1. tim says

    i totally live in dallas and real close to the staging of The Gay Agenda…AND I MISSED VISITING THEM…
    because i was living my own (incredibly boring) gay agenda. i guess that’s part of the point…

    I did get a giggle out of the fact that they did this in front of the opera house…

    unfortunately a few blocks away is the big ole First Baptist with Dallas’s biggest sweet-as-peaches bigot, Pastor Robert Jeffress

  2. RonTEX says

    Nice job these guys did on a great concept. If you added two pre-teens and two dogs, it could be our house on any given night. Turns out our “gay agenda” isn’t much of an agenda after all.

  3. Nat says

    How dare these cis-gendered, privilege-holders celebrate their conventional relationship. Clearly in need of a glitter-bomb there, to shake them from their racist, able-ist, ageist hetero-normative practices.

  4. just_a_guy says

    Kick-ass. Maybe there should be one with a transexual lady and her would-be legal husband, too? Why are the trans folk opposed to marriage?? Have they just been knocked down a few too many times. Ain’t right.

    Great show. Love love love. Thank you!!!

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