1. Dale says

    I feel so proud of our young when I listen to this young man speak he truth from his heart. He never had to mention God once. He spoke to the people within the room about humans and human interaction and the results of good parenting, no matter who the loving parents are.

    Damn I’m proud!

  2. redball says

    V-8, it actually sounds like he might not have gone into this planning to write a book.

    He certainly could not have known he’d go viral on Youtube.

    Save the vitriol for the nasty bigots on the Right who sell their hatred to the highest bidder (e.g., Gingrich making $60,000 PER SPEECH, Palin making $70,000 PER SPEECH, etc.).

    This man is doing good work and American society will hopefully reap the benefits.

  3. Steve says

    People like Zach are the biggest fear that anti-gay crowd has. Thank God there is a whole generation of kids like him (my 3 kids included) who are approaching adulthood. We need to show these kids more. The world needs to know that we raise fine children and that anti-gay laws and the lack of marriage hurt real families with children.

  4. Thomasina says

    He seems like a great kid, someone his moms can really be proud of. I am interested, though, in how he reconciles his (so far) continuing membership in the Boy Scouts with his activism for gay rights? The BSA doesn’t allow gay boys to be scouts; nor does it allow gay men or lesbians to be scout leaders. Wahls’ beloved mothers wouldn’t be allowed to hold any leadership positions in his troop or the larger BSA organization. Given his book’s subtitle and his obvious concern for gay rights issues, I hope he addresses this at some point in his memoir.

  5. TANK says

    Okay, I know that a bunch of you pathetic, middle-aged queens are going to jump all over me for saying this, but I mean, really? Yeah, this kid is a hero, don’t get me wrong. But I just wonder that if he wasn’t some hunky, athletic, good-looking Abercrombie & Fitch clone if y’all would be worshiping so devotedly at his feet. He’d be 1/100th as popular around here if he were short and chubby and plain-looking, me thinks. I just think that there’s a lot of sillness and shallowness amongst the bitches here; sorry to have to say it, but hey, Tank’s gotta keep it real!

  6. KD says

    I live in Iowa City (where Zach is from) and rumor has it that he has some gender identity issues and that he broke up with his last girlfriend due to wearing women’s clothing while in bed with her. Again, just rumors, but it kind of flies in the face of the whole frat boy image that is projected.

  7. KD says

    Okay, I hate to admit it, but I must have been off my meds when I made that last post. Sometimes when that happens I sort of unleash my self-hating queen side and so I make mean-spirited posts like that. It was wrong of me to try to tear down a real hero like Zach with unsubstantied vicious gossip. I just wanted to say the record straight here no pun intended. Now for a nice cup of organic poppy seed tea.

  8. TANK says

    @Joe Singer: Thanks for the kind words, my man! It’s nice to know some of the readers around here have good sense. Rock on, buddy!

    @KD: You need to get a life. You probably don’t even live in Illinois. And Tank is thinking you just might be that closet case Republican that used to make similar posts in these parts a while back.

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