1. JD Swell says

    The off-key section in the middle was because they used the original backing track but over-layed vocals taht were sung in a different key. I do’t think it had anything to do with the talent of most of those folks. Notice that most of the folks singing in the middle were guys. That being said, number 44 was pretty awesome.

  2. says

    JD is right. Almost all the guys and a few of the gals sang in keys that were in their range, not Adele’s original key. Artists don’t always sing their own songs in the same key all the time, either; if those high notes are too much on a given night, they just pitch it down a key or two.

  3. bravo says

    I never paid much attention to the song before. What the hell does it mean? What is ‘rolling in the deep’? And what does it mean to hold a heart in one’s hand and play it to the beat? It’s either brilliant poetry or I’m a stupid ass. (Probably the latter…)

    It’s not as bad as the lyrics to “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys. Listen to the lyrics. The song means absolutely nothing. It’s like a bad translation of a Sweedish pop song.

  4. Dback says

    1,9,10,22,46,64 & 68 were the ones that really jumped out at me, though I think 68 was in a different key. Interesting that it was #44 (the cute dark haired guy in the red shirt) who just nailed the note so perfectly the first time I watched this, and I thought, “I gotta remember him,” and then he seems to be the one everyone on this thread notices. Talented boy!

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