1. says

    I don’t know why we pay so much attention to this guy – he’s a bigot and a hate monger yet everytime he speaks or someone speaks on his behalf, we have to give him headline news and keep his face in front of us. Stop for Godssakes. The less we see of him the quicker he fades into obscurity.

  2. paul says

    This turd can’t even muster double digits with the gay hating scum who vote for Republicans. Who does he actually appeal to other than pond life, racists and charlatans ? he doesn’t even have enough personality to end up as one of the Fox Wingnuts. Pathetic excuse for a man…..

  3. Gay American says

    Santorum is “One dead gay male hooker” found in his motel room away from the looney bin….strangled with Ricky’s fsvority Tie he got from the Knights of Columbus, sitting on the edge of the bed murmering to himself …God,jesus….

    ..the REALLY sad part is….statistically the MORE children you have- the MORE chance of 1 or 2 being Gay..he has 7… doubt, cementing self-loathing and Hatred into 1,maybe 2 of his kids.

  4. Shane says

    HaHaHa… well much to his dismay, I am very much gay and have raised a son that is now 18 and I have a 6 yr old daughter, and I assure u that my kids are MUCH better off and well-rounded/open minded, than MANY kids raised by a “man and a woman”… oh, and btw, my son loves my boyfriend of three years… and he is a str8 lil redneck boy!

  5. Gigi says

    Yes Greta. Vander Plaat did indeed endorse Huckabee in 2008 and Huckabee didn’t win.
    Go Rick!

    Greta: “Can you understand the heartache that many of them (The Gays) have when they hear you speak…”

    Sanitarium: No and I don’t care.

    Btw, why is he the same color as Boner?

  6. says

    This is one execrable a**hole….deluded into believing his own fascist ubermenschen superiority to everyone else.

    This guy should get the GOP nomination…..then we would see where everyone stands in the USA, on the side of this bigotry or for liberty. Bring it on.

  7. Robert in NYC says

    He says we have the rights of every citizen? Really, then why do we need ENDA passed, dumbass? Oh I forgot, he just said we have all of our rights, marriage not being one of them because only straights are entitled to more rights than gays.

  8. Harrison says

    Someone needs to inform Mr. Rick that it’s not just gays who are trying to change the definition of marriage. It’s easy for him to try to spin it as “selfish gays” trying to muck everything up, but it’s curious how he doesn’t tell the whole story when it comes to supporters of marriage for all…

  9. Tom in long beach says

    This guy makes no sense. Not being able to visit your spouse in prison or a hospital and, making gays pay more taxes in NO WAY strengthens families. If this guy wants to have children raised by more mothers and fathers then work to outlaw divorce and encourage people to use birth control until they are ready to get married and can afford children. Also like many of his ilk he seems to be saying that while the gays are a big threat there are not enough of them that their vote matters ???

  10. Paul B. says

    Since I can’t find it in myself to comment seriously about rick, I’ll have to resort to bitchy remarks…so…I have to ask the obvious question which I know we’re all too afraid to ask…do rick, van der plaats & boner go to the same hairdresser? Is that hairdresser gay? Please god, say no. Do they remove those rugs at night or are they permanently attached with crazy glue?
    I know these may seem trivial queries to some, but I just can’t think of anything else to ask about them. Why is that?

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