1. Ron says

    What a bitter, jealous, nasty old queen!

    He can just be happy with all his millions, fame, husband and child.

    Maybe he’ll be watching the Super Bowl half-time show over at Rush Limbaugh’s house on the big screen?

  2. luminum says

    He’s a great role model for his son, clearly. Solve your bitter non-issues with passive aggressive statements, rather than letting them go or actually confronting them like an adult.

    That’s one couple I would have never supported having a child, biological or otherwise. They hardley pass the test for behaving adults.

  3. JimmyD says

    Anyone who is responding to Elton by calling him names and making catty comments about him are just as bad as what they’re saying HE does.
    (I know… somehow it’s different and ok… No. It’s exactly the same.)

  4. Joe says

    Wow, I wish this bitter bloated tick would shut up, and keep his jealous tired ass remarks to himself. Not just for the defense of Madonna. Not all old middle aged gay men are so jaded and bitter and jealous.

  5. paul garcia says

    seems like he is promoting his own superbowl ad,where he took take after take. At least Madonna is doing her performance in one take. Madonna wins!

  6. QJ201 says

    For someone who is supposedly in “recovery” he comes across as bitter and nasty…which means he is basically a “dry drunk” and no where near “sober.”

  7. says

    Madonna’s done more for gay visibility and furthering discussions of gay sexuality than Elton John—and that’s an embarrassing fact. Our straight allies are often far more useful than our gay brethren, especially someone as vile as Elton, who seems content to make money and never do anything outside the box. @Bfesnter: Where is it proven that he can “take it?” He has thinner skin than a tomato.

  8. excy says

    The Elton John AIDS Foundation has raised over $200 million to support HIV/AIDS programs in fify-five countries. Pathetic bitter sloth….hardly. Grow up.

  9. alex says

    Oh come on. The Madonnabots are being ridiculous. He was not being mean. He was just being honest. Sooner or later you Madonnabots, and I speak as a former Madonnabot, will have to admit it would be better for her to retire than to go on taking lukewarm $#!*S on her legacy every 3-5 years. It’s embarrassing. Time for the Cirque du Soleil Vegas residency already.
    Before she commits further atrocities on her face. Now that last one was a little mean. Also, true.

  10. Grady says

    Elton was a cute furry cub in his younger days & kept himself in pretty good shape – maybe the coke helped keep the weight off. He could’ve aged into a hot daddy bear instead of a fat old thing who shaves the hair off of his face & body and wears that silly fake hair on top of his head. Guess he never got into the gym. He’s also lost a least an octave off of the top of his singing range.
    I’ve never seen Madonna lip synch in a live show, although she does rely on her backup singers quite a bit.

  11. bruce says

    Well, you can’t deny that Madonna’s career has been based on AutoTune and lip-sync. It’s scary that gay men were once so devoted to such a fake. Fakes admiring fakes.

  12. Andy says

    Madonna doesn’t lip-sync exactly, she sings with a live mike along with her own pre-recorded vocals. I can’t remember the name for it exactly…but the pre-recorded vocals cover up most of the sour notes and she can still throw in a few “wooohs” and “yeahs”” in between on the live mike, which will fool most of the people into thinking it’s all 100% her live vocals. Most of the “non-singer” singers, like Janet Jackson, do it.

  13. Rick says

    And, as usual, a story on an out gay man–one of the very few out prominent gay men in any field and one who has contributed enormously to the gay community–is responded to with hate-filled, venomous, vicious remarks from other gay men.

    And then you all wonder why virtually no gay men of any prominence ever come out.

    It is because they see no point in it–if they do, you people spew hatred at them–if they don’t, you people spew hatred at them.

    I personally am thrilled that Elton is a great football fan, hopes his son plays football, and took an opportunity to dump on a the self-involved little c*nt named Madonna…..and I am sure the vast majority of the population agrees, even as so many gay men, themselves, stew in their own bitterness and hatred over it all.

  14. bruce says

    Well, if Madonna uses a live microphone to “sing” to pre-recorded vocals, that is still not live. It’s a fake performance. I don’t care who’s done it before and who does it now. Fake is fake.

  15. Henry Holland says

    “Madonna’s done more for gay visibility and furthering discussions of gay sexuality than Elton John—and that’s an embarrassing fact”

    It’s only a “fact” in the dreamworld you live in Matthew, the one where Madonna can literally do no wrong. Elton John had his career stopped dead in its tracks in America when he came out as bisexual in “Rolling Stone” in 1976. He’s been out as gay since before the “Like A Prayer” album, he’s been in a steady relationship with a man for almost 20 years now, has contributed tens of millions to gay causes and so on.

    What has Madonna done besides take gay imagery/trends, clean them up for mass consumption and make a mint off it? “Vogue” anyone? Seriously, what has she done that even comes to close to the Elton John AIDS Foundation? Anyone?

    “He has thinner skin than a tomato”

    If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. [eye rolling icon here] Jeebus, the slightest criticism of Madonna and you act like it’s a personal insult.

  16. bendskier says

    To the idiot haters:

    Elton John is CURRENTLY making shitloads of $$$ off his licensed hit BROADWAY SHOWS.

    I love Madonna, not as much as I used to, but I still do love her, but damn, we all know she could never pen a hit broadway show.

    Just sayin. The man is enormously talented.

  17. Dan says

    How arrogant! “Never ever”?? Guess he completely forgot about MJ’s 1993 superbowl performance. Also, even Pavarotti lip-synched at the 2006 Winter Olympics, who’s elton to talk?

  18. Henry Holland says

    “Guess he completely forgot about MJ’s 1993 superbowl performance”

    Everyone who got creeped out by the Michael Jackson surrounding himself with young/pre-pubescent kids *even though he was being sued for child sexual abuse* at the time has probably forgotten that halftime show.


    And I guess the fact that EJ later gave his due to the Stones and Prince’s performances kind of negates your “never ever” comment.

  19. ElCid says

    Wow, it is astonishing to see gay men dismissing parental skills of gay couples just out of stupidity. For those of you who are die hard Madonna fans, guys: chill the hell out!
    Elton is only making silly comments and it is obvious that whatever achievement she’s gonna have with her current album/tour it won’t be hurt by his comments.
    On the other hand, even though I REALLY like some of Madonna albums and a lot of her singles, it should be crystal clear to everyone that Elton John is enormously talented and his legacy to world music is ABSOLUTELY incomparable to hers.

  20. Armando says

    He needs to let the Golden Globe go. She won, he lost. His boasting before and his husbands bitterness afterwards is embarrasing.

    This isn’t Sallieri and Mozart.

  21. Mark says

    If Elton John were the last other man on earth, I’d go straight. What a pathetic, bloated turd. I hope Zachary doesn’t suffer as long as Christna Crawford did before turning the tables on “Mommie dearest.” Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to wash my eyes.

  22. Henry Holland says

    “He needs to let the Golden Globe go. She won, he lost. His boasting before and his husbands bitterness afterwards is embarrassing”.

    Sadly, par for the course for sober EJ. Anyone who has seen “Tantrums and Tiaras” isn’t surprised though.

    I took it as: here’s some advice Madonna, take it or leave it. It’s not telling tales to say that Madonna lip-synchs/is Auto-Tuned during shows, especially during dance heavy numbers, it’s pretty common knowledge in music circles. Lots of other touring acts do it too. But this isn’t 18,000 people in a hockey arena, it’s going to be 100 million + and I guarantee that if she’s blatantly lip-synching, she’ll get toasted for it.

    He’s right too, the Super Bowl halftimes have generally been really poor, as much as I love The Who, they were totally embarrassing. All those old classic rock bands after Nipplegate, zzzzzzz.

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