those percentages will keep going up. If he tries to run again, he’ll be the next Santorum.

  23. April in Austin says

    Yup, it’s torturous for us liberals here in Texas; for anyone who can think actually. Man’s a complete embarassment. You know it’s over when the likes of Prick Perry start using the bashing of queers to try to regain ground. Now – we just need help booting his ass outta of Texas. Maybe a mandatory grammar test.

  24. says

    Christ Himself is attributed with demanding that prayer be done in private, not in public. Sermon on the Mount, yo. If you don’t like it, take it up with Him, Rick.

  25. RandyN says

    For either this guy or Santorum or Bachman to win the nomination would be Christmas in July for the Democrats

  26. Tom in long beach says

    We can not be sure Jesus himself was Christian because there is no record of him being an obstructionist Republican.

  27. NVAgBoi says

    Oh dear God PLEASE I can not WAIT for this man’s gay sex scandal! With any luck it will be that he got donkey-punched by Rick Santorum.

  28. Gregv says

    Rick Perry’s mind seems to live in some bizarro world where down is up.
    Kids (Christian and otherwise) are perfectly free to pray. As Little Kiwi noted, true Christian theology (I.e. that which respects the words of Jesus rather than those of some rich televangelist) asks Christians to pray silently away from others and not to make a public show of it, anyway!
    DADT is a question of free speech rights. It shouldn’t br a tenet of anyone’s faith (certainly not a Christian’s) to demand that certain others hide their identities and lie in order to keep their jobs.
    And I post this during an intermission from a kids’ Christmas concert that I’m watching. Yes, Rick Perry, those are still going on all across America despite your persecution complex.

  29. anon says

    Perry is wrong legally. SCOTUS has ruled explicitly that the private prayers of students cannot be restricted during their free time in school and that free speech rights extend beyond or after school. In theory (and cases like this pop up all the time), the school would have parental control over students, which many principals have taken to include the subjugation of free speech, including online speech on the student’s own time. However, if that were the case (and this is why they always lose) then yes, the school could suspend the religious rights of students in school or anywhere else (just as parents can). Anyone familiar with these arguments would know in an instant that Perry was very wrong here. But what he’s actually inferring is that schools should not be allowed to expose students to viewpoints opposed to by parents or some community standard. That is, parents have a veto over the school’s “cultural mission”. This has never gained any traction in the courts because it is so unworkable and has no basis in the law.

  30. SFshawn says

    Cum out,cum out,come out you scary closet case and quit making it more difficult for those in the world who live their lives with honesty,integrity and truthfulness.

  31. Vern Dufford says

    Watching this guy talk about this with Wolf Blitzer now on CNN…WOW… is there an assassin in the room!

  32. truthislove says

    Are kids condemned for praying in school? Well other kids are celebrated for their sexual rebellious choice. Obama is anti Christian and pro immorality. It’s wrong to justify what Gods word calls sin. Homosexual groups constantly attack the Christian message that homosexuality is sin. The lgbt movement is intolerant to repentance. Obama is a Marxist wig a pretty smile who hides his hate for Gods will with ear tickling words.

  33. Gianpiero says

    Letting gays serve openly is about welcoming everyone. Not favoring a particular religion in the schools is about welcoming everyone. There is no contradiction.

  34. jack says

    Gov Perry who is Jeff Connor? Did you have sex with him?I fear that Perry is another closeted self loathing homosexual who is trying to exorcise his personal demons.Did you have your gaydor turned on during his girlie performance in front of the cameras in N.H.?

  35. jack says

    Dear Mr Perry: we have much in common. we both served in the military and we are both gay. However that doesn’t mean that i will vote for you.

  36. boone68 says

    What kids are prevented from celebrating Christmas?? I’ve never heard of such nonsense. I’m an atheist, and all three of my kids celebrate Christmas. Like it or not, Christmas is still Christmas even if many families, including atheists, Jews and Muslims, leave Jesus out of it. Secondly, kids DO pray in schools, just not schools funded with Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, pagan and atheist tax dollars.
    This guys is finished. How dare he talk about Christian principles. The way he lives his life and the way he governs is evil.

  37. millerbeach says

    He’s not even a Christian…he’s a heretic. All Mormons are heretics. Sick, sad sinners protesting everything except their own flawed religion. Look in the mirror, Rick. YOU are the enemy against Jesus.

  38. HarleyDog says

    How appropriate that when I clicked on this post the ad directly above it prominently featured the word “SHAME”.

  39. Drew Brown says

    Haha, there are 186,000 dislikes for this video on Youtube, and only 4,000 likes. That’s kind of awesome.

  40. antisaint says

    My high school (c/o 2000) had a Bible Study twice a week after school. Our band played secular and religious Christmas and Hanukkah music. Our choir teacher usually incorporated religious Christmas music, and often one or two religous songs were inculded in the spring concerts. National Day of Prayer happened every year, and probably 25-35% of the 1600-person student body attended. Teachers could request that you stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, but no one was forced to recite it or cover their heart.

    Perry knows full well that nobody’s stopping Christian kids in schools from doing anything. He’s just banking on those people who will readily hear him slag on gays and just blindly agree with everything else, turning into ‘fact.’

  41. Casey says

    realize he isn’t attacking homosexuals, he is merely stating that in a Country that has freedoms that allow them to openly serve in our Military without hiding their sexuality its a shame that our Children can’t celebrate their faith or religion…..
    Perry means no insult here and its clear that the majority of this over sensitized, spineless country is against a man who would better our great nation. Instead you want to hear Obama ban Christianity and watch him stand idle as our Flag waives during the National Anthem with hands at side, yeah makes sense too me. LMAO If you would rather have a President who spits in the face of the values this country was founded on and refuses to swear allegiance to it, then by all means slander Perry and all others who would serve this country better.