1. says

    Towleroad is so much more than a “blog”! Read about same sex marriage one minute, about the doings of our foes the next, move on to Madonna, Gaga, movies & the actors and performers we love, and still make room for space, science, technology and aviation! Please never grow old and stale, as you are a part of keeping me from doing just that. I salute you all. PS: That pilot is a hottie…

  2. Xavi says

    Love, love the video! I have been to Rio many times and have always been fascinated with Santos Dumont Airport [IATA:SDU] and its location just off downtown, in the bay. Totally cool location.

    Watching flights depart and land from Pao de Azucar is very cool!

  3. V-8 says

    no wonder they call it Cidade Maravilhosa (wonderful city)..

    have not landed there in ages, but always remember feeling like the plane was gonna land on water lol (that’s where the edge of the runway is)…

  4. mike/ says

    is the red button on the joystick for the rocket launchers or the machine guns?

    i will never get in one of these things! i have literally flown hundreds of times & love flying; i was on two 747’s in the 1970s when they 1st launched – never again! they scared the sh** out of me…

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