1. Brokebackvol says

    Sadly its this crap that makes me think twice about moving home to Tenn. I left 20 years ago to escape the Bible Belt mentality, and it doesn’t seem to have really gotten any better. So sad!

  2. says

    I loathe this bill, and I loathe the kind of politician who would write it even more. However, I will not sign a petition that describes gender-neutral kids as “LGBTQ”. The “Q” stands either for “queer” or “questioning” and both labels are offensive. There is no such thing as “queer” human beings, much less children, and LGBT status is not questionable! Would we describe African-American or Latino heritage that way? Gender neutrality, like ethnicity, is inborn! When we oppose hetero-bigotry, we must be extra careful that the methods we use don’t reinforce ignorance.

  3. Jim Stone says

    If I lived in that state I would be so pissed!!! Rather than working on creating jobs they are wasting taxpayers dollars on this nonsense!!! Vote the creeps out!!!

  4. says

    @ Stuffed Animal: I am pretty sure that “Questioning” is meant in the sense of “unsure or questioning of one’s sexuality.” Not “questionable” in the sense of “of dubious value.”

  5. David says

    As a resident of Tennessee, I am appalled that our legislators can’t find anything better to do than to resurrect this stupid bill. Shouldn’t we be focusing on jobs and the economy rather than adding another tool to the bullies repertoire? It makes me ashamed to live in this state. Governor Haslam, you need to step up to the plate and talk to the legislature about this. As for me, I will exercise my right to vote and help get rid of any legislator who votes for this piece of trash that would make our kids feel unsafe in school.

  6. GregV says

    @Stuffed Animal: A lot of kids are at a stage of questioning. Personally, I don’t identify with that trajectory because I had it all figured out in kindergarten that I wanted to marry a man when I grew up; like a lot of people there was no question in my mind whether I was gay, straight or bi.
    But I’ve known people who hit young adulthood or even an older age and still either did not even understand the vocabulary to categorize their own orientation or had not figured out how to make sense of their own attractions or identity. Until they figure it out, those people are questioning.
    I suppose technically we could even say that any student who even has a question is “questioning.”
    Example: “Mr. Johnson, I was wondering for my social studies project, in what year did the Netherlands pass its marriage law recognizing same-sex couples?”
    Mr. Johnson: “I’m sorry Johnny. I know the answer, but due to Tennessee’s Don’t-Say-Gay law, I can’t tell you the answer.”

    I don’t know why, stuffed Animal, you refer to “gender neutral” kids. That’s not what the bill is about at all.

  7. Rich says

    Stuffed Animal, it may be a regional thing, but I know many young people who use the term Queer because they don’t want to be labeled otherwise. Of course we have had a good laugh over the fact that by choosing a non-label label, they are still choosing a label. The point is, though, that they embrace it as a way of saying, ‘You don’t get to decide who I am, I do.’ And if they embrace it, so do I.

  8. Mousemess says

    High time for Tennessee legislators to know that this “don’t say gay” law makes Tennessee look backward, idiotic and absurd.
    If I was a Tennessee resident, I would be embarrassed for my state.

  9. KnoxvilleSkeptic says

    Senator Stacey Campfield, the man behind the bill, on the recent media attention to teen suicides: “That bullying thing is the biggest lark out there.”

    He is wrong. There is bullying, not just from other kids, but from our state Senators, too.

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