1. Mrs. Sippi says

    The people with him should be brought in as accessories to sexual battery. He’s a “good ol’ boy” so he’ll get away with it. Idiot bullies at it again. You know it takes a lot to make a Krystal look worse than it already is.

  2. Stephen Q says

    I am from South Texas and visit New Orleans….They have a STRICT policy now on Bourbon Street when it comes to exposure and nudity. For men….anything from the waist down is JAIL TIME…..No questions asked !

  3. KP says

    I’m glad they are actually taking this seriously. I know a lot of people will just say it was just a funny prank and nothing different that what goes on in a frat house. To those people I say, would you think the same thing if the unconscious person had been a woman?

  4. MikeBoston says

    Poor dumb bastard. He deserves to be punished but the sexual battery charge could mean he’d have to register as a sex offender – and that seems too harsh for what was more an act of agression rather than a sexual assault.

  5. OMNOMNOM says

    What a total waste of time, effort, and money! Thousands of college students get teabagged every year, and none of them get reported. They just laugh it off, like they should.

  6. Caliban says

    Ummm, if you’re passed out drunk in New Orleans and the worst thing that happens to you is someone rubs their balls on your head, you must have a guardian angel.

  7. RandySF says

    I think people calling this kind of thing “sick” is a lot less mature than the act in question.

    The only thing sick here is how people are trying to make this seem like it’s the equivalent of rape or something. This is not and it does a massive disservice to people who actually have been raped to try to treat it as such.

  8. Jennifer says

    I’m not downplaying the sexual battery (nor am I defending the guy), but I can’t help but think this has blown out of proportion. There are many child abuse / rape victims who have not received such prompt attention for justice as the LSU fan. Granted it was stupid of Downing, but there are many victims who won’t ever seek justice – mostly because the media attention isn’t as great as it has been here. And since the LSU fan is now a ‘victim’ shouldn’t his face be covered? The media is not supposed to show a victim’s name or face unless given permission and since the guy is probably not going to come forward, it’s safe to say he probably doesn’t want his identity revealed. Just sayin’!

  9. DuBeats says

    @StephenQ – when did that strict policy go into place? I was in NOLA for Southern Decadence 2011 and there was cock and ass everywhere – and the cops didn’t seem to mind.

  10. antisaint says

    If this were a frat party, or a group of friends, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but I think a 32-year-old man should know better than to do that to a stranger, on camera.

  11. ThomT says

    You want details go to todays (01/21/2012) sports section @ – the guy has apparently lost his job and it isn’t over yet. This wasn’t some drunken fratboy prank – the guy is a 32 year old good old boy who thinks this kind of stuff is harmless fun. My hunch is, regardless of the final outcome, he’s not laughing about it now and he’ll probably think twice about where he’ll be putting his balls in the future.

  12. Nick Palermo says

    All these comments about frat parties are really annoying. As if you’re even speaking from experience. Also, people often refer to rapes being common in frat parties, but that doesn’t mean they think it’s something that you should just look the other way at. From your logic, if something happens all the time, then that makes it ok. I guess a lot of people on here like random people’s balls on them. But, the majority of people do not. If a man rubbed his balls on me or a woman rubbed her vagina…either way I would feel very violated.

  13. jamal49 says

    Using a part of your sexual organs to humiliate someone (especially someone who is unconscious) is sexual assault. Period. The guy should be fined maximum and should be listed on the sex-offenders registry. There have to be consequences for such barbaric and crude behavior.

  14. whoatfault says

    I think the personalle,manager at Krystals, should be held responsible, if the man was passed out unconscious. Fire and safety issues should be of first concern. Ever try moving someone unconscious in a disaster. LSU fan should also know his limits. He is at fault for his own indulgence. Poor LSU fan, what if he’d been behind the stirring wheel of a car when he passed out.

  15. Chris says

    The sickest part was him sticking his finger up the guys nose..And the shame of showing the world he has a micro penis..It is typical of Alabama fans to act like this they think they are untouchable sorry but a white man wearing his hat backwards shows he is of a little especially a old man

  16. Soren456 says

    He may have paid a fine and thought himself clever. But he forgets: What’s posted on the net lives forever. He has screwed himself and doesn’t have the wit to know it.

  17. Bill Michael says

    “…the world’s most famous testicles.” You’re kidding, I SAW them and they were pretty SAD compared to most, and you can take my word for it.

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