Gay Marriage Begins Bearing Down On 2012 Race

With so much attention on the issue, it is only a matter of time before voters — 50 percent of whom support the same-sex marriage law — start hammering Republican candidates on the controversial matter. But GOP White House hopefuls won't be the only ones feeling the heat: President Obama, who is allegedly "evolving" on marriage equality, will have to explain himself, as well, and not only in New Hampshire.

As The Charlotte Observer reports, North Carolina, host of the Democratic National Convention come September, will vote in May on whether or not to constitutionally ban same-sex marriages, which leaves gay Democratic delegates wondering where their party will go.

"There's the potential that we're going to be greeted to the state with another one of those heinous marriage amendments," said Jerame Davis, interim executive director for the National Stonewall Democrats. "That's definitely not putting out the welcome mat to LGBT people coming to the state."

And if the Supreme Court is asked to weigh in on DOMA, then all bets are off and the 2012 election will have a lot more LGBT flavor than many imagined.