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Tonight In NYC: Cyndi Lauper's "Home For The Holidays" To Benefit Homeless LGBT Youth

LauperAndy announced it a month ago, but here's a reminder: Tonight at 8 p.m., Cyndi Lauper takes the stage at the Beacon Theatre in NYC with a whole laundry list of cool people to raise money for the True Colors Fund -- which benefits, among other things, the True Colors Residence, Lauper's uptown, 30-unit housing shelter for homeless LGBT youth.

All of the Fund's activities are devoted to benefiting the homeless LGBT youth population. As Lauper's press release has it:

It is estimated that 20 percent to 40 percent of all homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, yet of the general youth population, only 3 percent to 5 percent do the same. The True Colors Fund is committed to doing what it can to raise awareness about this issue and develop resources to help these young people, most of whom are homeless due to family conflict.

The Fund's mission resonates with all kinds of people, as evidenced by tonight's lineup. What else could convince Lou Reed and Vanessa Carlton to share a stage? Along with Lauper, Reed, and Carlton, tonight's "Home For The Holidays" concert features Norah Jones, Harvey Fierstein, Alan Cumming, Clay Aiken, Carson Kressley, and a whole mess of others. Tix run $30 - $500, and you can still get 'em.

... and if you don't, you can grab Lauper's new single on iTunes, which also benefits the Fund. The song, like the concert, is called "Home For The Holidays," and features Norah Jones.

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  1. Cyndi Lauper is an amazing artist and a true friend of LGBT peeps everywhere! Well done Cyndi, well done.

    Posted by: Chicklets | Dec 4, 2011 4:32:06 PM

  2. What a great lady! A straight Ally that really goes all the way to support our community! Her new DVD "From Memphis with Love" is truly amazing! Thank Cyndi for all your hard work and dedication! It's so great to see her fighting for all of us! Class Act for sure!

    Posted by: Josh | Dec 4, 2011 6:55:54 PM

  3. Love her!

    Posted by: Damien | Dec 4, 2011 7:17:34 PM

  4. Wish I was in New York!! The LGBT Community has never seen any other celebrity like Cyndi Lauper working so hard to promote equality in our Nation and around the world. How lucky are we to have her on our side? Kudos to Cyndi for her support to homeless Kids in the city!

    Posted by: Sean | Dec 4, 2011 9:23:40 PM

  5. You can Youtube her song "Lean On Me" ...What a voice! Go Cyn!!

    Posted by: Josh | Dec 4, 2011 9:29:47 PM

  6. God Bless Cyndi Lauper. With her help and the support of caring people, 30 less LGBT youth will sleep on the street or be forced to turn to things like sex work to stay somewhere warm during the winter.

    Posted by: luminum | Dec 5, 2011 12:53:00 AM

  7. Cyndi and Gaga are the best on LGBT rights. It's a pity Madonna couldn't get her head out of her Kabballah ass and actually do something. It's staggering to me the number of gay men who worship this woman, when she couldn't care less.

    Posted by: Molc | Dec 5, 2011 1:12:25 AM

  8. Let's give credit to all those wonderful artists who traveled to NYC and donated their performances. Love Cyndi Lauper but she couldn't have done it without all those others.

    Posted by: Ning | Dec 5, 2011 1:24:58 AM

  9. Saw the show last night and it was fantastic. Linda Perry's performance of "Beautiful" was amazing and Alan Cumming did a mash-up of "Someone Like You" "Edge of Glory" and "Firework" which was a show stopper.

    Posted by: Dave | Dec 5, 2011 8:21:30 AM

  10. it was Cyndi's idea and she organize the event! So a big THANK YOU to MS. LAUPER FOR ALWAYS BEING A FRIEND!

    Posted by: Sean | Dec 5, 2011 8:58:36 AM

  11. Amazing, amazing woman.

    Posted by: James | Dec 5, 2011 10:18:38 PM

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