Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1020

HEINOUS: Anti-gay activist Mark Hayes hates on hypothetical lesbian daughter.

HELP: Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent captive in Iran, issues a plea.

HEROINES: Judy. Barbra. ‘Nuff said.

HOW: As in “This Is How We Do It.”

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  1. jt mikulka says

    Why do you put really sh*tty, hateful people on here like Mark Hayes? Giving this man voice on this website does nothing more than to help his video get more hits and become that much more public. We as a community to not need to be reminded of those who hate us, but need to be rallying around the diverse beauty and strength that is in our community and how we can use that beauty and strength to expand our rights and gain our dignity. Please remove this video.

  2. StillmarriedinCA says

    “A lesbian couple may have saved as many as 40 lives last Friday during the Norway massacre, according to news reports.

    Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen are being hailed as heroes for piloting their boat to Utoya island on four trips as a heavily armed gunman was mowing down dozens of children at a camping outing.”

    ^Those are heroines. This is a clip (that we’ve all seen a jillion times) of two entertainers. Fabulously talented, true, but you seem confused about the meaning of the word.

  3. Brad says

    Wow what a comparison of talent (Judy & Barbra) and very little talent (Montel Jordan). 2 women who entertain just sitting in a plain set and singing their hearts out. Montel Jordan can’t make a video without nearly naked women shimmying all over the place. If they put him by himself in a plain set, he would fail completely.

  4. Book 7 says

    Why, oh why did I watch that Hayes clip? Everything he said was so factually incorrect. Just that he pretends to be presenting a ‘scientific’ case makes me want to heave. *pulls hair out of head*
    There is not enough space in the comment box to explain what was wrong about every single point he made, and he’ll never see it, so what’s the point?
    I hope both his daughters are gay, and the one he treats worse has to choose his nursing home.

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