1. ian says

    Ah yes Pat, always play the victim. It’s a sign of the fascist mindset. People like him are never responsible for what happens to them, they’re being victimized by oh, I dunno; The Jews, or the Gays, or the Blacks. Pity the poor defenseless and powerless white majority, so discriminated against by powers greater than themselves. Proof of that is the lack of marriage equality; so many obstacles impeding hetero marriages in this country enforce by the Gay overlords. But, as Joan Rivers once said, we must not be too hard on Pat. After all he lost both his parents during WW2; They fell off a guard tower at Auschwitz.

  2. nick says

    Pat will have the chance to play the victim one more time when he finally wakes up and realizes the Christian right will throw him under the bus as well as he is -afterall- horrors-Catholic-and the elephant in the room with the fascist Conservatives is that the fundies love the support they get from Catholics on anti-choice, anti-contraceptive topics but in the end the Catholics are Mary-loving cannibals in their eyes-but they will use them -in the best Christian tradition. So be prepared -you and your kind are not part of the rapture crowd-Patty,

  3. Acronym Jim says

    Stop clutching those pearls, cupcake. You were fired because you’re a bigot. All the “militant gays and people of color” did was point it out.

    So quick to judge others, yet so little self-awareness. Is that what happens when you start thinking of yourself in the third person?

  4. Mary says

    “Pat Buchanan out at MSNBC”

    That could have more than one meaning. Is Pat about to reveal some long-hidden tendencies? (sorry, folks. I’m in one of those silly moods again!)

  5. jack says

    Pat Buchanan has always been a negative and hateful force on the american political scene. I will always remember that in the early days of the Aids epidemic when thousands were dying; he said on the McLaughlin show:”Homosexuals declared war on mother nature and now she is getting her revenge” The man is at his core a hater.

  6. NY2.0 says

    I just don’t get why it took MSNBC this long to finally can this bigot’s behind?
    @ Lucifer, Al Sharpton is nothing like Pat Buchanan and in fact supports same-sex marriage.

  7. el polacko says

    ummm…doesn’t GLAAD’s statement validate buchanan’s suspicions? calling for his silencing is exactly what he said is happening to him. censoring, shouting down,’glitter-bombing’, and attempting to destroy others does nothing to advance our interests.

  8. el polacko says

    @ny2.0: sharpton is the mirror-image of buchanan…he just has a different list of groups. he is, for instance, a raving anti-semite…but i guess that’s okay as long as he claims to support marriage?

  9. Red says

    So happy that Pat Buchanan’s dried up prune face of hate will no longer contaminate my TV screen when I watch MSNBC. Let him take his vile commentary to Faux where he’ll be welcomed with opened arms.

  10. JohnC says

    It great to see that MSNBC finally took Pat off the air but I was offended by many of the thing Pat has said to Protect “The Idea” of being an Republican. The question is will they stand by it.

    MSNBC banned Mark Helprin and then turned it into a suspension; now he is back on the air. Will they stand by this? That is the question? Joe Scarborough told many whoppers and knew Pat would always be there to push the Republican way of thinking.

    Now they have Micheal Steel assuming the Pat Buchanan’s role, of spinning Talking Points in Falsehoods and delivering them as if they were facts. Micheal Steel is better at it without offending as many people along the way.

  11. johnny says

    If using non-violent protest and other legally structured means in order to secure equal rights and equal protections under the law for ALL people…

    … means I’m labled a “Militant Gay” man, then so be it.

    Guess I’ll go get the t-shirts made today.

  12. anon says

    PB was brought into the Nixon White House after they had trouble dealing with Wallace. Nixon didn’t want any challenges from the right in the South and Pat had all the right attitudes to write speeches catering to that crowd. It propelled him to national fame and for some reason he gets a pass owing to his “stature”, but really, he hasn’t earned his stripes as a national figure. His falling out with the Republican party might be coming to an end though.

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