Gareth Thomas Buys Beer and Lemonade Company


Former professional rugby star and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Gareth Thomas is entering the alcoholic beverage business. He's bought, with his business partner Sean Smith, a company that manufactures alcoholic drinks, Wales Online reports, in a deal thought to be worth around £7m:

They now plan to bring its headquarters to Thomas’ hometown, Bridgend, creating dozens of jobs. Turbo’s flagship brand is Turbo Shandy – a 4% bottled drink made from mixing alcoholic lemonade and lager. The plan is to make the beer for the shandy drink on site in Wales, as well as bringing out other beverages – including an energy drink for the younger market. Entrepreneur Mr Smith, 41, is providing the bulk of the finance for the deal. He and former British Lions captain Thomas – nicknamed Alfie – joined forces to establish London-based Sean Smith & Associates late last year."


  1. RWG says

    The beer/lemonade combo is a very refreshing drink. I first encountered it in France, a drink called Panache.

  2. says

    Of all things Thomas could get himself involved in, one of the most beautiful of physical, healthy specimens, together with his heroic and vanguard gay status. Alcohol!The young in Britain are already at the forefont of illnesses attributed to excessive drinking in Europe. Who, for god’s sake, cares if this promotes employment? Beyond understanding…

  3. Tarc says

    So, Robert, are you saying that Thomas is responsible for other people’s drinking? Or that by providing lower alcohol options, Thomas is doing a bad thing? I realize that, but your own admission, these kinds of things seem to be ‘beyond understanding’, but fortunately, it’s not for the vast majority of people. You sounds rather pruitanical… and poorly informed on the subject.