1. says

    …can someone please inform this deeply uneducated hick that animals can’t sign marriage licenses?

    seriously. as IF social progress is being hindered because appallingly-uneducated people hold high-ranking jobs.

  2. Bob R says

    I cannot wait for the day when all these old, religiously delusional and ignorant bastards die off. For the good of humanity and society, it cannot be soon enough.

  3. Bitter Closeted Republicans Suck! says

    I think ole Richard is a bit jealous that he wasn’t able to transition when he was younger!

  4. TC says

    The thing that gets me is I just am flabbergasted at how utterly afraid these people are…of everything. I’m surprised they can even leave there homes in the morning.

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    Are there any statistics of transgender attacks on women in bathrooms? I’ve never heard of one? SWTF?

  6. gregory brown says

    @tc–like turtles, they take their homes and values with them as an invisible protective shell around their minds. They exist in an alternative Reality. Unfortunately, that spills over into other Realities where the rest of us live.
    I note, yet again, the characteristic pursy little mouth that seems to be standard for certain sorts of bigots.

  7. Mark-Vincent says

    Once again, I am embarrassed of my Tennessee home… Everyone here is not like this idiot. Some day – this ignorance will be gone. I just hope I live long enough to see it.

  8. say what says

    Emperor Calligula did marry his horse & raised it up to the roman senate

    All historical evidence points to the horse being a better senator than its fellow human senators

  9. Jennifer Campbell says

    The State of Tennessee sure knows how to breed ignorant people to serve in their legislature. I’m beginning to wonder if there is anyone serving in their government that has any common sense left? He doesn’t realize the black eye, he and a lot of his colleagues give to their state in the eyes of the rest of the country and the world. I hope there are enough decent people left there, that can shine the light on this foolishness and put a stop to it?

  10. Michelle says

    Well….this poor guy is scared to death…and all you people in TN should be too! It’s high time to vote this man out of office before his ignorance causes harm to you. It’s for your own protection!

  11. Lymis says

    What is it with these people and their dogs?

    Any discussion of diversity goes right to this idea that equal rights inevitably leads to people marrying their dogs.

    “Are there any statistics of transgender attacks on women in bathrooms? I’ve never heard of one? SWTF?”

    That’s a very important question, but the real one is, are there any statistics of straight male rapists dressing as women and attacking women in dressing rooms – because that’s his real claim. Not that actual transgender people attack others, but that predators dress as women and attack in dressing rooms (with a side order of “there are no actual transgender people..”)

    My guess is that even if a rapist thought a dressing room (with all the associated store security video, chances of being interrupted, in-store security personnel, and so on) was a good place for a rape, they wouldn’t compound the likelihood of being suspected by dressing as a woman to walk into the store.

    So transgender people who are actually dressing as women seem to me to be the least likely suspects for such assaults.

  12. The Milkman says

    Yet another aging baby boomer raging against a societal change that has already happened.

    Give it 10 years and let nature cull the herd.

  13. FML66 says

    I want to apologize to everybody for the hateful, repellent dirtbags and poor excuses for humanity too stupid to breathe who are the Republican majority in the state legislature of the state I call home.

  14. BobN says

    “The proposed legislation would restrict access to public restrooms and public dressing rooms designated by sex, to members of that particular sex.”

    Maybe it’s not the same in TN, but women are in the men’s changing rooms all the time in San Francisco. They’re there to help their boyfriends/husbands pick clothes. And what about mothers? Moms are always in there, annoying the heck out of their easily annoyed teens and younger kids.

    I wish I could go to TN and follow this jerk’s wife on a shopping trip with her grandkids and have her arrested!

  15. Mary says

    This “bathroom issue” isn’t worth what the political cost will be. The public is just getting used to the idea of full equality for gays and lesbians. I have some sympathy for the cause of transgendered rights, but I really think the gay community would be better served by focusing on the gay youth suicide epidemic. As much as we can feel for the situation of the transgendered, saving lives is more important. Only the most hardened souls don’t feel any sadness when hearing that a young person took his own life. And increased sympathy for gays in general is likely to help increase sympathy (in time) for the transgendered.

    Just my humble opinion.

  16. Rob says

    Everytime I think we’ve hit the bottom of the barrel – one more icky bit of scum flakes off. The only thing I can say about this is it helps me feel a little bit better living in Virginia, which is in intense cometition with Tennessee and a few other states for the “We’re more stupider” title. Sorry, Tennessee, your a cool state for most parts.

  17. johnny says

    OK, just for a minute, let’s say that hypothetically, a man COULD marry his dog or horse.

    Exactly WHAT would it do to society?

    Exactly HOW would it affect the rest of this person’s neighbors, business associates, his city, his state?

    Negative comments? Dour glances? Disapproving talk behind his back? Anyone?

    Please know I’m not advocating inter-species relationships or marriages, but I just don’t get WHY that would affect anyone else but the person practicing his animal husbandry (pun intended)… this is why this argument is so specious and idiotic. What a person does in their own life has nothing to do with the rest of us, it’s THEIR LIFE.

  18. yellowrocket says

    Yes… Please don’t act like “Gay American” up there and avoid my state. It is not a ‘bastion of hate’ like he says. And, I’m offended at the remark. We need more intelligent caring individuals to come here and get rid of the very loud minority that give the state a bad name. There are loving, patriotic, accepting people here.

  19. Jeff says

    I used to go into department store women’s changing rooms all the time with my girlfriend. You don’t actually go INTO anyone’s area where clothes come off. It’s kind of funny because it shows this guy never went with his wife to buy her clothes or undergarments.

  20. Mike from Nashville says

    I’m continually embarrased to be from Tennessee, and I’m from Nashville, which is the most progressive part. FROM is the operative word … many of my relatives are just like this guy … ignorant hicks and their minds cannot be opened. He should crawl back down his own slippery slope, back into his coal mine and take his wives and daughters with him. Why does this guy keep licking his teeth? With thise beady eyes, he seems to be the perverted one. YUK!

  21. Katey says

    So, I watched. I don’t even know what to say. I am incredibly offended by the assumption that there is anything depraved about a person trying on clothes or using a public restroom. There are laws in place that amply prosecute people who are guilty of the types of violence to which this representative alludes. This individual refers to the rights of the many being burdened by the protection of the few. But what about this legislation protects anyone’s rights? It is plain and simple discrimination based on ignorance and hatred. And it is dangerous.

    So, I certainly hope he intends to prosecute his wife the first time she accompanies his grandson into a changing room. That IS the restriction he is proposing, correct? (Ask his grandson… I bet the kid is more threatened by trying on pants in front of granny than any injustice a woman has ever endured at the hands of we, “the depraved,” trans people in dressing rooms!)

  22. missanthrope says

    Mary said “This “bathroom issue” isn’t worth what the political cost will be.’

    There is no cost, except for the costs that trans people are paying and will pay for bigotry like that.

    “I have some sympathy for the cause of transgendered rights, but I really think the gay community would be better served by focusing on the gay youth suicide epidemic.”

    It’s kinda hard to believe that you have any sort of concern for trans people when you openly say that your only concern is for cisgender queer people and things that serve the cisgender gay community.

  23. GregV says

    This man’s complaints about Macy’s are bizarre and paranoid on all kinds of different levels.

    First of all, I went to two different Macy’s on Black Friday and tried all kinds of different clothes and I was only WISHING they had a communal change room, because the line-ups were ridiculous into the little private change areas. While I was trying on a sports jacket in menswear’s change area, I certainly would never have noticed or cared if a woman had been in a nearby cubicle, which are all private. I could have gotten naked in there and the she would never have seen me, since there were walls all around me.

    Next, I can’t find any news article stating that the woman was actually even transgendered, just that the employee thought she looked masculine and that when accused of this, the woman’s friends said that she was female. Should a woman be forced to go to the men’s section because some random employee thinks her hair is too short or her jawline is too firm?

    Also, this man seems to want those transMEN who look, feel and identify as fully MALE going to women’s areas and transgendered WOMEN to change, shower and use toilets in men’s areas.
    For those born with chromosomes other than XX or XY, I’m not sure where he wants them to go, but it won’t necessarily be consistent with the sex that they clearly identify with if he has his way.
    How comfortable will he be if his bill passes and his daughter is now showering after swim class with someone who medical tests classify to be an XX-chromosomed transman but who appears and feels fully male in every stage of undress?

  24. Rachael says

    What a sad uneducated man. Your sex is either male or female. Your GENDER is that of the mindset you are born with.” Let’s also ban the sons of women from entering rooms, they’ll have pervy little ideas peeking under stalls.”The only danger I see is people like this, who have no sense of compassion or understanding, do not voice for us women on what we feel is safe. I am not so self-centered to think every man is a pervert who is going to peek and try to make a move, I hope other women are the same. Frankly, trans are more attracted to our boyfriends or husbands then they are to us. Spend some time in the real world hun, it’s full of love and diversity and people who all share the same hearts <3 -A woman who feels safer amongst trans then she does politicians

  25. Jason says

    Mary, trans people take their lives too. It is not any less tragic than gay people who commit suicide. To push trans right away because the “politcal costs” are too great is just as cruel as those shoving gay rights under the rug. I dont see how allowing trans people into the proper restrooms causes gay kids to commit suicide.

  26. says

    i was raped by a man in a busy street on a saturday night. He told me i was not a “real” man and almost killed me. It’s a very short line from this attitude to that one.