1. Sethboy says

    Sad to say, but as soon as I heard the story, that was the first thing I thought about. Some sort of terrible hate crime seemed likely. As we all know, violence against GLBTQ persons is often magnified in intensity and this sounds gruesome.
    Terrible tragedy either way. :(

  2. says

    Gosh, what an awful death. I certainly hope the man was not alive when he was beheaded. Reminds me of the horrible grusome death of reporter Daniel Pearl (remember that?). (Shutter!)

  3. anonimodesf says

    @SETHBOY Really? You thought hate crime? My immediate thought was drug deal gone bad. Either way, it’s horrific. =(

  4. RonTEX says

    Yeah, I didn’t think his being gay was the probable cause. He was a flight attendant for years with a Mexican airline and my thought was possibly he knew of drug smuggling and the cartel was taking care of business.

  5. Matt says

    Cutting off a head and hands is so depraved that it’s not the work of a casual gay basher or thug. It’s either someone who knew and hated the guy (spurned lover, etc.) or a sicko who had sex with the guy and killed him in a freak-out moment of self-loathe and panic. There aren’t a lot of people out there who can stomach butchering a person (thankfully).

  6. ratbastard says

    Hate crime? Sounded immediately to me like:

    1) Extreme example of domestic violence [the unnecessary viciousness would seem to suggest people very intimate in a relationship that soured badly]. The chopped body simply indicative of a desperate killer trying dispose of a dead body.

    2) Sadistic serial-type killer [statistically unlikely though]

    3) Some sort of ‘business’ gone bad.

    If the victim was gay and this is integral to his murder, I’d suggest a hook-up gone horribly bad or a soured intimate relationship are far more likely than a random gay bashing / hate crime.