First Look: Ricky Martin Tweets Photo with Cast of ‘Glee’


Ricky Martin sports a pompadour in a photo he tweeted late last night which shows the singer on the set of Glee, along with ten of its cast members including fellow gay actor Chris Colfer.

Martin is to play what a Glee insider called in November, “the hottest Spanish teacher ever in the history of Ohio.” He will reportedly headline two big musical numbers in the episode, which is supposed to air later this month.


  1. Drew says

    @Tom: This is not a cast shoot; just a one-off scene, so chillax.

    Speaking of character combinations, can Ricky and Darren Chris perform a duet? Shirtless? I’ll wait patiently for that.

  2. Rob says

    He looks like he’s done up like Danny Zuko! Are they doing a Grease number? And I have to admit I would have the exact same expression on my face as Chris Colfer in this photo if I were standing that close to Ricky Martin. :-) So glad I got tickets to first night of previews of Evita in March!

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