Alabama Crimson Tide Fans Celebrate Gay Bashing in T-Shirt Planned for National Championship Win


Some Alabama Crimson Tide fans are hoping to beat LSU in their national championship game on Monday night so they can sell a T-shirt that also celebrates gay bashing:

Towleroad tipster Tyler writes us: "I wanted to let you guys know about this website that is selling t-shirts for the Alabama-LSU national championship game on January 9, 2012. The shirts are a play on the French language's heritage in Louisiana. As a resident of Alabama and a lifelong Crimson Tide fan, I am highly offended at this hateful display of 'sportsmanship' by fans of the University."

UPDATE: The site selling the shirts, which was registered to Chris Ivey, has gone offline. Hopefully plans to create these shirts have been scrapped altogether.


  1. Sean in Dallas says

    Disheartening that college students (whom I consider more socially responsible) would stoop to this level. Just goes to show how deep homophobia runs.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    OK, I get it that to celebrate “beating the hell” out of someone, anyone is reprehensible. However, just exactly how does this t-shirt represent “gay bashing” as opposed to, say, bashing in general? Now, I don’t agree with the sentiment printed on the t-shirt but…”gay bashing” specifically??

  3. Mark says


    The Homeauxs is a French-language play on Homos.

    LSU’s famous line for their sports teams is ‘Geuax Tigers!’ or in English ‘Go Tigers!’

  4. Bill says

    I noticed they were processing their payments through PayPal and I believe this violates PayPals TOS. I sent the following email to Paypal…we’ll see what happens:

    I believe this product violates PayPal’s terms:


    2.relate to transactions involving (a) narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety, (b) drug paraphernalia, (c) items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, (d) stolen goods including digital and virtual goods (e) items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime, (f) items that are considered obscene, (g) items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction, (h) certain sexually oriented materials or services, (i) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or (j) ,certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.

    as per item (e) it definitely promotes hate and intolerance

    I hope appropriate actions are taken immediately.

  5. Dback says

    Every time the human race seems to be making progress towards its next higher evolutionary status, out come some knuckle draggers to haul us back a few feet/yards/miles. Yet another reason to never visit Alabama (Mississipi is on that short list as well–did you know they and Iowa have never elected a woman governor or to Congress?)

  6. truthiness says

    I’m more offended by the use of the word homos (homeauxs). It’s not said in a friendly light at all. It’s intention is to “lessen” one’s self worth.

    As for the bashing – well, I don’t believe the intent is actual violence it’s sports talk for winning.

  7. Gay American says

    …and in light of this…I hear the last verse of the typical White Trash Alabama song….

    “…and I come from Alabama with a Banjo on my knee”

  8. Tiger Fan says

    It’s all in good fun. They didn’t even spell it right. It’s actually “homoeaux” I’ve been a tiger fan my whole life not to mention I go to LSU. This isn’t that big of a deal. We have shirts just like this or even worse. Back in ’09 we had “Teabag Tebow” shirts. Honestly guys this is the SEC some of our students and fans are rude. We take football rivalry especially ones like these very serious. it’s just part of the culture. Again gay people need to stop taking everything so serious. It’s just a joke.

  9. Hunter says

    Tiger Fan,
    I think the homophobia in society and the horrible effects it has on LGBT people, especially youth, is more deserving of being taken seriously than your football rivalry.

  10. Francis says

    Hear that, everyone. This isn’t a big deal. It’s just “part of the culture” to do things like this. It’s just a joke, you know, using homosexuality as a means to degrade someone. We’re supposed to laugh about it. Honestly, guys, this is the South. You know how they are down there. Come on, it’s football!

  11. Tiger Fan says

    Obviously you aren’t from the south. Gay people would wear these shirts. Growing up in the south you learn to get a tough skin. Things like this don’t affect us like this have obviously affected yall. Btw “our” expense? Unless you’re a tiger fan that’s the only way it would be “our” expense. I’m sorry us southern backwoods college students aren’t PC and civil.

  12. Rick says

    What do you expect from Alabama?

    Generally speaking, it takes about a half-century for social change to filter down from the coasts to the Deep South.

    @Tiger Fan: You can have intense rivalries and humorous T-shirts that do not include slurs directed at minority groups. There is nothing funny about this. And don’t lump other SEC fans in with the psychos and delinquents that constitute the LSU fanbase, which has no equivalent in college football for its obnoxious behavior.

  13. 1A says

    Tiger Fan:

    I’m having t-shirts that read: “Southern Redneck Trailer Trash Should Be Burned At The Stake”

    It’s just a joke. Don’t take it so serious.

  14. Rick says

    “Gay people would wear these shirts”

    None with even a modicum of self-respect would. Not in the South or anywhere else. Not in 2012.

    You are either straight and don’t have a clue or you are gay and have serious self-esteem issues……..or are just too dumb to realize that the word “homo”, like the word “fag” is the equivalent of the n-word and denies the object of it any dignity or respect at all.

  15. Tiger Fan says

    You gotta love our fans haha but this rivalry is just between LSU and Bama, I do apologize for lumping other SEC schools into this, simply because some fans and students have more class than others. LSU and Bama fans are some of the rudest fans you ever could encounter. Do I think it’s right for things like this to be done? No. Same way I think it’s not cool for some of the things the student section and fans say when kids attend our games. But we’ve come to just let things like this fly. It in no way reflects the views of the entire university. These are great schools with great football programs. This is just what happens when you have over emotional fans, half of which have never seen the inside of a college classroom. These shirts are just a product of just that. Again, we just let things go. Just like a poster said above me, social evolution has taken a long time to happen in the south, we’ve come to accept that fact. I mean hell it’s a joke, a joke in bad taste but still a joke. Laugh about it and move on. Btw there’s no way the score is going to be that high in this game. That in itself is a joke.

  16. Greg says

    Tiger Fan I grew up in the south. And “tough skin” is very different from lacking the self-respect and courage to speak up against this homophobic crap.

  17. Randy says

    @ Tiger Fan, I’m from Baton Rouge. I find this shirt offensive and would never wear it. I’m gay and from the south. Hate language is hate language and if you think that’s funny then I feel sorry for you buddy. Sometimes having a thick skin means you’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in and against what is wrong. In that respect I’ve got a pretty thick one. As for you, I’d say if you think it’s funny and go along with the joke then yours must be pretty thin because you’d rather blend in with the gang. So don’t come here pretending to know who’s got the thicker skin and speaking for all of us from the south, you don’t speak for me!

  18. Grady says

    Hey Tiger Fan: This shirt is about as funny as the guy who poisoned the trees by Toomer’s.
    As an Alabamian, a “homeaux”, a former Bama student & a lifelong Crimson Tide fan, this disgusts me on many levels.

  19. Michael Deselms says

    tiger fan…just a joke? I lost a dear friend because someone beat the hell out of them. For being homo. This is rude and crude. GROW UP PEOPLE. This is not a time in our country for such “jokes”. We have a GOP Presidential run that is spewing hatred towards all homosexuals. We do not need to add fuel to the fire.

  20. Tiger Fan says

    That was uncalled for, you can’t compare those two things. That was just wrong on so many levels. Toomer’s was criminal destruction to property. That’s like coming here and poisoning the oaks around campus. Things like that can’t just be undone. These ignorant hicks that are trying to print these shirts are protected by law. They can print and say what they want. It’s up to the gay community to react or let it go. As much as the gay community thinks they’ve made progress there’s still a long way to go. It’s not as socially acceptable as people have come to believe. Otherwise why would shirts like these still be printed?

  21. Lance says

    I’m a gay male, originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and a graduate of the University of Alabama. I love college football and spend each in anticipation of the upcoming game. I have three great uncles who still hold records at the U of A in football. I’m a true fan and a true Southerner
    but I find the shirt extremely offensive and would never wear it or even be with someone who had it on. I would like to think someone from the University but I seriously doubt that will happen. Sucks.

    BTW Tiger Fan, The University of Alabama has 13 National Championships and we are known for our gracious behavior towards the majority of rivals. That is one of the reasons there was such an outpouring of support and help from other schools when the tornado devastated my hometown last year.

  22. JayKingOfGay says

    Here we go with the double whammy of homophobic slurs mixed with a cowardly attempt to shame us into silence.

    If your big, tough, manly sports fans can’t handle criticism without getting the vapors and coming up with lame defenses that involve trying to shame your critics YOU ARE COWARDS.

    If you can’t express yourself without attacking disadvantaged minorities, YOU ARE COWARDS.

    I’ll make a deal with you.
    When you stop being insecure and infantile, we’ll stop being thin skinned.

  23. Fahd says

    I thought contacting paypal and complaining about them facilitating the sale of this hateful stuff was the right way to go. (see above)

    Arguing in the comments section is less effective.

  24. says

    The empowered feminist women at my MCC had a fun little joke in the ’80’s — “If we can send one man to the moon, why can’t we send them all?”

    I showed up with a button that said “If we can burn one witch at the stake, why can’t we burn them all?”

    It does not take an Alabama grad to guess their reaction. I just don’t have a sense of humor.

  25. AU Tiger says

    @Tiger Fan. I’m a Auburn graduate in my late 40’s with season tickets. I know all about rivalries since the AU/UAT rivalry is the greatest in all of college football. I’ve come to expect classlessness from the average Bammer fan. Hell, most of them couldn’t find the University with a GPS. However, this shirt crosses the line. Teabag Tebow was pointed at one person.

    This shirt; however, tries to make LSU feel badly by being called a homo. That is saying we’re something to be used as an insult. That’s not acceptable.

    Now, go try and get the corndog smell out of your clothes before the MNC. :)

  26. Gary says

    The line “We just beat the Hell out of you” is a cheer that is done after every victory. The homeaux portion is offensive but I don’t think it is advocating gay bashing. People who portray themselves as being so “enlightened” such as many of the people who comment on this board should look at themselves before painting with such a broad brush and trashing an entire group of people. People should also check their facts…Alabama has elected a female governor in the 1960s–you can question the reasons why she was elected but you can’t question the FACT that a female was elected governor.

  27. Tripp says

    I’d like to point out to all of you bashing Alabama and the South in general, that we aren’t all like that. In fact, there is a thriving gay community and a large base of supporters and allies here. I’m not gay, but I’ve seen my share of discrimination. Blaming this on it being the state of Alabama is ignorant as well. That’s like assuming all people from Africa have AIDS or all people from NYC are jerks. Explaining away ignorance by using ignorance just perpetuates other stereotypes. One of my Fraternity little brothers is gay (actually 2 of 3 are), and I’m flying to Boston this year to go to his wedding – just so you know I’m not defending the state as a bigot.

  28. Hollywood, CA says

    @Tiger Fan – Instead of trying to defend your point so vehemently , maybe take this as a moment to learn something. What ‘s not offensive to you may in fact still be offensive :). In the same way that just because you laugh at a joke doesn’t mean it hasn’t crossed the line.

    For example:
    Trash Talk: “Your offense is crap!”
    Hate Speech: “Your offense play like F_gs!”


  29. Your Mom says

    I swear, this is why I don’t always “identify” as gay, even though I am. Saying that this shirt promotes gay-bashing is taking it WAY to far and grasping at straws. I actually think it’s clever and funny. “We just beat the hell out of you” is from the Rammer Jammer cheer that Bama does after every big win. Get over yourselves. This in no way supports gay-bashing.

  30. Ready to boycott U of Alabama says

    “This in no way supports gay-bashing” – Ha ha ha.

    “Hey homo” = absolutely unambiguous insult.

    “Your mom”: I think you lie.

    Does the top leadership, and alumni relations and development departments of the university know about plans for this shirt? What might the world think of a university where something like this is acceptable?

  31. AU Tiger says

    @Lance. You know y’all don’t have 13 National Championships. I was looking at a letter from the Bear this morning (on rivals) showing 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978,1979 as the MNC’s.

    Y’all had a marketing guy in the 80’s decide to go back into the achives and claim championships in which some obscure publication possibly had you ranked # 1.

    You have 8 MNC’s. Still a hell of a feat, but it isn’t 13.

  32. Mary says

    As long as social conservatives fail to condemn the kind of people who create shirts like this and find it humorous they will be tagged as “haters.” Since social conservatives cannot advocate true equality for gays in all areas of life, the least they can do is condemn vulgar and insulting displays of prejudice like this shirt. There is nothing in defending Judeo-Christian culture (broadly defined, that is) that requires insulting people. Why is this so hard to say? I mean its not like conservatives have to do something really difficult… become regular readers of Towleroad, or something like that!

  33. wtf says

    Dear “Your Mom” & “Tiger Fan”:
    Just because YOU don’t get it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t EXIST. How many people need to let you know that:
    a) being called a ‘homeaux” and
    b) being told that you just had ‘the hell beat out of you’

    describes gay bashing. A homo who has been beaten. Do you really really not get it? Is it just that you’re so juvenile or such a troll that you think the physical assault of another human being is somehow funny? Are you developmentally delayed, perhaps?

    Thin skinned? So…if I’m offended by t-shirts that describe homos getting the hell beat out of them because I’m gay and have seen gay bashing over and over and over and over again it’s just because I’m just a FAG, right?

    So in a nutshell: you’re both a couple of a$$holes who really really need to go f*ck yourselves. Just sayin’. Don’t be so thin skinned.

  34. Thomasina says

    I am offended by this shirt, just like Alabama’s Governor Lurleen Wallace and Congresswoman Terri Sewell should be offended that Dback apparently thinks they are not women.

  35. BobN says

    Pardon me if I’m missed the nuance here, as I am not a sports fan, but “trash talk” means “insults”, no? And what is insulting about the t-shirt? Is it the “we just beat the hell out of you”? I hardly see how that can be an insult. It either happened or it didn’t. Reminding someone of a defeat isn’t an “insult”. It might be a little rude, but it’s not demeaning in itself to have lost.

    So, that leaves “Hey Homeauxs”. If that is the “trash talk”, then it has to be an insult. So, what’s insulting about it? Why is it an insult to call someone a homo?

    There. Any clearer?

  36. JD Swell says

    I am a Bama grad and a huge Bama football fan. The shirt is wrong no doubt about it. But, as others have said it is more about insulting LSU by calling them gay than being about gay bashing.

    The “We just beat the hell out of you” phrase is part of a victory cheer taht we sing after every win.

    Of course, that doesn’t excuse the insult it just puts it in a different light.

  37. Sean in Dallas says

    “We just beat the hell out of you” shows real sportsmanship, doesn’t it?

    All you a$$hats who just don’t get why anyone would be offended: stop the act. It’s just as insulting as the T-shirt is.

  38. Rebekah says

    I grew up in t-town & I am raising my two kids here. I love the crimson tide but I do not love this shirt. I am so embarrassed by it! I am trying to teach my children to be good fans. This needs to be removed from the website.

  39. Marshal says

    Tripp, while I of course disagree with generalizations, it is the sad reality that the South as a whole is way behind on social issues. Insulting it is not going to fix this – actions will.

    JD Swell, you just typed one of the definitions of gay bashing – the verbal side. Utilizing “being gay” as a slur absolutely constitutes as this, which is exacerbated by this being a product.

  40. Bk says

    “We just beat the hell outta you, rammer jammer yellow hammer give ’em hell, Alabama” is the end of a cheer. Not about gay bashing, but the homo thing is lame.

  41. Kevin says

    I live in New Orleans and NO WAY would I or any of my friends wear this. “The South” is a big place, and Baton Rouge (and Tuscaloosa) are worlds away from NOLA. I’m proud to be a progressive Southerner who doesn’t hate himself or apologize for being gay. I feel safe and happy living here and this sort of thing just makes me sick.

  42. Cameron says

    The reason this is offensive to homosexuals is that by using “homosexual” as an insult, you have to first assume that being gay is actually a bad thing. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Replace homeaux with breaux and you’ll see the difference. Calling someone bro doesn’t really feel like an insult does it? Calling someone homo does because you assume that being a homo is a bad thing.

  43. Bob says

    Wow! I think most of you got it wrong, but anyways. If you cant be made fun of then what the ??? I have to have your buttbashing rammed in my face all day everyday. Quit getting your little queer panties all in a wad. Roll Tide!

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