1. RonTEX says

    As a Star Wars geek since childhood, that was completely awesome! The clone thing is a little creepy but kinda hot too.

  2. ams says

    Well, if you just pretend it’s the first movie it’s assumed they are just regular soldiers – since all the stormtrooper voices in the original movie were different. But the whole thing is kind of sad anyway, since they are about to be blown up.

  3. TampaZeke says


    Looks like a love scene between a GOProuder and a Log Cabiner that’s having second thoughts and considering joining the Occupy movement.

  4. FernLaPlante says

    Were Stormtroopers clones? I thought only the Jango Fett clones were clones and they were just humans in uniforms.

  5. Mark says

    All of the Stormtroopers are clones, thus twins. So, you can’t get more incestuous or masturbatory than clones loving each other.

  6. yadda says

    think that stormtroopers are clones = under 25 years old

    think that the prequels are misleading (i.e. stormtrooper clones, medichlorians) and that this was a tribute to the original without all the added bs = 25 years old and above

  7. Rick says

    Not to read too much into it, but it does underscore to me the misguidedness of radical activists who think the solution to homophobia is to create total social anarchy and destroy ALL cultural standards and ANY kind of conformity.

    By taking that approach, they only ensure that they will be dismissed as extremists. Human culture is defined to a great extent by behavioral conformity….and it has to be that way for society to function. The trick is to a) do away with BAD elements of the culture–like homophobia, and b) to not become so rigidly conformist that individuality and personal expression are crushed.

    Unfortunately, while early gay activists understood that, many comtemporary activists don’t seem to, which is why I think the movement has stagnated.

  8. jamal49 says

    @TAMPAZEKE Yours is the best comment of all. I had similar sentiments.

    Ademas el video es excelente muy bien hecha y aplicable a los debates de hoy en dia.

  9. Matt says

    This scene is clearly set at the end of the original film (the so-called “Episode IV”). By this time, as others have mentioned, the stormtroopers were NOT all clones–regardless of whether you go by the intent at the time the movie was made (when there is no mention of them being clones) or the “official” Lucasfilm answer now.

  10. Frank Butterfield says

    I really love this!

    And, as an aside, whoever did the subtitles is translating “indignados” as “angry people” and I would propose that the better translation would be “rebels.”

  11. Frank Butterfield says

    OK — here’s a bit more — just discovered that “indignados” is the word used to describe occupiers in Spain.

  12. B says

    lol Clearly the other trooper didn’t hear the words surrounding the I Love You…
    I wouldn’t be so giddy if my guy said he didn’t want to fight to be able to publicly show his love for me, nor want anyone knowing we were together.

    @Jt: They mentioned that they had just blown up Alderan, but the other was pretty distracted I guess, since he had no idea. Don’t know if that changes anything.

  13. BobN says

    Leave it to Rick to clearly identify the caricature of left/right.

    Also leave it to Rick to accept the caricature and perpetuate it.

    This cute video isn’t about Stormtroopers or even gay people. It’s about Spain.

  14. jay says

    The storm troopers weren’t clones…they were just regular soldiers of the Empire.

    but…clone sex does sound totally hot.

  15. jaragon says

    Nice to see a bit of gay romance in the “Star Wars” universe-( and who cares if they are clones this is sci-fi after all) The Spanish soundtrack really makes it work-so unless you understand the actors you are missing a lot of the humor- but the end was really sweet. Muy bien echo!

  16. Dr.Theopolis says

    too talky. apparently I’m in the minority here. ‘Troopers were great because the did as they were told with a minimum of backtalk.