Portland, Oregon’s LGBT News Magazine Goes Out of Business After 29 Years


Sad news for the Northwest. Portland, Oregon's LGBT paper Just Out has ceased publication:

Effective December 26, 2011, Just Out newsmagazine, serving Portland’s LGBTQ community since 1983, is no longer in business. Three years of recession have taken their toll.'

2_justoutThe publication's Facebook page:

It is with great sadness that I have to announce today that Just Out newspaper, having put up a helluva fight against this dammed "Great Recession", will be unable to continue publishing. Our 12/9 issue was/is our last publication. Thank you for being our "Friends" and for reading Just Out, these past 29 years…

…About the notion that Just Out will/might continue as an online version. In a word: NO.

Online versions of newspapers serve as a complement to the print edition, not a replacement for. There is not yet a model in place that can produce sufficient revenues to pay for the people who write the news. Online news doesn't just float down from the sky. To maintain credibility articles online still must …be researched, edited, copy edited, fact checked and filtered of opinion and bias. This work is done by professional writers who merit a decent wage for their work. Revenues to pay staff comes in the form of ad sales, be it print or web. In Portland at least, there are not sufficient revenues from any newspaper web site to support expenses separate from the print issue—-and nearly all of these are struggling.


  1. say what says

    My question is what photographer and or editor thought a green fake fur vest was sexy?

    They were obviously going for sexy with the over posed flexing and fake manly millitary garb thing but come on………fake fur vest? That isn’t non sexy it is anti-sexy in that it creates a net negative of sexyness

  2. Dback says

    I’m 90% sure that the guy in the green fur vest was from the documentary “The Butch Factor”(hence the Q Doc issue), an outstanding look at masculinity & the gay community.

    I’ve been in Portland for almost 7 years, and I swore by “Just Out”–I’d never fail to pick it up, even if it sometimes took me a few to read the whole issue. Just a couple weeks ago, I read about Ben Cohen’s appearance at a Portland Community College Campus a few minutes from my house; had I not seen that news blurb, I never would’ve known it was happening.

    What really sucks is not only the loss of all the great columnists and writers, but things like restaurant reviews, interviews with queer artists, and especially the master calendar that had pretty much everything queer happening in the city listed for 2-3 weeks at a time. It’s going to be a lot harder to stay “up” on gay happenings, meetings, events, activities, etc. without the calendar. (Not to mention Just Out’s partnership with Oaks Amusement Park in sponsoring Gay Skate every month–does this mean Gay Skate is now dead, too?)

    I lived in the Bay Area when the Sentinel and the Bay Area edition of Frontiers went under, leaving only the Bay Area Reporter. Seattle still has the Seattle Gay News, but this now leaves Portland as the only major West Coast city with a sizable queer population that doesn’t have a gay newspaper of some sort. Terribly sad.

    As Death Cab For Cutie sang in one of the “Twilight” movies: “Everything, everything ends.”

  3. Dearcomrade says

    The Portlandia LGBT community will miss Just Out. I was a regular reader for a very long time. I always perused its community happenings pages and made note of the many family owned & LGBT friendly businesses that advertised in it.

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