Cindy And Meghan McCain Appear In New NOH8 Photos


Cindy and Meghan McCain are upping the ante in their support for equal rights.

After first appearing individually in the NOH8 campaign two years ago, the mother and daughter duo sat for new shots, including one together, for activists Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley’s star-studded movement.

Above you see their dual shot, and their other new images can be seen over at the NOH8 campaign website. Will these latest photos persuade Eric Cantor’s wife to join the cause? I seriously doubt it.


  1. says

    She could divorce the sob and run for office herself AND then their campaign would be more believeable. For now, it is just good politics. “We support gay marriage but my husband/dad doesn’t…” and its the father who holds the power, not these ladies.


    Only a clueless moron would believe Cindy and Meghan McCain are in favor of gay rights. Read between the lines, or in this case, the photo ops.

  3. Ricco says

    So what, Cindy McCain is supposed to get cred for coming out in support of equal rights, AFTER her infidel of a husband, a liar, and a man who makes it up as he goes along, NOW that he is no longer campaigning, when it is expedient for Mrs. McCain to do so . . . when her husband gives his permission?

    She is no better than Mrs. Cantor. No one needs pseudo support from, yet, another spineless hypocrite.

  4. marion dragulescu says

    this “movement” is just an excuse for celebrities and normal people to have flattering portraits taken of themselves with photoshopped irises.

  5. Paul R says

    Cindy clearly brought in her own stylist for this one.

    I do wonder how this resonates at home. John is a dumb brute and this makes him look even older—out of touch with his own family. So I can’t hate on them. It’s mother and daughter v. dumb old dinosaur. And the dinosaur will die. Not that he’d have gotten where he is without Cindy’s bank account anyway.

    Though why this campaign chose the approach of duct tape has always eluded me. It just reminds me too much of Silence = Death.

  6. Rob says

    I don’t understand how she can stay married to someone with whom she shares widely divergent core values.

    Also, instead of photo shoots she should be lobbying her husband to change his antequated and hurtful stance on marriage equality.

  7. DJNY says

    I don’t understand this campaign and don’t see how it helps anyone. Why are they all photoshopped and airbrushed with tape on their mouths? What is that supposed to mean? It’s especially annoying to see the McCains involved in this.

  8. Kevin says

    Not to be harsh but I feel like the NoH8 photos are the gay rights equivalent to the Livestrong bracelets – a way to feel good about supporting a cause without actually doing anything to support the cause.

  9. Ricco says

    You have to love people like Cinesnatch, pretending to be gay, and posting their comments that are contrary to gay rights, which only goes to show that some gays will take what little crumbs are thrown their way, and call the rest of us haters just because we are not so easily satisfied, and because we possess more sense and discernment.

  10. says

    Ricco, Thanks for the love. Love you right back. Congratulations on you, OS2Guy and “Marcus Bachmann” having more sense and discernment, as well as self-congratulation and gayness. A simple, “Nice, but means little in the greater context” would have displayed actual sense and discernment. But, you’re the one with sense and discernment, so I will leave that up to you to figure out.

  11. BobN says

    Thanks, NoH8 campaign, for helping to dull the anti-gay image of the GOP. Thanks a lot.

    Seriously, I can understand letting Meaghan make an ad, but Cindi McCain? NO WAY. Tell her to take her duct tape and apply it to her hubby’s mouth. Off camera.

  12. Dawson says

    Let’s stop the hate.

    I am happy that they are own our side. These are the small steps to get those who oppose us to change their minds. Can’t we look at things positively for a change?

    Who hasn’t had a different opiniion from their spouse? They can do something most of us cannot and that is hopefully change peoples opinion from the belly of the beast.

    Most of us are Democrates. We have a harder time convincing the other party and let’s face it changing Republican men opinion is going to be more difficult. A woman can do this from the inside better than we can. Why would we not want them on our side?

  13. Chaq says

    Honestly, “Ricco”, you’re entitled to disagree with “Cinesnatch” and the argument he makes, but to accuse him of “pretending to be gay” is not only extremely offensive, but also completely baseless and, when used as a debating tactic, intellectually lazy.
    Argue the subject – don’t attack the speaker.

  14. lofty says

    BOYCOTT NOH8 Campaign until they release their accounting records showing where OUR money went. It appears they’ve not donated ONE PENNY in three years to any of the groups fighting for marriage equality. They (there’s only two of them Adam and Jeff) spend ALL THE MONEY for their vacations/trips to all the cities around the world… No money leftover except to advertise their next stop! Oh, and now they’re using it for a cruise in TAHITI. Nice.

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