1. Max says

    Brandon, the media shut down in 2008.

    Nice song, by the way. It’s no “Fairytale of New York,” but it easily tops the cheap garbage I hear in the stores.

  2. DALI says

    @Brandon K. Thorp & Tim Minchin
    I have lost most of my cynicism about Christmas after listening this beautiful song.

    Thank you so much!

  3. justinw says

    “…. we’ll be drinking white wine in the sun.” What a wonderful image of family and a peaceful gathering. It’s a great song with the way he combines the biting humor, political commentary and still manages to get in moments that make me want to blubber like a baby because I’m a sentimental sap… especially at this time of year. Grins, giggles, and a little sniffling because my eyes are burning a bit.

  4. Caliban says

    Very nice. It captures the ambivalence, even love/hate relationship many of us have with Christmas. Maybe that’s especially true in the US, where “Christian” has come to mean something dark and mean, and especially for gay people, who are its frequent target.

  5. BG says

    Christmas cynicism is entirely justifiable. This song is a reminder to “throw out the trash already, before it starts to smell”, and focus on what genuinely matters to you.

  6. Alan says

    Who is this ugly guy and why am I watching this tragedy of a video? If I wanted to see a secular Christmas video, I’d watch two young gay men being hanged in Iran or tortured in Palestine and the Muslims celebrating it. That makes me cry, Andy. How about you?

  7. epic says

    “…I don’t don’t go in for ancient wisdom…I don’t believe just ’cause ideas are tenacious, it means they’re worthy…I get freaked out by churches, some of the hymns that sing have nice chords but the lyrics are dodgy…and yes I have all the usual objections to the miseducation of children who in tax exempt institutions are taught to externalize blame and feel ashamed; and to judge things as plain right or wrong…but i quite like the songs” I couldn’t agree more, i’ll be drinking mulled wine in the snow though =)

  8. mintylaramie says

    Tim Minchin is awesome. See him live if you can. You will crap your pants. He’s hysterical.

  9. Barbara says

    Thank you Brandon. It’s beautiful, makes me smile and cry! Happy Day and much white wine to Towleroad staff!

  10. Brian says

    Why would someone post here about his looks? What possible relation does this have to the video? It would be much easier to fight against bullying, homophobia and prejudice if we gay people weren’t the ones using it so often against other gay people. Please wake up and get your self loathing in check. This is a talented person trying to make something beautiful for others to enjoy. When was the last time you did the same?

  11. says

    just wonderful… it reminds me of my white wine loving Grandmother who passed away three years ago. Thanks for posting.