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Dubai Gym Uses Nazi Death Camp Image to Entice People Who Want to Lose Weight


A tasteless Auschwitz ad for a gym in Dubai is getting attention around the world. Phil Parkinson, the gym's owner, who apologized on Facebook and Twitter after the ad went viral, also says the ad was a success:

“A huge number people have researched or Googled… our YouTube channel has shot up, our [Facebook] group page has got an hundred extra members in minutes and we have had about five times as many enquiries as before. It has got to the point I am nervous that I can’t cater for demand.”

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  1. It makes me sick that someone could profit from such a lack of sensitivity. Gross.

    Posted by: M | Jan 6, 2012 1:27:54 PM

  2. The Facebook page now has Phil Parkinson saying someone else created the logo and posted it. That update is posted directly above a comment where Parking confirms that an interview he did confirms that the ad is his and that his ad agency team is to blame (

    There's some major track-covering going here.

    Posted by: Elsewhere | Jan 6, 2012 1:32:11 PM

  3. It has "got to the point" that you should kill yourself. I hate emoticons and abbreviations, but really---WTF?

    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 6, 2012 1:32:11 PM

  4. Meant to include Circuit Factory's Facebook link, too.

    Posted by: Elsewhere | Jan 6, 2012 1:33:21 PM

  5. seriously tasteless......heck, why not show pictures of dead people who died of anorexia? WTF!

    Posted by: Gay American | Jan 6, 2012 2:59:06 PM

  6. This is perhaps the most offensive thing I've seen in quite a while, and certainly the most offensive gym membership ad EVER.

    Posted by: The Milkman | Jan 6, 2012 3:00:09 PM

  7. Attention doesn't translate into paid memberships, and the real downside is that if any people are attracted by this ad, he'll have that kind of person as a customer.

    Posted by: Mike | Jan 6, 2012 3:26:05 PM

  8. it's Dubai. they're not courting a Jewish or gay clientele.

    Posted by: doug | Jan 6, 2012 3:57:46 PM

  9. @Doug: great point. I guess they're just courting Nazis, so it's OK?

    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 6, 2012 4:20:24 PM

  10. Phil Parkinson is a jackass. Best to avoid his gym.

    Posted by: jason | Jan 6, 2012 4:26:28 PM

  11. classy ad is classy...

    @gay american: They died from starvation, not anorexia, which is a mental illness.

    Posted by: B | Jan 6, 2012 4:41:30 PM

  12. The 2nd word in your piece is a word I have been embracing lately: "tasteless". Just because someone can do or say something, doesn't mean that it is good taste to do so. I find this is such the case here in America (and in Dubai in the ad).

    Posted by: Jim | Jan 6, 2012 6:54:22 PM

  13. I thought it was pretty funny, even as a gay German. You can't take everything so serious. It's just an ad and obviously intended as a joke. But Americans love to get offended. So enjoy the ranting I guess?

    Posted by: Alex | Jan 6, 2012 8:05:50 PM

  14. Alex, as a "gay German", you should know better. Time to do a little study on the horror created by your grandparents.

    Posted by: Mark M | Jan 7, 2012 1:54:25 AM

  15. Alex, if you truly are a German citizen, then you should be familiar with the term "historic responsibility."

    Posted by: Kwame A. River | Jan 7, 2012 10:23:01 AM

  16. Absolutely disgusting.

    Posted by: J. Page | Jan 8, 2012 3:33:20 PM

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