1. says

    Meanwhile, she was teaching people how to make doughnut burgers for three years while she learned good information on diabetes? If I was diagnosed today, I bet I’d know all I needed to know in a week before going public (if anyone cared about me publicly, that is). Remarkably cynical handling of this.

  2. Sean says

    I saw this interview this morning and I feel she’s not being completely honest. Partnering with a drug company makes her statements ring false or at least deflective. Most doctors will say that the combatant of choice for type II diabetes is lifestyle change which includes dietary changes. Yes medication can help but it doesn’t just erase the problem. Her cooking is exemplary of the ways many Americans eat. This is not food that should be eaten in moderation. It is food that could be eaten limited, as in special occasion, if ever.

  3. Strepsi says

    “God’s time” is not required, Pharmaceuticals are certainly not required — except for a tiny fraction of the population, Adult onset diabetes is ALMOST ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE.

    Watch your Glucose Index. Do not eat refined sugar. Do not drink soda or juice, ever — eat fruit instead. Do not eat processed foods loaded with corn syrup.


  4. Toby says

    I never thought I would find myself defending Paula Deen. I normally find her grating, her over-the-top portrayal of Southerners almost silly, and I will not even get into her pronunciation of pecan.

    This is not a time schadenfreude, catty remarks, or people to be judgmental .

    While it is easy to criticize her, judge her, and give “advice,” the fact is not a single one of us know exactly what she has gone through.

    As a community that has long struggled with stereotypes, prejudice, and condemnation, we should know better.

  5. Elsewhere says

    Speaking as someone with Type 2 diabetes, Paula’s three-year wait to discuss the disease is, at best, disingenuous and at worst a giant big ole’ fib. Also? With Type 2 diabetes there’s a good chance that you can manage the disease with diet and exercise, but without drugs.

    Right after I was diagnosed my doctor sent me to series of classes at a local hospital in order to learn the ins and outs of the disease. The first three classes (meeting once a week) gave you the basic info and techniques you needed to make changes in your life and diet based on your medical profile. The fourth class met one month later to check progress. The last class was three months later, and we all had a chance to catch up and learn how everybody was coping.

    So after five months I had a damn good handle on what I needed to do, and there have been some continuing classes that have been offered as well. I lost a lot of weight while eating well (Christmas day I roasted a goose, New Year’s Day a standing rib roast), check my blood sugar twice a day and take no diabetes meds.

    God told her to announce her diabetes so she could rep for big pharma? Don’t think much of that idea…

  6. Steve says

    I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 4. By the time I was 7 I knew ALL about it.

    She kept her mouth shut for money pure and simple.

    Maintaining a healthy weight, eating and drinking sensibly, and exercise is the best way to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

    Paula Deen makes deep-fried cheesecake?

  7. Jan says

    Dear Paula,

    Type II diabetes is not that bad. Almost have the world is diabetic. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating but really, diabetes is not a morbidly disease. Eating habits aren’t the only risk factor for being diabetic, heredity also plays a role. I don’t even know how this made to the media.

    This is like me telling the world I have hypertension! ooooohhhh

  8. Eric Starson says

    I’m sad for Paula, but not all that surprised. Maybe she should look into a healthier diet to treat her diabetes instead of drugs? There’s lots of interesting information available at this noncommercial, science based site ( To quote the good doctor: “It is too bad Paula Deen missed this opportunity” to tell her fans “that type 2 diabetes can be prevented, managed, treated, and even cured”. Read more at

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