1. says

    I hope Madonna won’t take the bait. This whole Gaga vs. Madonna meme is such an embarrassment‚ÄĒit’s got adult men who love Madonna bitching about Gaga not being wholly original and young men who love Gaga bitching about Madonna being ancient and useless at 53. They’re both great artists and both 100% pro-gay. One doesn’t cancel out the other. Now let’s rechannel that venom toward Rick Santorum and that Michigan mayor and others who have earned it.

  2. johnny says

    Kudos, Marc C. Exactly my thought.

    When I see this type of clip, I always wonder who the parent company of both sources is. (Even though I know Andy is not “owned”.)

  3. Sarina says

    I’m so happy to see the fun-loving, happy Madonna again. Madonna’s more entertaining when she isn’t taking herself seriously.

  4. Critifur says

    Does this interview take place in Madonna’s home? If so, I am appalled at the decor, she really is an old lady.

  5. Tommy says

    @critifur It’s not in Madonna’s home but in a hotel room. I used to work in PR and they set up these press junkets in hotels where one journalist after another comes into the room to interview a singer or movie star.
    I don’t understand the feud between Madonna and Gaga fans. Usually these feuds start because one celebrity says something bad about another. But neither Gaga or Madonna have ever said anything bad about each other. I like them both. They are both very classy dignified ladies who have never engaged in the kind of bitching that has unfortunately in recent years become admired in the gay community. But what people fail to see is if you engage in that kind of bitching you have no integrity to campaign against straight people bullying gay children when you do the same with your words. Gaga and Madonna have always understood that.

  6. uffda says

    Rick@ that was priceless, I laughed. At least you’re consistent and whether these guys like it or not you’ve got a good comic streak.

    Btw do YOU think you’re a misogynist?

  7. Rick says

    @UFFDA I don’t really know what the term misogynist means. Women and men are different in lots of ways and that has been well-documented at this point…..and even feminists have conceded the point. The whole Mars/Venus thing is an established phenomenon. So then the question arises: Why is one required to like certain traits that are more characteristic of one gender than the other, especially if that trait is possessed by the opposite gender rather than your own? And does one “hate” the opposite sex if one does not like some of the ways that they are different from one’s own?

    Am I required to like it when women decide how to proceed in an interpersonal situation on the basis of a value system that values loyalty over justice (which they have a strong tendency to do compared to men)? And are they required to like it when a man does the opposite?

    People are individuals, so these traits are not always gender-driven, but to the extent that they are heavily gender-skewed, then one has to “make a call” as to which gender one tends to prefer and feel more commonality with.

    We all have to inhabit this planet together, so compromise is essential–and that applies when it comes to the two genders as much as it does any other two groups of people…..but I think the gist of feminism is that it has sought to tell women that they do not have to compromise and that they are always right and that they should do and have anything they want, regardless of how others are effected by it and that any man that gets in the way of that “hates women”…..(a phrase that, like the term “misogyny” is, predictably, emotion-driven rather than rationality-driven)

    Anyway, one could go on about this forever, but perhaps that will provide you some insight

  8. Christian says

    YAY to Tommy & Matthew R’s comments. But I have to say, forget the hotel room, WTF IS SHE WEARING?!? Oh, Madonna. You’ll always have a place in my heart, but your fashion sense has never been great.

  9. says

    ever notice that the gays that listen to Madonna and gaga tend to come out years before the gays that make a point of letting people know that they don’t listen to madonna or gaga?

    funny, eh? how well has “not liking them” served you? didn’t help you get over your insecurities, sugarpies ūüėÄ

  10. pinky says

    i cannot watch in interview that contains a needle point dog throw pillow. madonna did i ever really know you afterall?did the style of vouge mean nothing to you? hire your useless brother back pls and let him remove the ‘nursing’ look from your home.

  11. tim says

    @ Pinky-the needlepoint dog pillows sold at auction several years ago from the duke and duchess of windsor estate. Since Her Royal Madgesty is doing a press junket for her movie based on the Duke and Duchess this is such a madonna thing to do. Madge is so crafty and subtle. She understands how the press works backwards and forward but more importantly how one needlepoint pillow gets u and me talking and now u will tell 1-5 people, etc.etc.


  12. FunMe says

    OK, even though I’m not a Madonna follower anymore, I must say she looks pretty good here. Actually she looks fantabulous. Guess the botox looks good on one after settling in?

  13. Davey says

    *We must not forget that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Every time someone compares the two, M benefits. She gets more you tube hits, newer/younger fans, and potential sales. She has been wise by not reacting to this too quickly. Smart people know that in reality, these girls are too busy living a life we that many of us dream of. These artists secretly laugh at all of these bored and desperate you tube fans with their Diva War fantasies. These girls admire and respect each other. Besides there is no room in Kaballah for pettiness like that. Madonna was simply stoking the flames for even more mutually beneficial publicity. Some foolish queens just took the bait!