Ugandan President: Don’t Tie Our Aid Money To LGBT Rights

President-Museveni4In Uganda, where legislators have spent much of the last two years wondering whether to execute gay people, President Yoweri Museveni is worried about money.

At a speech on Friday, President Museveni sent a message to the Western, pro-gay nations who've historically given Uganda monetary aid, warning them that any economic sanctions against Uganda would backfire on their beloved LGBTs. "Before anyone gives me a lecture on homosexual rights," he said, according to News24, "first talk about railways … Homosexuals also need electricity. Homosexuals also need roads. Homosexuals also need railways." These remarks were greeted with applause.

It appears Museveni is speaking out in response to recent high profile utterances from Hillary Clinton and British PM David Cameron both of whom asserted that "LGBT rights are human rights," and pledged to work to ensure the legal protection of LGBTs around the world. It's worth noting that Museveni quietly supported proposed legislation in 2009 that would guarantee the death penalty for "serial" sodomites, and has deep ties to The Fellowship — the United States organization of Protestant fundamentalists who attempt to export Christian morality to developing nations.


  1. Gregv says

    What a stupid ass Museveni is. What use is a railway to David Kato and all the other murdered gay Ugandans? People who are denied basic human rights or even their very lives can’t participate fully in the economy or make much use of a railway.

  2. Tyler says

    These leaders of Stone Age countries have some nerve. Stop taking our handouts if you don’t like our politics and policies. Maybe if you adopted them yourself, you wouldn’t be stuck in the Stone Age. My 4 year old nephew is more advanced than these cave men.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    President Yoweri Museveni and his friends at The Fellowship are NOT Christians but non-Christians for hiding behind the Bible in order to advocate anti-gay laws including state-sanctioned murder. These disgusting leaders, their backward country and this homophobic organization should be shunned by the international community as a pariah-state and a pariah-organization.

  4. woodroad34d says

    I don’t know…shouldn’t we get a little something for our money? What’s a little dignity, pursuit of happiness, and life worth? Nothing? Then that’s what you should get.

  5. Not A Penny For Savages says

    Not a penny of taxpayer cash to savage dictators who murder their gay populations. Let them for to death in the dark without running water.

  6. Dave C in SF says

    There has been a fundamental question when, in attempting to help other countries advance and relieve human suffering, we run the risk of supporting those who perpetuate that suffering. I am glad the issue is at least being considered in public regarding countries that don’t just tolerate abuse, torture and murder of Gay people, but are writing it into law. GREGV exposes the basic logical fallacy of the Ugandan President’s so-called reasoning. We are seeing the fruit of The Fellowships exporting of their hateful version of Christianity. I just hope the major media pick up on both the horror of these pseudo Christian countries, and their pseudo Christian American sponsors.

  7. SCollingsworth says

    Gotta say as a gay man, electricity and railways don’t do me much good when I’m dead.

  8. Cassandra says

    If your culture abandons civilized principles like civil equality for everyone including GLBTQ people, your culture can do with electricity, medical care, and railroads.

  9. Taylor says

    And someone should ask the asshat, what good are roads, railways, and electricity to homosexuals…if those homosexuals are dead due to laws that make homosexuality not only illegal, but punishable by death.

  10. Bart says

    Either way they will kill or imprison gay men and women so cut them off. The money that we give those countries do not trickle down to the people, these creeps sideline it in foreign accounts so when they are driven from office after a coup, they live like kings on my GAY dime.

  11. Angela Channing says

    These power hungry leaders love to whip up the “anti-colonial” sentiments towards the west to strengthen their power. I think we have to be prepared that while the state won’t commit murders against LGBT people directly, they will encourage others to do it and will look the other way. We can also bet on more evangelical interference. If a Republican gets into the White House, you can be assured they will reverse this policy.

  12. George M says

    Good point Angela
    Some of the GOP runners have already said it was a bad idea, I’m sure they’ll turn it in a flash. One more check in the negative column

  13. Craig says

    Really, sir, you can’t possibly want our gay-tainted money. Be free. Live without the money from the US and Europe. Iran would love you for what you do.

  14. Rob roberts says

    Dear Rick Santorum and Rick Perry — we, the homosexual community, will remember for a very long time that you objected to Hillary’s speech by saying she was advocating “special rights” for homosexuals around the world.

    Rick and Rick: Just what are these “special rights” you are referring to? Is it the right not to be executed for being gay in Uganda? Is it the right not to be thrown in prison for life, just for being gay?

    Apparently you both cannot put aside your bigotry and hatred long enough to recognize this is sbout basic human dignity and rights. You both have blood on your hands for encouraging the oppression and murder of gays around the world. We know that in America your agenda is to deny us our civil rights, but that you ultimately want gays dead.

    Please explain to us, Rick and Rick, why anyone would want a president who advocates global genocide? On second hand no need to explain — but we and our millions of supporters will make sure your bigoted bones never even come close to having any political power. Good luck this presiddential campaign, how’s that working out for you both?

  15. jack says

    With the USA trillions of dollars in debt why are we giving foreigners any money? Especially assholes like the president of Uganda.

  16. Pete n SFO says

    How clear are the ties to fundamentalist groups here in the USA?

    Could those people be charged in International courts?

  17. Lexxvs says

    YOU ALL MISSUNDERSTOOD HIM! He meant: We need roads and railways to mass transport them to the concentration camps. And electricity to execute them by electrocution. That’s the only concern about homosexual’s “needs”.

  18. Matt says

    You mean you’re so poor, you can’t even sustain yourselves? Then you’ll be done away with, and truthfully, it would be for the better. We’re not going to fund your ability to violate human rights, and the sooner people like you are taught your lesson, the better.

  19. Keithy says

    If he has any sense, he’s just saying this to appease his homophobic populuation. But then he’ll quietly take the money and cut the persecution.

    Third world beggars can’t be choosers.

  20. Anon says

    The US doesn’t dole out foreign aid from the goodness of its heart. All aid has economic, political, and social goals. A lot of US aid is still tied to US contractors. Meaning that we give a poor country, say, $100 million, but it has to be spent on US providers of goods even though those goods could sourced locally for much less.

    And if we don’t give them money, then China, Russia, or some other country will, with fewer conditions but more influence.

    Aid is a very tricky game.

  21. George M says

    let Russia and China give it, we have to stand up for something. Personally I think we should be cutting aid down until we’re on our feet better

  22. Carlos says

    In (mexican) spanish we have so many sayings for that kind of people, too bad they are lost in translation; the one I like the most: “limosnero y con garrote”, is something like “begging and getting picky about it”…

  23. says

    Dear President Museveni,

    Homosexuals in Uganda need to be free from fear that you and your government will kill them solely because of who they are and who they love. Take the “Kill The Gays” bill off the table, permanently, and then we will reconsider your country’s application to the civilized world.


    The Rest Of The LGBT Community

  24. Paul R says

    Relative to the size of its economy, the US gives less foreign aid than any other wealthy country. It comes out to pennies per citizen. Still, it provides considerable traction, and ceding that to China or Russia would further diminish US influence around the world.

    I’m not saying that we should give money to corrupt or evil governments. But humanitarian aid (food, immunizations, textbooks, etc.) is a moral imperative. I don’t object to cutting back on direct budget support. But a country’s people shouldn’t suffer simply because they have leaders—often not elected, but who simply take power or limit voting to the elite—who couldn’t care less about them and only want to line their pockets while pursuing immoral policies. Not to mention, humanitarian aid generates goodwill toward the US…something in short supply in quite a few places.

  25. George M says

    I’d be for Aid Paul if it went all to medicine, books and such and never went through government hands. Done totally with organization. But they won’t do that, the US or them. I think it needs to go, but let’s be real they will get it one way or another

  26. TruthSeeker says

    Interesting how aprox 95% of ALL the Above Comments are stipulated in some format of ‘hate speach’. Funny how that is and how hypocritical that seems to me!

    Secondarily, I would like to point out the fact that no one made comments with any true facts or substaniated information.
    1. If you would actually review the Supreme Courts Comments in 2003 why they supposively felt the Supreme Court Ruling in the 80’s maintaining a ‘sexual preference’ of same-sex to be illegal in our Country, you would seee bias conflicting information.
    2. One main item was the fact that it was not like the ‘same sex’ sexual preference was not asking the Federal Government ‘NOT’ to recognize anything formally or official in regards to any format of Union!
    —Excuse me then why is it a sexual preference group in USA is pressing the Federal Government to recognize a Union officially between two non-heterosexual sexual preference people?
    —This is not allowed based upon the ruling of the latest Supreme Court Decision as of 2003! READ IT VERY carefully!!
    *I am simply stating FACTS.
    3. That ruling also stated they were not speaking of any other format of sexual preference except that of two conseting adults and not some type of illegal formation or expression of sexual preference.
    —The statistics now state up to 40% — yes almost 40% of ALL CHILD MOLESTATIONS are from homosexual sexual preference persons which they state represents ONLY 2% of the population of the USA!!
    —How can you be alright with a sexual preference that is PROVEN to now FACTUALLY be responsible for almost 40% of the ENTIRE POPULATIONS CHILD MOLESTATIONS??

    You can kick, scream, yell, get mad, be stupid, say nothing intelligent, provide no factual evidence of any kind….but it DOES NOT MATTER….a ‘sexual preference’ DOES NOT =[equal]= Race or Ethicinity!!
    **AGAIN — ‘sexual preference is NOT Race— or Ethecinity
    **DO your homework, study, review World Definitions an research Ancestorial Documents all you want an the more you do the more this becomes FACT!

    SO…KEEP your ‘sexual preference’ IN THE BEDROOM an AWAY FROM the -helpless- innocent – loving – none understanding – impressionable – Children of America and EVERYONE ELSE IN PUBLIC!! –It is NOT our business what you do behind close doors.

    Study to be approved, be approved to have understanding, have understanding to gain wisdom and with wisdom use it wisely!