1. 10025 says

    Channelling another dangerous wacko, Peter Duesberg:

    “In his 1996 book Inventing the AIDS Virus and in numerous journal articles and letters to the editor, Duesberg asserts that HIV is harmless and that recreational and pharmaceutical drug use, especially of zidovudine (AZT, a drug used in the treatment of AIDS) are the causes of AIDS outside Africa (the so-called Duesberg hypothesis). He considers AIDS diseases as markers for drug use, e.g. use of poppers (alkyl nitrites) among some homosexuals, asserting a correlation between AIDS and recreational drug use.[29]”

  2. truthiness says

    Mr. Fischer,

    Let me clarify for you. HIV is caused by unprotected anal & vaginal sex as well as sharing needles. AIDS is a result of untreated HIV running rampant in the body.

    Not only gays contract HIV, straight men & women get it as well.

    When you know better, you do better.
    Please try harder to be informed.

  3. says

    It’s Acid Flashback time boys and girls!

    WAY back at the beginning of the epidemic, before we even knew it was sexually transmitted, rumors ran rampant that poppers were the cause. Not at all the case, as we quickly learned.

    I keep waiting for Fischer to be found in a hot bed motel ODd on drugs with a teenage hustler beside him.

  4. endo says

    Hahaha, what’s funny to me about this is that everyone’s favorite troll JasonRick frequently claims that AIDS is caused by poppers and promiscuity.

    OMG! JasonRick is Bryan Fischer!

  5. says

    If there is one realization here it is that nutcases like Fischer are their own worst enemies. You can spew hate and lies for just so long before before being revealed for the lying piece of scum you are. A round of applause goes out to the gutter snakes like Bryan Fischer. The truth of the internet is killing the fanatical evangical off quicker then anything else.

  6. David in Houston says

    96-percent? Where did they ask this question, at the Popper factory that only employs gay sex fanatics? Seriously, this moron is just pulling figures out of his demented ass.

    The only way you could possibly know that is to poll every gay person in America. I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen.

  7. kit says

    Is it just me or does it seem to anyone else that this creep is just aching for it? I mean, it seems like it’s all he can think about — hundreds and hundreds of partners. He just can’t stop imagining it, picturing it in his mind, over and over again…

  8. Ninong says

    Yeah, right. And 20 years ago Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have had sex with 20,000 different women. Which, according to Wilt’s own calculations, equalled having sex with 1.2 women per day every day since he turned 15. I believe he was in his early 40’s when he made that claim.

    A lot of gays guys claim to have had sex with 1,000 different guys. In their dreams!

  9. V-8 says

    I’m not into poppers, and most people I know r not into…

    have been, saferly (yes, making that word up), with a bit more than one hundred people (in a span of 20 years, about 5 or 6 per year on average), and I’d easily say that less than ten did poppers or wanted to do poppers with me around…

    and yes, I am HIV negative…. so yes, Mr, so what? some of us have lots of sex… get over it….. that is one small part of whom we r….

    we also teach, protect the country, compete in the olympics, serve food in restaurants, run for public office, style people, mow lawns, pay taxes, etc….

    I guess u must see it as a trade off, if one wants to have tons of sex, one gets less social benefits….. I’d rather u have more sex (whatever rocks ur boats) and let us benefit just as everyone else….

  10. Benjamin says

    I really have no idea how someone like this think that they can speak to God’s design (unless they have a god-complex themselves). Seriously, has he ever read the bible? God instructed many of the figures in the bible to take multiple wives. The assertion that God intended one sexual partner for life is blatantly false. If he fabricates the most basic foundations of his faith, then how can he expect anyone to believe anything that comes out of his mouth?

  11. Mona says

    If these folks can just pull nonsense out of their butts to keep us down, what’s to stop us from doing the same?

    Bryan Fisher requires all his listeners to keep live gerbils in their anuses! Pass the word!

  12. Rick says

    His statistics are accurate, you know. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT THEY ARE.

    So trying to lie and pretend that most gay men will not have more than 100 sex partners over a lifetime is just silly…..and having more than 500 is not uncommon at all, either.

    The effective approach to the issue should be to ask why promiscuity is so widespread and whether it is even a bad thing. Undoubtedly, in part it is due to men being hard-wired by nature to seek out multiple sex partners and this is just as true of straight men as it is of gay men. And there is no doubt that straight men would be just as promiscuous as gay men are, if women would let them get away with it.

    The problem with promiscuity is that it can negatively effect the ability to form committed relationships……so the goal should be to alter the male culture in such a way that an allowance is made for having sexual partners outside a relationship, as long as the number does not become excessive….and this is, indeed, the solution that many societies have arrived at.

    But the excessive promiscuity we see among gay men reflects a fundamental inability to form lasting relationships…..and knowing that is what makes so many of you defensive about the issue. And it IS relevant to the question of marriage rights, because getting married and raising children should at least be tied to some sort of permanent commitment–which is essential to the well-being of the children involved.

    And that fundamental inability to form lasting relationships is, in turn, due to all the factors I have alluded to previously–lack of a truly male identity, due in part to internalized homophobia….and a tendency to tie onesself emotionally to women rather than men, objectifying the latter, including each other.

    THOSE are the issues that really need to be addressed and we will never defeat the homophobes until we have cleaned up our own still rather dirty house.

  13. jason says

    Peter Duesberg is actually correct. HIV does not cause AIDS. It is caused by appalling lifestyle choices such as the promiscuity you see on the gay male scene. Don’t deny that there is a culture of promiscuity that is marketed to gay men in all the venues.

    A lot of you wince and whine at what Bryan Fischer is saying – perhaps with some justification – but you can’t deny that elements of what he is saying are true. Bigotry aside, he has a point.

    How many of you have actually tried to give up promiscuity? The sound of crickets…..

  14. jason says

    I have been around the gay male scene for 25 years almost. I have been to saunas and any sex club you can imagine. I have been to clubs and bars. I know what I’m talking about. Within the gay male scene there is a culture of sleaze. The whole scene is based on a sex act. It’s a giant dating club.

    Bryan Fischer’s correct point is that amyl contributes to the destruction of the immune system. He’s absolutely correct. I think the broader point should be that being gay does not cause AIDS but being promiscuous and using drugs does weaken the immune system.

    A lot of you don’t want to admit it because your entire social lives are based on promiscuity and drug use.

  15. Paul says


    You’re an idiot. I’ve been in a 15-year monogamous relationship and neither one of us do poppers.

    What you’re experiencing is what the psychological community calls “projection”.
    Or, perhaps you’re just an uneducated, pathetically immature moron.

  16. jason says


    Congratulations. I congratulate anyone who is in a monogamous relationship.

    I am very specific in what I’m talking about – ie promiscuity and drug use. These are the cause of AIDS. Yet, many gay men don’t wish to give them up.

    The truly sad fact is that there are some gay men who enjoy being sick and who also enjoy the attention that comes from being sick. There is a pride movement associated with having an illness.

  17. Tom in long beach says

    What people like Bryan Fisher say about gays, is like saying all strait people act like college kids on spring break their whole lives. Most gay people I know are in long term stable relationships. A virus causes HIV aids. Being unsafe once, or sharing a needle once or getting tainted blood once can give you the virus. What it comes down to for us is to live our lives in a sane non self destructive way. To be safe or find someone to pair couple bond with…. That society makes it harder for us to have stable relationships is changing. But our relationships will never be perfect enough for people like Bryan Fisher. I personally have never liked sex without some kind of emotional bond, I judge no one. I just want people to have the self esteem to be safe and treat each other with respect.

  18. RyanInSacto says

    Some people will say absolutely anything to get attention. This includes spreading misinformation about scientific facts. It also includes claiming to have lived a really sleazy life in order to somehow claim that other people shouldn’t be sleazy. In the first case, it’s dangerous. In the second case, it’s just pathetic.

    It’s an indisputable fact that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the causal agent behind the syndrome known as AIDS. It is spread through unprotected anal and vaginal sex with an infected partner. It is also spread through sharing needles with an infected person. Infected mothers can (and unfortunately often do) spread HIV to their infants.

    It’s also indisputable that you can be as sleazy as you want with uninfected partners and YOU WILL NOT develop AIDS because you will not be infected with HIV. You can also do all kinds of sleazy things that do not include anal or vaginal sex and/or injectable drugs and YOU WILL NOT develop AIDS because you will not become infected with HIV. For example, you can give an HJ to every guy that walks by. Sleazy, perhaps, but it will not infect you with HIV. You should, however, probably keep some hand lotion handy to avoid chafing.

    But then again, most people already know all of this and some people just pretend not to know all of this so that they can post absurdities on the internet and get attention.

  19. says

    RICK, post the URL to your own page or video where you show us all what a strong, upstanding, empowered and healthy masculine gay role model you apparently are.

    the gay men who have trouble forming relationships are gay men like YOU – self-loathing resentful homosexuals who are too cowardly and ashamed to be seen as “gay”

    the gay men you and your father hate most, the “obviously gay” ones don’t have that problem. they have relatioships. long lasting ones. ones that exist in the public light. because unlike you they’re not afraid of people knowing they’re gay.

    what rampant promiscuity? you’re not getting laid, and you clearly don’t hang out in circles where other guys are getting laid either.

    we get it – you still get your information on The Gays from what your bigoted daddy tells you. aint he dead yet?

  20. Julia Heuer says

    Since we are making up statistics, apparently heterosexuals have an average of 2 sexual partners… but that is only because many remarry after their spouse dies. It would actually be an average of 1.5, but people like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh throw off the average. Oh, and soldiers in the military, straight or gay, have an average of 50,000 partners in their lifetime… but they don’t use poppers cause of drug tests.

  21. Rick says

    @RyaninSacto You are trying to change the subject. The AFA has as its goal to deny people of the same gender the right to marry each other. The technical question of how HIV is transmitted is really irrelevant to that issue. What IS relevant is whether or not the group that is lobbying for the right to marry is really sincere about the kind of long-term commitment that marriage represents. And if only a very small percentage of that group form lasting relationships, then what is the case to be made for giving them marriage rights?

    I personally do not understand why any gay man would want to try and mimic the kind of absolute heterosexual monogamy that marriage is the symbol of. To me, that absolute monogamy is a female-driven value that evolution has installed in women to ensure adequate resources for the raising of children. It is therefore irrelevant to a relationship between two men–unless they choose to have children together, but even then, an allowance can be made for having sex partners outside the principal relationship…..and I think it should be, lest the pressures of unnatural adherence to absolute monogamy drive both partners to unhappines…..

    I think the solution is to find a happy medium….and that solution–for both gay men and straight men–is, ironically, what Newt Gingrich is taking so much flak for having suggested to his second wife….namely, an “open marriage” where there is a commitment to one’s spouse (and one’s family if there is one) but where outside sexual activity is allowed, without which most men will go crazy.

    But the core question of why so many gay men are EXCESSIVELY promiscuous–which is a direct consequence of their inability to form any kind of emotional bond with another male (as opposed to a natural promiscuity that is driven by biology)–is still paramount……and the answer to that question is for most gay men not a pretty one, I am afraid…..

  22. says

    URL please, RICK, where you show us all how to be upstanding masculine Out empowered gay males like yourself.

    truly. URL, please. Prove it.

    what’s funny about this whole thing is…uh… who goes to an unrepentant bigot for their info on gay people? LOL!

    file this under “The Klan’s Stats on Blacks” and “The Aryan Brotherhood’s Shocking Expose on What Jews Like”


    but RICK, time to stop being such a wimp;
    URL, please. Show us all your shining example. 😀

  23. FMB says

    I hate people who want to tell other people how to live their lives. Diseases aside, what is wrong with promiscuity? It’s in our nature. If people want to live in a monogamous relationship, no one will stop them.

    I also loathe the hypocrisy with regards to drug use. The need to get high or alter our state of mind is in our nature, too. Government may sanction the use of alcohol and tobacco (which are much more harmful than some scheduled drugs) but it doesn’t give some people here the right to condemn people for their use of other drugs.

  24. wtf says

    Oh Jason/Rick. Your claptrap is SO 1990’s, it’s PATHETIC. Go post on OneNewsNow since that’s where you like to get your news you f*cking quisling trolls. Really. If you want to know “why” gay men might MIGHT be more promiscuous, how about you read ANY study that shows that MARGINALIZING a population causes all sorts of negative behaviors. Not to say that being promiscuous is negative for everyone. First of all, what’s promiscuous? If I have sex with more than 2 or 3 people in my entire life? Or is it getting gang-banged on film? And what about the fact that we’re talking about men, here. Men are encouraged in our culture to be overtly SEXUAL. And, they’re encouraged to have MANY CONQUESTS. How about, instead of you being such an incredibly HUGE D0U(HEBAG that you get some education if you’re going to CLAIM that you’re part of the LGBT community? YEAH. That’s what I thought, you’re just a f*cking troll.

  25. says


    Your fantastical experience of the gay community is very different from mine.

    And furthermore your negative appreciation of being gay, evidenced in your posts, is tragic.
    Many, even the vast majority of us, have regular friendships and relationships and everyday social interactions.
    You and Jason paint an absurd picture of promiscuity and try to label the whole community with it.
    You should get out more and get to know us in our professions, our activism, our long term relationships,our families, then you might appreciate the wonderful community that we all make up.

  26. Carl Strauser says



    We have “literature”?

    I never got mine! I want my Welcome Pack and coupons and the map of gays everywhere.

    Who’s responsible for distribution? Is it available online?

  27. Modern Meet says

    “God’s design is one sexual partner for life.”(Newt, et al. are in big trouble.) Where does Brian Fischer get this asinine stuff? Is anybody listening to him other than the Republican operatives posting here?

  28. BobN says

    Something tells me that I’ve had a heck of a lot fewer sexual partners than Rick and a tiny fraction of the number of partners Jason has had.

    And they’re lecturing everyone about promiscuity. Weird.

    Also weird… since when do poppers allow for multiple sexual encounters in one night?

  29. Kenneth says

    @ Rick – the reason gay people want equal marriage rights is because it is equal. There are many benefits that go along with marriage, tax benefits, inheritance rights, communal rights, visitation and medical decisions…the list goes on. You are the one confusing issues. Many, many heterosexual married couples are not faithful or monogamous and many others are. It is irrelevant and a very flawed argument. Here’s another surprise for you, some of those straight, married, non-monogamous couples are not cheating on each other, they just chose to have open relationships like some gay couples. The glaring difference, they are still conferred the benefits and privileges of marriage whereas gay couples, monogamous or non-monogamous are not. Simple as that. We are just as entitled as to the freedoms ensured in our constitution as any other American citizen.

  30. says

    Jason/Rick is nothing if not predictable in his Bryan Fischer lust. Yummyumm. You two were made for each other.

    Guess I’m in the “4%” that doesn’t use poppers! Never tried, never will. And I’d love to know where I’m gonna find 1000+ men to sleep with in Vermont! I’ll be one busy boy traveling over hill and dale to find all those slutty woods’ mens.

  31. finkles2000 says

    How the hell would he even know what poppers are? Geezus. I waded through about a million xtube vids before I discovered them. Either he or his staff (more likely, both) are too immersed in gay porn.

  32. Rick says

    @Kenneth First of all, to be clear, I am for marriage equality….but I do see a backlash coming if, as I suspect will happen (and there is already strong evidence of this), we get the right to marry and then hardly any of us do…That will just reinforce the unsavory image that gay men already have in society.

    But while the benefits you mentioned do accrue to married couples legally, they were and are not the reason marriage exists……across all cultures and across time, marriage exists primarily to create a family structure that will optimize the raising of children…..and in fact, even many of the tax breaks and other benefits you listed are designed to aid people who are doing the hard and expensive work of raising children……they are not designed to encourage people just to co-habitate in a state of “romantic love”, so to that extent, even non-monogamous straight couples that are raising children deserve them, whereas couples that are not raising children (regardless of sexual orientation) really don’t.

    Matters like inheritance rights and visitation rights can be handled separately without involving the question of marriage, per se…..and they often are….so I don’t see those issues alone as being reasons to allow same-sex marriage or marriage for anybody

    @Luke So what do you look like, Luke, and where do you live?….I mean, there is nothing as sweet as deflowering a virgin butt (LOL)

  33. Thomas says

    I really think the publisher of our literature needs to catch up with technology and release an iPad version instead of killing thousands of trees printing each edition.

    I mean come on, The AFA has a digital edition! If we want to spread our message of ‘gayness’ anywhere near the level at which they spread their message of hateful ignorance, we gotta go digital! Also, maybe, get a YouTube channel to help both unify our group’s message and get that message out.

  34. Jake says

    Rick, seriously!

    You’re suggesting that gay couples should meet a quota in getting married or our straight counterparts will start a backlash?!

    Wow! You really don’t get the point of the whole thing, do you!?

    Let me spell it out for you in terms that I hope even you can understand:

    Regardless if a gay couple chooses to married or not (which is NOT the issue) they should have the LEGAL right to do so.

  35. says

    SHEESH! I’ve got a lot to learn. With sex partners under a dozen over the course of two dozen years, I really need to get workin’ if I want to become a full-blown homosexual. And I need to research those poppers… never heard of them before. I must be a very very bad gay.

  36. Ron says

    There’s a LOT of scientific evidence to support a link between poppers and AIDS. Scientific papers showing 90% + correlation between their use and aids. Think about it, everyone talking about chemicals in water causing nosebleeds and all the organic foods, yet inhaling hundreds of toxic chemicals? The people who deny this are the ones not getting educated, and they have the nerve to say “get educated”. It’s YOUR life, you can avoid poppers and maybe save it.

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